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overrun, overshoot. Manichean/ Manichaean, Uighur, exceedingly, Ethnic Divide

"On Thursday, Marco Gutiérrez, a Mexican-born founder of the Latinos for Trump group (yikes), said on MSNBC that if Donald Trump loses in November, there would be 'taco trucks on every corner.' I must spell out that he meant this as a negative thing and not, as it might seem on the face of it, a great reason to vote for Hillary."

Fear of Mexican culture overrunning America runs deep among Trump…

Aren't many of us consuming too much? Just under eight months into the year, humanity has already consumed its annual allotment of renewable resources, says a thinktank that tracks mankind's impact on Earth. Find out about it: http://u.afp.com/Z55j


Barcelona is one of the great cities on Earth is something on which most people can agree. The architecture, the fiestas, the food—it is a city with vibrancy and soul. But it is on the horns of a tourism dilemma. The city’s mayor-elect is looking at ways to stop the influx of visitors because, she thinks, it is in danger of becoming overrun and turning into little more than a theme park http://econ.st/1G9CdlY

Why should China be satisfied with a bit more engagement when primacy is what it seeks? There is no guarantee that it will be. Just now the rhetoric coming out of Beijing is full of cold-war, Manichean imagery. Yet sensible Chinese understand that their country faces constraints—China needs Western markets, its neighbours are unwilling to accept its regional writ and for many more years the United States will be strong enough militarily and diplomatically to block it.

It’s rare to see mainstream news media reports on Xinjiang, China’s western borderland region, that do not invoke “turbulent,” “restive,” “unstable” or some variation. The area has long been the site of ethnic tensions between the majority Han Chinese and the Uighurs, China’s Turkic-speaking Muslim minority. But tight government controls on information and access make reporting on such clashes and protests, as well as everyday life, exceedingly difficult.
主流新聞媒體對中國西部新疆地區的報道 中,不提及「騷亂」、「動蕩」、「不穩定」或某種異常狀況的少之又少。長期以來,這裡一直是在中國占多數的漢族與維族之間發生民族對峙的地方。維族是一個 穆斯林少數民族,說維吾爾語。但由於政府對信息以及出入該地區的嚴格管控,要對此類衝突和抗議活動以及當地日常生活進行報道十分困難。

2013 昨天金馬獎頒最佳劇情獎---新加坡隊長找到機會多說話: "反正已overrun (超時結束)......"

Scaffolding on the Musée Picasso's 17th-century exterior. The institution's reopening has again been postponed, until June 2014.
Picasso Museum Makeover Drags On


As the Musée Picasso's reopening is repeatedly delayed, the museum's president is drawing criticism for her management style, art loans to overseas institutions and cost overruns.

Clashes in China Shed Light on Ethnic Divide
Uighur protesters have given voice to broader concerns at the heart of the deadliest ethnic violence to strike China in decades.

A Turkic-speaking people of Central Asia who live largely in northwestern China. About 8,000,000 Uighurs live in China today, and some 300,000 in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. They are among the oldest Turkic-speaking peoples of Central Asia, first mentioned in Chinese records from the 3rd century AD. In the 8th century they established a kingdom, which was overrun in 840. A Uighur confederacy (745 – 1209), established around the Tien Shan, was overthrown by the Mongols. This confederacy came to the aid of China's Tang dynasty during the An Lushan Rebellion. The Uighurs of that time professed a Manichaean faith.

Line breaks: Mani|chae¦an
Pronunciation: /ˌmanɪˈkiːən/

(also Manichean)


1Relating to Manichaeism.
1.1 Philosophy Relating to dualism; dualistic. 


An adherent of Manichaeism.




Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈrʌn/
(overruns, overrunning; past overran; past participle overrun)
  • 1 [with object] spread over or occupy (a place) in large numbers:the Mediterranean has been overrun by tourists the northern frontier was overrun by invaders
  • move or extend over or beyond:let the text overrun the right-hand margin
  • run over or beyond:Rufus overran third base
  • rotate faster than (another part of a machine): (as adjective overrunning)an overrunning clutch
  • 2 [no object] continue beyond or above an expected or allowed time or cost:he allowed the match to overrun by 2 minutes [with object]:he mustn’t overrun his budget


Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvərʌn/
  • 1 an instance of something exceeding an expected or allowed time or cost:the cost overrun caused the company’s share price to fall
  • 2 [mass noun] the movement or extension of something beyond an expected or allotted position: the system acts as a brake to prevent cable overrun [count noun]:the pilot thinks he is braking as hard as possible but has the risk of an overrun
  • [count noun] a clear area beyond the end of a runway: the aircraft crossed the overrun and rolled down an embankment
  • 3 [mass noun] the movement of a vehicle at a speed greater than is imparted by the engine: [as modifier]:the engines have overrun fuel cut-off


Old English oferyrnan (see over-, run)



 v., -ran (-răn'), -run, -run·ning, -runs.
    1. To seize the positions of and defeat conclusively: The position of the forward infantry was overrun by large numbers of enemy troops at dawn.
    2. To spread or swarm over destructively: Locusts overran the prairie.
  1. To spread swiftly throughout: The new fashion overran the country.
  2. To overflow: The river overran its banks.
    1. To run beyond or past; overshoot: The plane overran the end of the runway.
    2. To run or extend beyond (a limit); exceed: Your speech has overrun the time limit.
  3. Printing.
    1. To rearrange or move (set type or pictures) from one column, line, or page to another.
    2. To set too much type for.
    3. To print (a job order) in a quantity larger than that ordered.
  1. To run over; overflow.
  2. To go beyond the normal or desired limit.
n. (ō'vər-rŭn')
  1. An act of overrunning.
  2. The amount by which something overruns.
    1. The exceeding of estimated costs for product development and manufacture covered by contract.
    2. The amount by which actual costs exceed estimates.
  3. Printing. A run over and above the quantity ordered by a customer.
  • [動](-ran, -run, 〜・ning)(他)
1 〈害虫・害獣が〉〈場所などに〉群がる, たかる;〈雑草が〉〈場所に〉はびこる.
2 …を走り越す;…を超過する;…にあふれ出す
The jet overran the runway.
Hospitals are overrun with patients.
3 〈国などを〉侵略する, 荒らす, 〈敵軍を〉撃破する, 壊滅させる.
4 〈思想・風潮などが〉…に急速に広まる.
5 《印刷》…を余分に刷る;〈文字・語句を〉次行[欄, ページ]へ送る.
6 《海事》〈停止点を〉うっかり通過する;〈寄港日程を〉予定より早く完了する.
7 ((〜 -self))走りすぎて疲れる.
1 あふれる, 洪水になる.
2 限度を越す;走り越す.
━━[名] 〔
1 超過(量);走り越すこと.
2 《印刷》送り.


Syllabification: ex·ceed·ing
Pronunciation: /ikˈsēdiNG/
archaic or • literary


  • Very great: she spoke warmly of his exceeding kindness
    More example sentences
    • At about 3 a.m., Wesley wrote, ‘the power of God came mightily upon us, insomuch that many cried for exceeding joy, and many fell to the ground.’
    • This would be ‘a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanised so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility’.
    • As you can imagine, he was in an exceeding amount of pain and was suffering from internal bleeding.


[as submodifier] Back to top   Extremely; exceedingly: an ale of exceeding poor quality More example sentences
  • The problem is that there is too much debt of exceeding poor quality.
  • In ordinary circumstances a difficult enough task; in the circumstances of Sunday's defeat, with the cup of victory within reach only to be dashed from the grasp, Holmes faces an exceeding tough task.
  • Should I discover a need for anything more weighty at some future time I'll see what I can find in the second-hand bookshops - theology and philosophy books are exceeding expensive to buy new.