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Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin appearing businesslike: could finding a middle ground between entrenched Moscow and Washington help end the Syria conflict?

On Wednesday, October 7, the Yale community will be celebrating its annual "Founders Day." Open houses & other activities will be held around campus, including across the library system. Festivities will culminate on Cross Campus with remarks by President Salovey, student group performances, festive food, & more! Details here:

Singapore's ruling party won a striking mandate in yesterday's election. Their victory was never in doubt, but the scale of their success seems to vindicate the four years they spent feeling jilted by the electoratehttp://econ.st/1Quleio

GENERAL elections in Singapore are not supposed to spring surprises....

Few people even in Conservative HQ thought that their party could possibly come out of Britain’s general election with a clearer mandate than it had going in. Yet that is what appears to have happened.
Cornell Right Now: First day of classes for the spring semester! (Though it's a brisk morning: 2 degrees Fahrenheit)

Obama and Putin Signal a More Businesslike Path

At a joint appearance at the Group of 8 meeting, there was tension but also common ground, to the chagrin of human rights advocates.

Why does North Korea’s dictatorship remain so entrenched despite causing such hunger and misery?

Nokia Boosted by Brisk Lumia Sales

《中英對照讀新聞》Brisk walks fight prostate cancer 快步走對抗攝護腺癌

Men who have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer can help keep their disease at bay by taking brisk walks, claim researchers. Based on their observations, men who power walk for at least three hours a week can halve how much their cancer will grow and spread over the next couple of years.
Strolling does not have the same effect, Cancer Research journal warns. Experts say it shows that keeping active can improve health. But they say the findings should be interpreted with caution because the men who did more walking also tended to be younger, leaner, and non-smokers, which could also explain some of the differences seen.
The University of California San Francisco study looked at the outcomes of 1,455 men, mostly in their 60s, who were diagnosed with "localised" prostate cancer, meaning it had not yet started to spread. The men were asked to say how much exercise and of what type they took in the average week.
During the 31 months of follow up, the US researchers recorded 117 events, including disease recurrence, bone tumours and deaths specifically caused by prostate cancer. And they found that men who walked briskly for at least three hours a week were far less likely to have one of these events.

 Trying to make money with a shop in Berlin

Berlin seems to have little shops, stores and boutiques on almost every
corner of the city. The German capital is billed as a bastion of
self-employed people. But just how brisk is their business really?


brisk:形容詞,輕快的、有活力的。例句:Beat the egg whites briskly until soft peaks form.(輕快地打蛋白,直到打出鬆軟的泡來。)
brisked (過去形) • brisked (過去分詞) • brisking (現在分詞) • brisks (三人称単数現在)
[形](〜・er, 〜・est;more 〜, most 〜)
1 きびきびした, 活発な, 元気のよい;〈商売が〉繁盛して
(as) brisk as a bee
Sales are amazingly brisk.
2 〈風などが〉ここちよく冷たい
brisk autumn weather
3 〈レタスなどが〉ぱりぱりした.
━━[動](他)(自)活気づかせる[づく], 活発にする[なる]((up)).
localised:形容詞,局部性的,動詞為loclaise,侷限在某個地方。例句:Gravity has localized the swelling to the foot and ankle.(重力讓腫脹集中在腳與腳踝部位。)
recurrence: 名詞,復發。動詞為recur。例句:The doctor told him to go to the hospital if there was a recurrence of his symptoms.(醫生告訴他,如果症狀復發就要到醫院。)

Definition of brisk in English:


1Active and energetic:a good brisk walkbusiness appeared to be brisk
Showing a wish to deal with things quickly; slightlybrusque:she adopted a brisk, businesslike tone

1.2(Of wind or the weathercold but pleasantlyinvigorating:the sea was shimmering and heaving beneath the brisk breeze


[WITH OBJECT] (brisk something up)Back to top  
Quicken something:Mary brisked up her pace


late 16th century: probably from French brusque (seebrusque).

But like many of Macbeth's actions in the latter half of the play, escalation to the WTO could be both bloody-minded and counter-productive. Any case based on discrimination would be unlikely to succeed, given that Chinese firms are typically subject to more rigorous control than non-Chinese. Besides, during a copyright action brought by the US against China that culminated last year, the WTO confirmed that censorship violated none of its rules. A similar verdict here would entrench China's regime, rather than threaten it.
但是,就像《麦克白》下半部主人公的许多行动一样,让问题升级,把纠纷告到世贸组织,可能是卤莽和事与愿违的。以受歧视为由的任何申诉,都不太可能成功, 因为中国公司通常要受到比海外公司更为严格的控制。况且,在美国对中国提起的一宗版权申诉(去年做出最终裁决)中,世贸组织已经确认,审查并未违反任何 WTO规定。若谷歌提起的申诉得到类似的裁决,将令中国的制度更加根深蒂固,而非使其受到威胁。

Oil Industry Sets a Brisk Pace of New Discoveries

New oil discoveries have totaled about 10 billion barrels this year, on a pace to reach the highest level since 2000.

Investment Banks Rush to the Gulf
Western investment banks rushing to the oil-rich Persian Gulf are struggling to compete with local, entrenched players for mandates, and fees are shrinking amid brisk competition.

Due perhaps to the high cost of new homes, the market for used dwellings is said to be brisk. To my annoyance, I find "home wanted" leaflets thrown into my condo mailbox all the time. I have saved one of them.


The Squeeze on the Middlebrow

The implications of entrenched inequality described by the economist Thomas Piketty extend beyond the realm of political economy.

