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passport, rainmaker, recliner, stamp on sth, put/set in motion

What are the most useless passports in the world?
It'll be some time before Aghans are as free to trot the globe as Germans.

一般字典只稱RECLINER為「活動躺椅,」。有的中文詞典還說可指: 斜靠著、躺著的人。其實,它還可以指「斜靠的物」。

據 Yahoo辭典:斜靠著的人;躺著的人 例 The recliner on the couch was asleep. 沙發上躺著的人睡著了。 活動躺椅 例 A man sat in a recliner drinking beer. 一個男人坐在活動躺椅上喝啤酒。

‘Put This Plan in Motion,’ Obama Urges Lawmakers 

President Obama urged Congress on Saturday to swiftly resolve its differences in the sweeping economic recovery measure and bring fiscal relief.

Putting Stamp on Afghan War, Obama Will Send 17,000 Troops
The order will add nearly 50 percent to the 36,000 American troops already there.

Some analysts have also said it could set in motion a long-anticipated round of consolidation in the pharmaceuticals industry. Investors were also wondering what the deal might mean for Crucell, which had been in deal talks with Wyeth.

We wrote to the passport office to set the whole process in motion.

Type: Public
On the web: http://www.ranbaxy.com Employees: 11,000
Employee growth: 53.3%
Ranbaxy Laboratories is quite the rainmaker in India's pharmaceutical business. The company is India's largest drug developer and manufacturer, with generics topping its list of products.

rain・maker 雨を降らす(能力のある)人; 人工降雨専門家; 〔米俗〕 仕事をよくとってくる事業家; 顧客集めのうまい弁護士.

  1. Informal. One who is known for achieving excellent results in a profession or field, such as business or politics.
  2. One who is believed to be capable of producing rain, as through magical or ritual actions.

stamp (MARK)
noun [C]
a tool for putting a mark on an object either by printing on it or pushing into it, or the mark made in this way:
A date stamp inside the front cover of a library book shows when it should be returned.

verb [T]
It is necessary to stamp your passport.
Every carton of yoghurt is stamped with a sell-by date.

stamp on sth phrasal verb
to use force to stop or prevent something that you consider to be wrong or harmful:
Any opposition to the new government was immediately stamped on by the army.

put/set sth in motion
to start a machine or process:
Once the printing processes have been put in motion, they're not so easy to stop.
We wrote to the passport office to set the whole process in motion.

1 [I or T] to lean or lie back with the upper part of your body in a nearly horizontal position:
She was reclining elegantly on the sofa.
He reclined his head against/on my shoulder.

2 [T] If you recline a chair, you change the position of its back so that it is in a leaning position.

adjective [before noun]
The coach has air conditioning and reclining seats.

noun [C] 又稱為 recliner chair ;n. - リクライニングチェア
a chair in which you can lean back at different angles

***** 今天接到美國CPSC的一通知某折疊式活動倚的支稱有問題,必須回收。
Bond Manufacturing Co. Issues Recall for Folding Recliner Chairs That Can Collapse and Injure Users

我們查一下英文How Products are Made. Copyright © 2002 by The Gale Group, Inc. 關於 RECLINER的品質保證Quality Control,似乎都沒有明白提到它必須承受的壓力;
Furniture constructed for residential use is not required to undergo consumer testing, unlike furniture manufactured specifically for use in businesses, public buildings, or schools. However, furniture manufacturers consistently monitor quality by visual inspection; many have inspectors who examine each piece to ensure that it looks right (no protruding nails, puckers, etc.), feels right, and performs correctly. Once the piece passes visual inspection, the recliner is tagged and boxed for shipment out of the plant. Fabrics may be tested by the company to ensure that they conform to specifications such as fabric stretch, seam slippage, colorfastness, and flammability. Some companies conduct much more extensive testing on their residential-use motion furniture, so that they may assure their clients that the product will perform consistently.

Fitness Revolution in Motion
As they try to get children off their couches and onto their feet, schools and gyms in the Washington region and across the country are harnessing some of the same technology often blamed for making them fat: video games.
(By Lori Aratani, The Washington Post)

━━ n. 動き, 運動; 動作, 身振り; (議会などの)動議; 【法】申請; 便通; (pl.) 排泄(せつ)物.
go through the motions (of) (…の)しぐさをする; (…を)機械的[おざなり]に済ます.
in motion 動いて, 活動して.
on the motion of …の動議で.
put [set] … in motion …を動かす; …を実行に移す.
━━ v. 身振りで合図する ((~ (to) a person to do;at)).
motion analysis [study] (合理的作業法についての)動作研究.
motion graphics 【コンピュータ】モーション・グラフィクス.
motion JPEG 【コンピュータ】モーションJPEG.
mo・tion・less ━━ a. 動かぬ, じっとした.
mo・tion・less・ly ad.
mo・tion・less・ness n.
motion picture 映画.
Motion Picture xpert Group 【コンピュータ】=MPEG.
motion sickness 乗り物酔い.
Motion-Time Analysis 動作時間分析 ((人間の基本的な動作研究を通し,作業の基本動作に費やされる時間の表示及び記録の基礎となる予定基本時間のシステム分析のこと;略MTA)).