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report card, comport, deportment, bearing, mien

But now, a different kind of non-neutral Internet is emerging on wireless networks, as mobile companies offer low-cost plans that only give users access to certain popular apps like Facebook FB +0.27%. Such plans, known as “zero rating,” don’t comport with net neutrality, the principle that all traffic should be treated equally. And in these cases there is transparency – the user is fully aware of what’s going on because it’s a plan he or she has chosen.

" It was he who was very gentlemanly, I think ? " said I.

"Very gentlemanly, indeed," said Caddy. "He is
celebrated almost everywhere, for his Deportment."

" Does he teach ? " asked Ada.

" No, he don't teach anything in particular," replied
Caddy. " But his Deportment is beautiful." 
"The loss is yours, I assure you," said Mrs. Pardiggle,
with her commanding deportment. " He is a very fervid
impassioned speaker full of fire !

During the utterance of every word of this short dialogue,
Lady Dedlock and Mr. Tulkinghorn, without any other
alteration in their customary deportment, have looked very
steadily at one another as was natural, perhaps, in the
discussion of so unusual a subject.

洛杉磯聯合學區(LAUSD)12日發布「評鑑成績單」(School Report Card),將學生學習進度、表現透明化,讓家長知曉。洛杉磯市長維拉萊構沙也到場表示支持。 洛杉磯聯合學區教委賈西亞(Monica Garcia)表示,「評鑑成績單」用簡單方式將孩童在學校的表現告知 ...


Line breaks: com|port
Pronunciation: /kəmˈpɔːt /


1(comport oneselfformal Conduct oneself; behave:articulate students who comported themselves wellin interviews
2[NO OBJECT] (comport witharchaic Accord or agreewith:they do all that nature and art can do to comport with his will


late Middle English (in the sense 'tolerate'): from Latin comportare, from com- 'together' + portare 'carry, bear'.

report card成績單

A report of a student's progress presented periodically to a parent or guardian.
WordNet: report card
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The noun has one meaning:
Meaning #1: a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment
Synonym: report

Main Entry:
13th century
1: the manner in which one bears or comports oneself 2 a: the act, power, or time of bringing forth offspring or fruit b: a product of bearing : crop3 a: an object, surface, or point that supports b: a machine part in which another part (as a journal or pin) turns or slides4: a figure borne on a heraldic field5: pressurethrust6 a: the situation or horizontal direction of one point with respect to another or to the compass b: a determination of position cplural : comprehension of one's position, environment, or situation d: relationconnectionalso : purport7: the part of a structural member that rests on its supports
synonyms bearingdeportmentdemeanormienmannercarriage mean the outward manifestation of personality or attitude. bearing is the most general of these words but now usually implies characteristic postur>>. deportment suggests actions or behavior as formed by breeding or training deportment> was atrocious>demeanor suggests one's attitude toward others as expressed in outward behavior demeanor> of the headwaiter>mien is a literary term referring both to bearing and demeanon>. manner implies characteristic or customary way of moving and gesturing and addressing others manner> of a man used to giving orders>carriage applies chiefly to habitual posture in standing or walking carriage> learned at boarding school>.

noun [U] FORMAL
1 the way a person walks and stands:
to have good/bad deportment
speech and deportment lessons

2 the way a person behaves:
Throughout the ordeal of her husband's funeral, Mrs Kennedy was a model of deportment (= behaved in a controlled and calm way).

verb [T]
to force someone to leave a country, especially someone who has no legal right to be there or who has broken the law:
Thousands of illegal immigrants are caught and deported every year.
The refugees were deported back to their country of origin.

noun [C or U]
There were mass deportations in the 1930s, when thousands of people were forced to leave the country.

noun [C]
a person who has been, or is waiting to be, deported
日文英漢將deportment 歸入 deport似乎有誤會


━━ vt. (~ oneself) (身を)処する, (国外へ)追放する.
de・por・ta・tion ━━ n. 国外追放.
de・port・ment ━━ n. (特に,若い女性の人前での)態度.
 ━━ n. 国外追放者.

B.C. minister defends refusal to identify hospitals in Fraser Institute ranking
VICTORIA - Health Minister George Abbott is discounting a report card on 95 B.C. hospitals compiled by the Fraser Institute.The researchers have complained that regional health authorities refused to identify any of the hospitals, but Abbott says that's because the institute would not agree to a proper methodology and was not comparing apples to apples.
He says a report card is not a bad idea, but it must be done in a fair and scientifically rigorous way.
Abbott says a similar report card on hospitals in Ontario has also been criticized for the way the material was compiled.
NDP health critic Adrian Dix says it's wrong for Abbott to try to dictate the method used by the Fraser Institute.
The Institute says its peer-reviewed study used material from a database at the Canadian Institute for Health Information, taken from patient records provided by all B.C. hospitals.
卑詩首份醫院排行榜 匿名
【本報綜合報導】菲沙學會(Fraser Institute)昨天發表歷來第一份卑詩省的醫院評鑑報告,不過由於衛生廳不認同其調查方式,要求報告不能透露所有醫院的名稱。報告採變通之法,羅列各市鎮的醫療表現評分,顯示大溫地區中表現較佳的有滿地寶、蘭里、溫哥華等,較差的有列治文、本拿比、阿伯斯福特等。
對於各地區衛生局都拒絕讓醫院名稱被披露,負責評鑑報告的菲沙學會醫護系統研究執行長伊斯邁爾(Nadeem Esmail)指出,就連出遊前訂旅館都能透過網路資訊,了解服務品質及專家提供的建議,卑省醫院卻拒絕評鑑成果公開及透明化,相信許多省民都不能接受。
評鑑採取變通辦法,針對醫院死亡率整理出各市鎮醫療表現評分,尼爾森(Nelson)、滿地寶(Port Moody)兩地醫院死亡率最低,而鮭魚灣(Salmon Arm)、阿伯斯福特(Abbotsford)、楓樹嶺(Maple Ridge)三個區域則在這項評比當中敬陪末座。
新民主黨醫療評論員狄德安(Adrian Dix)指出,雖然自己並不是菲沙學會的支持者,卻認為省府應展現出民主風範,讓省民有權知道該份報告詳細內容。

Rochester's most famous verse concerned King Charles II, his great friend. In reply to his jest that:
"He never said a foolish thing, nor ever did a wise one",
Charles is reputed to have said:
"That is true -- for my words are my own, but my actions are those of my ministers."

  1. Bearing or manner, especially as it reveals an inner state of mind: "He was a Vietnam veteran with a haunted mien" (James Traub).
  2. An appearance or aspect.
[Alteration (influenced by French mine, appearance) of Middle English demeine, demeanor, from Old French, from demener , to behave. See demean1.]
━━ n.n. - 風采, 樣子, 態度
日本語 (Japanese) 風采(ふうさい), 態度.
n. - 物腰, 態度, 風采
Français (French)
mine, expression