2017年7月8日 星期六

transition, accessoy, fait accompli, presumably, accomplice, a mystery

    "Indeed, the People Magazine–style coverage he gleans in this country could hardly prepare one for the idea of Mikhail Gorbachev as a 21st-century dyed-in-the-wool social democrat. Nor would one guess that he finds himself returning to the Soviet Union’s first leader, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, 'again and again, as a politician and thinker deserving of his place in history.' Referring to Lenin’s last writings from the early 1920s, generally suppressed in the Soviet Union and little known in this country, Gorbachev tells us that the leader’s 'comments on the need for "a fundamental change of our entire point of view about socialism," as well as his words about a transition from the earlier, revolutionary approach to "a completely different, reformist way forward" had a profound impact on me.'"

Tom Gallagher appreciates “The New Russia,” a political autobiography by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Hunt for Manchester Bombing Accomplices Extends to Libya


Developments indicated that the bomber, Salman Abedi, was part of a wider and more sophisticated plot than was initially believed

 France's failure to meet Europe’s deficit rules despite last-minute savings worth €3.6 billion is exasperating Brussels, and the smaller countries that have had to make more painful and unpopular budget cuts http://econ.st/1randR0

LATE last month, it looked as if France had done just enough to avoid getting rapped on the knuckles over its breach of Europe’s deficit rules. Two days before the...

New Turmoil in Egypt Greets Mixed Verdict for Mubarak

Lawyers said former President Hosni Mubarak’s life sentence as an accessory in the killing of unarmed protesters was vulnerable to appeal, and charges of corruption were dismissed.




U.S. Is Seeing Positive Signs From China

China's changing positions on Iran, Syria and North Korea, among others, are hailed as steps toward unity among the world's major powers, but its motives are a mystery.

 With Bo Xilai out of power, Xi Jinping, the country’s presumed next leader, is emerging from the scandal with greater standing as China’s leadership transitions.

Annan Pursues Talks on Easing Assad Out
Special envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has begun talks aimed at establishing a group of world powers, including Syrian allies Russia and Iran, to discuss a political transition plan that could ease President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Norwegian authorities continue investigation after dual attacks
Police in Norway are questioning a 32-year-old man, following two attacks which killed at least 92 people in and around Oslo on Friday. There are also unconfirmed reports that the man had an accomplice.

"The Internet is a pragmatic tool that can be used like a gang or an accomplice to help the U.S. government subvert state power," read one of numerous essays that appeared on the Web site of the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

Exhausted by the burden of its pretensions, the UK should soon offer its seat on the security council of the United Nations to its former colony. Its condition would be that France does the same in favour of the European Union. Whether or not such enlightened statesmanship is forthcoming (presumably not), we are moving into the age of continental superpowers. Asia will be home to not one, but two, of them.
因为背负着虚荣的枷锁,而把自己弄得筋疲力尽的英国,应尽早把它在联合国安理会的席位拱手让给它的前殖民地。前提是,法国也应同样把席位让给欧盟 (EU)。不管这两国是否会展现出这种开明的政治才能(我推测是不会的),我们都正步入“大陆性超级大国”时代。亚洲将拥有两个、而不是一个超级大国。

Once completed, designs were handed over to Ford's suppliers as faits accomplis, with little opportunity for revision. (p.152, "Chinese Wall", The Man Who Discovered Quality)


  • 発音記号[trænzíʃən, -síʃ-]
1 (位置・状態などの)移り変わり, 推移, (…から;…への)変化, 変遷, 変転[過渡]期, 変わり目((from ...;to ...))
an age of transition
the transition from girl to woman
in transition
2 《音楽》一時的転調.
3 (テレビ・舞台の)場面転換.
4 《遺伝学》トランジション, 変異:DNA鎖上での塩基転位.
━━[動](自)(…に)移行する, 推移する((into ...)).

ac·com·plice (ə-kŏm'plĭs) pronunciationn.
An associate in wrongdoing, especially one who aids or abets another in a criminal act, either as a principal or an .accessory

[Alteration of COMPLICE.]
  • [əkɑ'mplis, əkʌ'm- | əkʌ'm-, əkɔ'm-]
[名](…の)共犯者(▼しばしば従犯者をいう)(accessory);「ぐる」, 仲間((in, to ...)).

fait accompli

('tä-kôN-plē', fĕt'ä-pronunciation

n.pl. faits ac·com·plis ('tä-kôN-plē', -plēz', fĕt'ä-).
An accomplished, presumably irreversible deed or fact.

[French : fait, fact + accompli, accomplished.]


  • 発音記号[æksésəri, ək-]
[名](複 -ries)
1 付属物, 付帯物, つけたし;((通例-ries))(安全や装飾用の)付属品, 部品, カーアクセサリー, 服装用付属品, アクセサリー(adjunct)(▼ベルト, ハンドバッグなども含む).
2 《法律》(…の)共犯((to ...)). ⇒PRINCIPAL[名]4
an accessory beforeafterthe fact
1 付加[補助, 付帯]的な, 付属の;《鉱物》副成分の, 類質の
an accessory calyx
accessory fruits
《植物》副果, 偽果
an accessory nerve
2 《法律》共犯[従犯]の, 幇助(ほうじょ)行為の.


  • 発音記号[prizúːm | -zjúːm]
1III[名]/that節;V[名](to be)[名]/[形]]((形式))〈事を〉推定する;((略式))(おそらく…であると)考える, 思う, みなす
I presume her success. [=I presume that she will succeed. ]
They are presumed (to be) innocent.
It is presumed that he was drunk. [=He is presumed to have been drunk. ]
2III[名]/to do]((ふつう疑問文・否定文))…をずうずうしくも引き受ける[請け合う];大胆にも[思い切って, 生意気にも]…する
I will not presume to give an opinion.
3 〈理論が〉…を前提とする((that節)).
I presume
((文修飾的))おそらく, たぶん.
I presume you're tired.
Miss Jones, I presume.
1 (事実と)推定[仮定]する, 推量する;思い込む.
2 ((形式))ずうずうしくふるまう, 出しゃばる;[presume on [upon] A]〈Aに〉なれなれしくする, つけ込む[入る], 利用する
You presume.

pre·sum·a·ble (prĭ-zū'mə-bəl) pronunciation
That can be presumed or taken for granted; reasonable as a supposition: presumable causes of the disaster.

presumably pre·sum'a·bly adv.