2016年7月12日 星期二

entangle, tangle with sb, sweeten, sweetener, entwined,matriculation

Emma Watson just received her degree in English literature from Brown University. (No word on whether she studied the Harry Potter books.) Here are some other stars who have mastered matriculation: http://cnn.it/1kiaO89

A potential Spanish request for financial aid is becoming caught up in tangled diplomacy between euro-zone capitals, despite Madrid's new willingness to push ahead.

Leader's Fall in China Put Allies in Peril

The fall of Bo Xilai from the Communist Party's top echelons has shed light into how some of his closest allies became entwined in his fate.

The furor over the decision to run this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix has put Formula One racing in the headlines. But money and politics have entangled the sport before.

This history of quantum mechanics goes beyond the point in the 1920s where most popular science books leave off.

What is the first commandment to be obeyed in any educational scheme? It is this: Do not teach too many subjects. The second command is this: What you teach, teach thoroughly. The devil in the scholastic world assumed the form of a general education consisting of scraps of a large number of disconnected subjects; and with the artfulness of the serpent, he has entrenched himself behind the matriculation examination of the University of London, with a wire entanglement formed by the Oxford and Cambridge schools' examination.

The move by Amazon tangles competitive dynamics in the growing e-book industry. Many analysts thought pocket-size versatile smartphones could eventually eat into the small but growing market for stand-alone book readers that do little else and still do not have color screens or full-featured Web browsers. With the announcement, Amazon appears to be hedging its bets.

香港新浪網 - Hong Kong(本報記者報道)據卑詩省蜂蜜農場業者指出,很多不符合加國品質和安全標準的中國蜂蜜,由進口商以增甜劑(sweetener)名義入口加國,然後再重新包裝在市面以低價發售。但本地多個華裔零售商說,他們不賣中國蜂蜜,因為擔心污染問題。由於北美蜂蜜農場近年爆發大規模蜜蜂 ...

SAN FRANCISCO -- Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Jerry Yang Monday had to tangle with some big shareholders who were displeased that he didn't reach a deal to sell his company to Microsoft Corp. at a sweetened price.

tangle noun [C]
an untidy mass of things that are not in a state of order, or a state of confusion or difficulty:
a tangle of wires

tangle verb [I or T]
See also entangle.

tangled string

tangle with sb phrasal verb INFORMAL
to become involved with someone, usually by arguing or fighting with them:
He was a self-opinionated, overbearing tyrant, and he was the last man she should want to tangle with.


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[tǽŋgl]

1 〈糸・髪の毛などを〉(…に)もつれさせる, からませる;((受身))(…と)もつれる((up/with ...))
Her hair was tangled (up) with branches.
2 …を紛糾させる, 妨げる;…を(…に)巻き込む((up/in, with ...))
get tangled up with a bunch of bad guys
3 〈鳥などを〉わなに掛けて捕まえる;((しばしば〜 -self))…を陥れる
tangle oneself in one's own snare
1 〈枝・事柄などが〉(…に)からみ合う, もつれる((in ...));(…について)紛糾する((over ...));陥る.
2 ((略式))〈人が〉(…と;…のことで)争う, けんか[論争]する, やり合う((with ...;over ...))
We tangled with our boss over the new contract.
1 もつれた[からんだ]状態;(髪・糸などの)もつれ
a tangle of clothes
2 ((通例a 〜))紛糾, 混乱;当惑
His financial affairs are in a tangle.
3 ((略式))(…との)争い, けんか, 口論((with ...))
He got in a tangle with his boss.
verb [T usually passive]
1 to cause something to become caught in something such as a net or ropes:
The dolphin had become entangled in/with the fishing nets.

2 entangled in/with sth/sb involved with something or someone in a way that makes it difficult to escape:
He went to the shop to buy bread, and got entangled in/with a carnival parade.
The mayor and the city council are anxious to avoid getting entangled in the controversy.
She seems to be romantically entangled with some artist in Rome.

1 [C] a situation or relationship that you are involved in and that is difficult to escape from:
The book describes the complex emotional and sexual entanglements between the members of the group.

2 [C usually plural] UK SPECIALIZED a fence made of wire with sharp points on it, intended to make it difficult for enemy soldiers to go across an area of land


  • 発音記号[intwáin]
[動](他)((しばしば受身))〈物を〉(…に)まつわらせる, からませる((about, (a)round ...));(…と)組み合わせる((in, with ...));〈ツタなどが〉〈柱などに〉巻きつく;…と深く関係しあう
tall trees entwined with creepers
entwine oneself around ...
━━(自)(…に)巻きつく, からみつく((about, (a)round ...)).
verb [T]
1 to make something taste sweet:
The apple mixture can be sweetened with honey.

2 to make something more attractive:
The management sweetened the deal by offering an extra 2% to staff on the lowest end of the pay scale.

3 to make a person or a mood happier or friendlier:
I think you should try to sweeten him up before you ask him for the loan.

1 [C or U] an artificial substance that has a similar taste to sugar, or a small pill made of this

2 [C] MAINLY UK a gift or money given to persuade someone to do something, especially in a way that is secret and often dishonest:
a financial sweetener


Line breaks: ma¦tricu|la¦tion
Pronunciation: /mətrɪkjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n


[mass noun]
  • 1The action of matriculating at a college or university: [as modifier]: matriculation requirements
  • 1.1 (also matriculation examination) [count noun] historical An examination to qualify for enrolment at a college or university.
  • 1.2 (also matriculation examination) [count noun] (In South Africa) a school-leaving examination taken at the end of the twelfth year.
2 Heraldry, Scottish The registration of arms in an official register.