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salvage, masculinity, fusillade, discontent, worsening

400 Trillion Miles Away, a Comet Storm Waters a World
An artist's conception illustrates a storm of comets around a star near our own, called Eta Corvi

That Constitution is now being challenged. On Sunday Japanese voters are again heading to the polls. They will decide how severely to punish the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, after little more than three years, for its anemic performance on the economy, worsened by the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima in March 2011.

400 Trillion Miles Away, a Comet Storm Waters a World

By Michael D. Lemonick

A fusillade of comets 400 trillion miles away may be a replay of the early days of Earth

Depth of Discontent Threatens Muslim Brotherhood and Its Leader


The Muslim Brotherhood is facing perhaps the worst crisis in its 80-year history, a surprising fall for a group that came to power just a year ago.

After Bullets Hit Bystanders, Questions on Police Protocol

The shooting outside the Empire State Building on Friday was the second time in two weeks that police officers fired fusillades on the crowded streets of Midtown.

French Discontent Imperils Sarkozy
In the French presidential vote Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy, lagging behind Socialist François Hollande in polls, could join the long list of leaders swept aside by Europe's crisis or by unpopular austerity measures.

Mandela’s Condition Is Said to Worsen
The former South African leader entered the hospital three weeks ago with a serious lung infection. Doctors said his condition had become critical over the past 24 hours.

Wanted in China: More Male Teachers, to Make Boys Men

Education officials across China are aggressively recruiting male teachers, as the Chinese news media warn of a need to “salvage masculinity in schools.”

  1. 1.
    rescue (a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo) from loss at sea.
    "an emerald and gold cross was salvaged from the wreck"

  1. 1.
    the rescue of a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo from loss at sea.
    "a salvage operation was under way"

Definition of worsen


make or become worse: [no object]:her condition worsened on the flight [with object]:arguing actually worsens the problem (as adjective worsening)the country’s worsening economic situation


  • 発音記号[impérəl]
[動](〜ed, 〜・ing or((英))〜led, 〜・ling)(他)〈人・物を〉危うくする, 危険にさらす
imperil one's life

[fjúːsəlèid | fjùːziléid]

