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秋季經典,在美國又稱世界大賽,馬上就要開打。今年將由美國聯盟冠軍克里夫蘭印地安人隊,對上國家聯盟冠軍芝加哥小熊隊;前者自1948年後就未曾贏過世界大賽冠軍,後者更是自1908年後就與冠軍無緣。這兩隊在求冠之路上的挫敗,加起來超過了170年。不管今年是由哪一隊勝出,都將是締造歷史的一年。我家鄉的明尼蘇達雙城隊,上一次贏得世界大賽冠軍是在1991年,當時的興奮之情卻仍鮮明如昨日。棒球是連接美國和台灣的一座文化橋樑,為了慶祝棒球跨文化的魅力,我們特別拍攝了一支影片。拍攝過程可說是樂趣無窮 --- 梅健華 #FromAITDirector#SportsDiplomacy #WorldSeries
The Fall Classic, otherwise known in the United States as the World Series, is upon us. It’s come down to this: The American League champion, Cleveland Indians, a franchise that has not won the Series since 1948, will play the National League champ, Chicago Cubs, a team that has not won the title since 1908. That’s more than 170 years of baseball disappointment combined. Regardless of which team wins, this is one historic year. My team, Minnesota Twins, last won in 1991, but I remember the glee I felt like it was yesterday. To commemorate baseball as a cultural bridge between the United States and Taiwan, we recorded a video. We had plenty of fun shooting it…km

At Worcesterthough he had the name of keeping to himselfand not being much of a hand at a good timehe had secretly gloried in being clapped on the back and hailed as Old Ethe or Old Stiff.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft looked back from the shadow of Saturn to take a picture of the ringed planet in all its glory. Look closely and you’ll see the Earth and the Moon.
Sony Unveils PlayStation 4, Aiming for Old Glory
A new console in the line that pioneered a new style of serious gaming comes as much of the excitement in the industry has shifted to the Web and mobile devices. 

For BlackBerry, Analyst Sees No Return to Glory

In U.S. Team Camp, Bruin Stands Out

The annual camp gives younger players a chance to break into the national team, and Will Bruin of the Houston Dynamo has impressed.



10. The 20 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes for 2010

Octomom outfits are so 2009. This year, there's plenty of pop-culture news worth mining for Halloween costume glory. TIME takes a look at the get-ups that are sure to win any costume contest

The Gospel of Glee: Is It Anti-Christian?

‘Modern Family’ and ‘Mad Men’ Win at Emmys
ABC’s “Modern Family” edged out “Glee” for outstanding comedy series, while “Mad Men” on AMC was named the outstanding drama for the third consecutive year.

150 Years of Yale Glee
Long before there was "Glee," there was the Yale Glee Club, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this month. Alumna Naomi Lewin returned to her alma mater to speak to fellow glee club members and trace the history of the group and its diverse repertoire.

(glē) pronunciation
  1. Jubilant delight; joy.
  2. Music. A part song scored for three or more usually male and unaccompanied voices that was popular in the 18th century.
[Middle English gle, entertainment, from Old English glēo.]

1 [U]大喜び, 歓喜
ill-concealed glee
with great glee
in high glee [full of glee]
2 (他人の失敗・不幸を見て)ほくそ笑むこと.
3 グリー:三声またはそれ以上の無伴奏合唱曲.

get up
1. Arise from bed; also, sit or stand up. For example, Once I get up and have coffee, I'm ready to work. One of Irving Berlin's earliest hit songs was "Oh! How I hate to Get Up in the Morning" (1918). [Mid-1300s]
2. Ascend, mount, as in I hate to get up on a ladder. [First half of 1500s]
3. Create or organize, as in She got up the petition against zoning. [Late 1500s]
4. Dress or adorn, as in She plans to get herself up in a bizarre outfit. This usage is most often put in the form of the past participle (got up), as in The wedding albums were got up with ruffles and lace. [Late 1700s]
5. Draw on, create in oneself, as in I finally got up the nerve to quit, or Joe got up his courage and told the boss he was leaving. [Early 1800s] Also see get someone's back up; also see the subsequent idioms beginning with get up.

Definition of glory in English:

noun (plural glories)

1High renown or honour won by notable achievements:to fight and die for the glory of one’s nation
2Magnificence or great beauty:the train has been restored to all its former glory
[COUNT NOUN] (often glories) A thing that is beautiful,impressive, or worthy of praise:the glories of Paris
The splendour and bliss of heaven:images of Christ in glory
[COUNT NOUN] A luminous ring or halo, especially asdepicted around the head of Christ or a saint.


[NO OBJECT] (glory in)Back to top  
1Take great pride or pleasure in:they gloried in their independence
1.1Exult in unpleasantly or boastfully:readers tended to defend their paper or even to glory in its bias


Middle English: from Old French glorie, from Latin gloria.

in one's glory

informal in a state of extreme joy or exaltation: he was in his glory and brimming with optimism