2016年9月20日 星期二

take sth in stride, tepid, elicit, ecstatic, tills are ringing non-stop, Pokémon Cards

Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir: Riding Shotgun With the Boss

“Born to Run” is littered with the same backstreets imagery that fills his mythic catalog, and it’s as long and ecstatic as his shows, part séance and part keg party.

After boy's Pokémon cards are stolen right out of his hands, police officer gives him his old childhood collection. "He was just ecstatic."

It was a bold, ecstatic celebration of all sorts of things — individuality, creativity, quirkiness, sense of humor, playfulness, rebelliousness and competence in the face of potential chaos — and more than anything I have ever seen, it seemed to sum up what was great about Britain.
AMERICA has always been secure about its place in the world, though its self-belief is fraying a bit. But while Britain was figuring itself out, America was changing, too.

Ecstatic Taiwanese claim Knicks' Lin as their own

But this week, I came across something I’d never seen before: an app that had earned dozens of one-star (terrible) ratings — yet the written reviews were ecstatic.
“This app is amazing!” (one star)
“This is the best app ever. I’m so glad I bought it! If you don’t have it, you need it now.” (one star)
“Awesome app! One of the best and funnest apps ever. Great job!” (one star)
“Really should get ten stars.” (one star)
“Wow — the best $3 I have ever spent! Keep up the low ratings!” (one star)
What's going on?

Googling The End Of The (Media) World As We Know It
CBS News
Google. Perhaps no other company is more useful in our modern lives. Perhaps no other company elicits so many important modern-day questions. ...

Mrs Brown implied she was less than ecstatic with the portrait by saying on Twitter that she was "a bit bemused". But she told fellow tweeters that she was taking it in her stride.

PARIS — The choice of Barack Obama on Friday as the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, less than nine months into his eventful presidency, was an unexpected honor that elicitedpraise and puzzlement around the globe.

Irish Killings Elicit Unity in Former Enemies

The peaceful response to a killing in Northern Ireland this week seems to suggest the province is united against a return of violence.

Street Takes Fed Loans in Stride
The U.S. Federal Reserve's first auction of funds to Wall Street elicited tepid demand. A separate direct-lending program saw a modest increase in demand.

 It was decidedly not Mr. Hughes’s method to take prisoners. He was as damning about artists who fell short of his expectations as he was ecstatic about those who met them, and his prose seemed to reach only loftier heights when he was angry.

 Retailers ecstatic over Royal memorabilia mania

Wedding fever has got a firm hold on Britain. But it's not just fans of the
royals who have got something to look forward to next year. Tills are
already ringing non-stop as fans of the Royal Family go on a souvenir
spending spree.

Pokémon Trading Card Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Pokémon Trading Card Game abbreviated as PCG or Pokémon TCG is a collectible card game, based on the Pokémon video game series, first published in ...


Syllabification: (ec·stat·ic)
Pronunciation: /ekˈstatik/
  • 1 feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement:ecstatic fans filled the stadium
  • 2 involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence:an ecstatic vision


  • a person subject to mystical experiences.




[名]((英))(商店・銀行などの)現金入れ引き出し(の中の金), (銀行の)窓口, レジスター(((英))register);貴重品入れ引き出し;書類整理棚
have one's fingers [one's hand] in the till [=raid the till]

take sth in your stride UK (US take sth in stride)
to deal with a problem or difficulty calmly and not to allow it to influence what you are doing:
When you become a politician, you soon learn to take criticism in your stride.taking their newfound wealth in stride.take something in stride:動詞片語,從容、冷靜面對某事。例句:He took these critics in his stride.(他對這些批評處之泰然。)

to obtain or produce something, especially information or a reaction:
Have you managed to elicit a response from them yet?
The questionnaire was intended to elicit information on eating habits.
They were able to elicit the support of the public.

1 (of liquid) not very warm

2 describes a reaction which is not enthusiastic:
I got a tepid response to my suggestion that we should start work earlier.


  1. Marked by or expressing ecstasy.
  2. Being in a state of ecstasy; joyful or enraptured.
[French extatique, from Greek ekstatikos, from ekstasis, distraction. See ecstasy.]
ecstatically ec·stat'i·cal·ly adv.

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Food Makers Devise Own Label Plan

The food industry said it created a plan at the urging of Michelle Obama, but she gave it only tepid approval.