1 一斉[連続]射撃.
2 (質問などの)連発
a fusillade of questions


Towards the end of his seven-hour testimony in Washington last week about BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Tony Hayward's face, full of resentment at the politicians who were goring him, evoked Charlie Rich's “Feel Like Going Home”. 本月中旬,唐熙华(Tony Hayward)在华盛顿就英国石油(BP)墨西哥湾漏油事件作证,历时7个小时,临近结束时,他的脸上满是对刁难他的政客们的愤慨,让人想起查理•里奇 (Charlie Rich)唱的“我想回家”。
“Lord, I feel like going home/I tried and I failed and I'm tired and weary/Everything I done was wrong/And I feel like going home.” “主啊,我想回家/我尝试了,失败了,我累了,倦了/我做的一切都是错的/我想回 家。”
Unfortunately, having gone home, BP's chief executive then went out again to sail his yacht, prompting a fresh fusillade from across the Atlantic. “I think we can all conclude that Tony Hayward is not going to have a second career in PR,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. 不幸的是,身为英国石油首席执行官的唐熙华回家后,又出来了,还开出了他的游艇,由此 引发了大西洋两岸对他的新一轮炮轰。“我想我们可以得出结论,唐熙华不会把公关当作他的第二职业了,”白宫幕僚长拉姆•伊曼纽尔(Rahm Emanuel)表示。
Not everything Mr Hayward did was wrong, and nor was poor public relations the only cause of his downfall. His fate was sealed when BP's early plans to cap its well failed, leaving oil still spewing. As one of BP's advisers argues: “This is not a PR disaster; it's a disaster.” 并非唐熙华做的一切都是错的,差劲的公关也不是他失败的唯一原因。当英国石油最早封堵 油井的计划失败、任石油继续喷涌时,他的命运就已注定。正如英国石油的一位顾问所指出的:“这不是一场公关灾难;它就是一场灾难。”
But Mr Hayward's wayward PR performance worsened BP's troubles; his yachting trip came after he had suggested early on that the environmental impact of the spill would be “very, very modest” and then, as part of an apology, said: “I would like my life back.” 但是,唐熙华任性不羁的公关作为使英国石油的处境雪上加霜;在开游艇出行之前,他就曾 表示,此次漏油对环境的影响将会“非常、非常轻微”,尔后,在道歉时,他又说:“我希望我的生活恢复原样。”
The irony of this is that, early on at least, BP appeared to be adopting a textbook approach to corporate crises – dispatching its chief executive to lead from the front, taking responsibility for cleaning the spill and compensating victims. 此事的讽刺意味在于,至少在开始的时候,英国石油似乎采取了教科书上有关如何应对企业 危机的标准方法——派首席执行官到第一线主事,负起清理油污的责任,并补偿受害者。
Mr Hayward was, laughable as it now sounds, eager to be a model corporate citizen and show that BP would be more responsive than Exxon Mobil after the Valdez disaster. Andrew Gowers, a former Financial Times editor, is his head of PR, and they launched a very visible public campaign, to little avail. 在发生瓦尔迪兹号石油外泄事故后,唐熙华极力要充当一个模范企业公民,以显示英国石油 会比艾克森美孚(Exxon Mobil)更负责任,现在这听起来很可笑。英国《金融时报》前总编安德鲁•高尔斯(Andrew Gowers)是他的公关主管,他们发起了一场有声有色的公关活动,却没什么用处。
So should chief executives, many of whom are shocked by the sudden shredding of Mr Hayward's reputation, avoid taking charge of blow-ups and dispatch some smooth-talking (and disposable) underling instead? Does the corporate crisis textbook need to be rewritten? 唐熙华一下子名声扫地,让许多企业首席执行官大为震惊。那么,首席执行官应当避免承担 解决危机的责任、转而派口才便给(且可有可无)的下属出面吗?教授企业危机应对之策的教科书是否必须重写?
Not completely, I think. The chief executive still has to be the battlefield general because there is no alternative – the media and politicians will demand it whatever he or she does. But the BP debacle shows the need to plan carefully. 我想不能一概而论。首席执行官仍然必须担任战场上的将军,因为没有替代人选——媒体和 政界要求如此,不管他或她怎么做。但是,英国石油的失败表明,这种事必须慎重筹划。
First, be prepared. That does not just mean undergoing media training when trouble strikes, but being used to dealing with the vagaries of the media and politicians beforehand. Mr Hayward was not prepared because he had kept such a low profile since taking over from John Browne as BP chief executive in 2007. 第一,要做好准备。这不仅意味着要在企业遇到困难时经受媒体的磨练,还要事先习惯于处 理媒体和政客各种出其不意的行为。唐熙华没有做好准备,因为自从2007年接替约翰•布朗(John Browne)出任首席执行官以来,他一直很低调。
Mr Hayward positioned himself as the antithesis of “the Sun King”, who had seemed to revel in the spotlight, being constantly pictured on magazine covers. But by keeping such a low profile, he did not go through the media mill until a crisis blew up, and it showed. 唐熙华把自己塑造为“太阳王”的反面——“太阳王”似乎沉迷于聚光灯,时常登上杂志封 面。可正因为行事如此低调,唐熙华没有经受过媒体磨练,直到危机爆发,暴露出了他的这个弱点。
Second, marshal support. One of the enigmas of the BP affair is how little public backing Mr Hayward got from Carl-Henric Svanberg, its chairman (who has his own PR adviser). Mr Svanberg only appeared in public right at the end, when he was summoned to Washington. 第二,最高统帅的支持。英国石油出事后,让人费解的一点是,唐熙华没有从董事长思文凯 (Carl-Henric Svanberg)那里得到多少公开支持(思文凯有自己的公关顾问)。直到被传唤到华盛顿时,思文凯才终于出现在公众面前。
BP thought few Americans would know what a non-executive chairman was, which is a counsel of despair. If a company goes to the trouble of having a chairman whose job is to mediate with investors and the outside world, he must visibly and vocally support the chief executive. 英国石油以为,没有多少美国人会知道非执行董事长是干什么的——他是绝境中的顾问。如 果一家公司特意设置了一个非执行董事长的职位,由其负责与投资者和外界打好关系,那么,他就必须公开出言支持首席执行官。
Last, pick your battles. This is the most important lesson of the Deepwater crisis because it was a rolling (and still ongoing) disaster. By making himself a target from the start, rather than timing his entry until later, Mr Hayward exhausted himself and his usefulness. 最后,有选择性地战斗。这是这场深水危机中最重要的教训,因为它是一场旷日持久的灾难 (还在继续)。唐熙华让自己从一开始就成为众矢之的,而不是拿捏好时机,等晚些时候再出头露面,于是不但累得筋疲力尽,也让自己变得一无是处。
BP had a suitable surrogate in Robert Dudley, a southerner who is director in charge of US operations and had duelled with the Russian government and media, which is fine training for anything. Mr Dudley has now come to the fore, too late. 罗伯特•达德利(Robert Dudley)是合适的代理人选,这个南方人是英国石油的董事,负责美国业务,他曾与俄罗斯政府和媒体作过斗争——经过这种磨练,足以担当任何事情。达德 利如今站到了台前,可惜为时太晚。
It is near-impossible for a company to win the battle for hearts and minds when trouble strikes; the best it can do is not lose too disastrously. Mr Hayward fought solo and ended, as Charlie Rich once sang, with “not a friend around to help me”. 当一家公司发生危机时,要赢得公众从情感到理智的支持几乎是不可能的,最多是力求在这 场战争中不要输得太惨。唐熙华独力作战,最终——正如查理•里奇唱的那样——“身边没有一个朋友帮我”。


gore1 (gôr, gōr) pronunciation
tr.v., gored, gor·ing, gores.
To pierce or stab with a horn or tusk.

[Middle English goren, probably from gore, spear, from Old English gār.]
sal·vage (săl'vĭj) pronunciation
    1. The rescue of a ship, its crew, or its cargo from fire or shipwreck.
    2. The ship, crew, or cargo so rescued.
    3. Compensation given to those who voluntarily aid in such a rescue.
    1. The act of saving imperiled property from loss.
    2. The property so saved.
  1. Something saved from destruction or waste and put to further use.
tr.v., -vaged, -vag·ing, -vag·es.
  1. To save from loss or destruction.
  2. To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use.
[Obsolete French, from Old French salvaige, right of salvage, from Late Latin salvāre, from Latin salvus, safe.]
salvageability sal'vage·a·bil'i·ty n.
salvageable sal'vage·a·ble adj.
salvager sal'vag·er n.