Burma introduces new constitution

Burma has adopted a new constitution which the country's military
regime says is approved by over 90 percent of the population. The
military pressed ahead with a constitutional referendum earlier this
month, despite international calls to delay the vote due to Cyclone
Nargis, which left over 130,000 Burmese dead or missing and caused
widespread chaos. The regime has said the new constitution will pave
the way for elections in two years. However, detained democracy leader
Aung San Suu Kyi says the charter will only entrench military rule. She
will be barred from running for office under the new constitution,
which reserves a quarter of parliamentary seats for the military.

Amid gridlock and ahead of a big election, Democrats in Congress are planning a lighter schedule starting in mid-January.

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has been pushing for a final vote on the merger within a six-month time frame. Efforts by Mr. Martin to break the gridlock have included requiring the companies to sell some business operations in big office buildings and starting an FCC inquiry into broadband industry practices.

Congress's gridlock meant that some -- including health insurers and hedge funds -- avoided tax increases or subsidy cuts.

Finally, Prime Minister Koizumi is engaged in an ongoing struggle to
implement reforms with entrenched interest groups that are resisting
change, not least in the government bureaucracies. These explanations
not only have plausibility, but also historical antecedents in other
countries that have grappled with policy gridlock. It is therefore
both unnecessary and misleading to rely on mystifying and extreme
caricatures of an exotic 'other', as Kerr does, to explain the
situation Japan finds itself in economically.

gridlock Show phonetics
noun [U] 交通渋滞; (組織・状況などが)身動きのとれない状況.
1 a situation where roads in a town become so blocked by cars that it is impossible for any traffic to move:
A car breaking down at rush hour could cause gridlock across half the city.

2 a situation in which no progress can be made

entrench Show phonetics
to establish something, especially an idea or a problem, firmly so that it cannot be changed:
[R] The government's main task was to prevent inflation from entrenching itself.


  1. (of an attitude, habit, or belief) firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained.
    "an entrenched resistance to change"

entrenched Show phonetics
Entrenched ideas are so fixed or have existed for so long that they cannot be changed:
It's very difficult to change attitudes that have become so deeply entrenched over the years.
The organization was often criticized for being too entrenched in its views.

entrenchment Show phonetics
the process by which ideas become fixed and cannot be changed:
There has been a shift in opinion on the issue after a decade of entrenchment.

  1. 1.
    reach a climax or point of highest development.
    "weeks of violence culminated in the brutal murder of a magistrate"

entrench Show phonetics
to establish something, especially an idea or a problem, firmly so that it cannot be changed:
[R] The government's main task was to prevent inflation from entrenching itself.

entrenched Show phonetics
Firmly established by long standing
Entrenched ideas are so fixed or have existed for so long that they cannot be changed:
It's very difficult to change attitudes that have become so deeply entrenched over the years.
The organization was often criticized for being too entrenched in its views.

entrenchment Show phonetics
the process by which ideas become fixed and cannot be changed:
There has been a shift in opinion on the issue after a decade of entrenchment. ━━ vt. 塹壕(ざんごう)をめぐらす[で守る]; 堅固に守る; (習慣などを)確立する.
entrench oneself 塹壕で自分を守る; 自分の立場を守る.
━━ vi. 侵害する ((on, upon)).


━━ n. 命令(書), 指令(書); (普通単数形で) 権限委託; 【史】委任統治(領); (法王からの)聖職叙任命令, (選挙区民から議員にだす)要求.
━━ vt. 統治を委任する; 権限を付与する; 要求する; 委任統治領にする.
 ━━ n. 受任者[国]; 委任統治国.
 ━━ a., n. 統治を委任された; 命令の, 義務的[上]の; =mandatary.
mandatory administration [rule] 委任統治.

Line breaks: man|date

Definition of mandate in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈmandeɪt/
1An official order or commission to do something:a mandate to seek the release of political prisoners
Law commission by which a party is entrustedto perform a service, especially without paymentand with indemnity against loss by that party.
written authorization enabling someone to carry out transactions on another’s bank account.

1.3historical commission from the League of Nations to a member state to administer aterritory:the end of the British mandate in Palestine

2The authority to carry out a policyregarded as given by the electorate to a party or candidate that wins anelection:雖然已是民主時代,但作為主權者的意志表達,所謂的「民意授權」(mandate)絕對比天威還要難測,在民主國家中,如何解讀mandate,仍然是一門藝術,錯誤的解讀絕對足以讓領導人或政黨粉身碎骨,死得不明所以。he called an election to seek a mandate for hispolicies

2.1Canadian A period during which a government is in power:the last mandate of Trudeau, from 1980 to 1984, was a remarkable chapter in Canadian history


Pronunciation: /manˈdeɪt/
[WITH OBJECT]Back to top  
1Give (someone) authority to act in a certain way:the rightful king was mandated and sanctioned byGod
Require (something) to be done; makemandatory:the government began mandating better carsafety

2(be mandated tohistorical (Of territory) be assignedto (another power) under a mandate of the League of Nations:(as adjective mandatedmandated territories


early 16th century: from Latin mandatum 'something commanded', neuter past participle of mandare, frommanus 'hand' + dare 'give'. Sense 2 of the noun has been influenced by French mandat.
brisk Show phonetics
quick, energetic and active:
a brisk walk
He set a brisk pace and we struggled to keep up.
Her tone on the telephone was brisk (= she spoke quickly and used few words) and businesslike.

briskly Show phonetics
She walked briskly into town.
Beat the eggs whites briskly until soft peaks form.
"Let's get it over with, " he said briskly.

briskness Show phonetics
noun [U]
Definition of businesslike


  • having or indicating an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to one’s work or a task:his brisk, businesslike tone
  1. (of clothing, furniture, etc.) designed or appearing to be practical rather than decorative:a businesslike grey suit