2016年4月12日 星期二

transience, transient, surge, deter, billow, bettering, shorelin e haven

Facing ethnic discrimination, China's Uighurs and Tibetans have fallen behind as the rest of the country surges ahead

Quote of the day:
“These mills are striving to add two hours more to our time of labor, thus cutting off all hope of bettering our condition. But we have united against this measure and formed a society to repel this movement.”
Sarah Bagley, organizer of Lowell women factory workers, 1845

Many of the objects in this painting by Steenwyck are reminders of the transience of life. However, many also refer to the pursuits of an active mind. Next weekend, join our 'Lessons in death and living' session to learn what the Old Masters tell us about living a life rich with meaning and purpose: http://bit.ly/1GkOi5B

預報 不用tsunami 怕嚇人  採用storm surge  沒人理
Global demand for materials such as lanthanum and neodymium was surging as the world's appetite for hybrid cars, wind turbines and ever-faster phones with better screens increased.
 隨著混動 汽車、風力渦輪機和速度越來越快、屏幕越來越好的手機需求增加,鑭、釹等材料的需求出現井噴。the Australian rare-earths mining company has come...


To increase suddenly: As favorable reviews came out, interest in the software surged.
In the Bronx, Restoring a Fleeting Paradise
WASHED AWAY Steven Smith at the site of his ravaged Oak Point wetland.
Steven Smith envisions an $80 million project at Oak Point, where Hurricane Sandy’s 13-foot surge washed away a shoreline haven he had helped create.
 When hotheaded Kiyomori is in the throes of a fatal illness, his fever is so high that the cool bathwater boils. And after he dies, many of his fair-weather followers join the Genji in their own push for dominance. The ebb and flow of the narrative, with each side gaining and losing, cutting off heads here and parading humiliated captives through the streets there, exemplifies the overarching theme, so deeply imbued in Buddhism, of human transience.
U.S. Releases Graphic Images to Deter Smokers



Obama to Announce Plans for Afghan Surge Pullout

Administration officials said that President Obama would most likely pull out the 30,000 surge troops by the end of 2012. What is still not known is how soon and how fast.

gerund or present participle: bettering
  1. improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement).
    "his account can hardly be bettered"
    synonyms:surpass, improve on, beatexceedexceltopcaptrumpeclipse,outstripoutdooutmatch, go one better than;
    "a record bettered by only one other non-league side"
    • make (something) better; improve.
      "his ideas for bettering the lot of the millhands"
      synonyms:improve, make better, ameliorateraiseadvancefurtherliftupgrade,enhanceMore
    • achieve a higher social position or status.
      "the residents are mostly Londoners who have bettered themselves"

[形]((形式))1 一時的な, つかのまの, はかない transient happinessつかのまの幸福. ⇒TEMPORARY[類語] transient happinessつかのまの幸...
transient ischemic attack
一過性脳虚血発作, 一時(いっとき)中風(略:TIA).


tran • sience, -sien • cy
trǽnʃəns | -ziəns, -ʃənsi | -ziənsi
[名][U]((形式))はかなさ, 無常.

n. - 大浪, 波濤, 奔騰, 洶湧, 湧到
v. intr. - 洶湧, 蜂擁而至, 奔騰, 澎湃
v. tr. - 使洶湧奔騰, 急放
  • surge protector 沖擊波保護器, 浪湧保護器
  • surge up 浪湧, 充滿, 洶湧, 奔騰

(sûrj) pronunciation

v., surged, surg·ing, surg·es. v.intr.
  1. To rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner.
  2. To roll or be tossed about on waves, as a boat.
  3. To move like advancing waves: The fans surged forward to see the movie star.
  4. To increase suddenly: As favorable reviews came out, interest in the software surged.
  5. To improve one's performance suddenly, especially in bettering one's standing in a competition.
  6. Nautical. To slip around a windlass. Used of a rope.
v.tr. Nautical
To loosen or slacken (a cable) gradually.

  1. A heavy billowing or swelling motion like that of great waves.
    1. Wave motion with low height and a shorter period than a swell.
    2. A coastal rise in water level caused by wind.
  2. The forward and backward motion of a ship subjected to wave action.
  3. A sudden onrush: a surge of joy.
  4. A period of intense effort that improves a competitor's standing, as in a race.
  5. A sudden, transient increase or oscillation in electric current or voltage.
  6. An instability in the power output of an engine.
  7. Astronomy. A brief, violent disturbance occurring during the eruption of a solar flare.
  8. Nautical.
    1. The part of a windlass into which the cable surges.
    2. A temporary release or slackening of a cable.
[Probably French sourdre, sourge- (from Old French) and French surgir, to rise (from Old French, to cast anchor , from Old Catalan), both from Latin surgere, to rise : sub-, from below; see sub- + regere, to lead straight.]

  • 記号[bílou]
1 (海の)大波;(波のように)うねる[渦巻く]もの(炎, 煙など)
billows of steam
2 ((the 〜(s)))((詩))海.
1 大波が立つ, うねる.
2 (大波のように)押し寄せる, うねる;渦巻く;〈帆が〉ふくらむ((out))
a billowing flag
━━(他)…を波立たす, うねらせる.
[スカンジナビア語. アイスランド語でbylgja「波」]

billow (verb) Rise up as if in waves.
Usage:Smoke from the burning building billowed up into the sky, obscuring the sun.