2016年8月2日 星期二

woefully unprepared to, deafening, stellar, hump (CARRY), Deaf Sentence,

“The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn’t appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia means that he’s woefully unprepared to do the job,” said President Obama of Donald J. Trump.

It is unclear whether these stores will soon issue the same kind of earnings warnings as J. C. Penney. But none are expected to produce stellar earnings this quarter.
Asked if J. C. Penney was serving as an alarm bell for the retail industry, Ms. Shapira said it seemed a little late for that.
“The alarm bell has been deafening for months now,” she said.

James C. Mulvenon, a specialist on the Chinese military at the Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, a government contractor in Washington that performs classified analyses on overseas military programs, said the earthquake showed the army’s best and worst sides. It mobilized quickly, but the troops were unprepared to save lives in the first 72 hours, when thousands were buried under toppled masonry and every minute mattered.
“You basically had a bunch of guys humping through the mountains on foot and digging out people with their hands,” Mr. Mulvenon said. “It was not a stellar example of a modern military.”

    Laam Lam 他近年作品中譯也有挑戰,Deaf Sentence中譯本作《失聰宣判》有點失色,陸谷孫提議「聾刑」反而可堪玩味。
    hc: 謝謝,早上稍查過Deaf Sentence,竟然一時找不到確切解釋。下午找此書要點,的確,「聾刑」比較好:

    "....His deafness is at the center of the novel, providing the title of this work of fiction, but also serving as an extended, often funny, but ultimately serious impetus to riff on aging, disability, and mortality. "Deafness is a kind of pre-death, a drawn-out introduction to the long silence into which we will all eventually lapse" (19).


hump (CARRY)
verb [T usually + adverb or preposition] INFORMAL
to carry or lift something heavy with difficulty:
My back really aches after humping those heavy boxes around all day.

1 of a star or stars:
a stellar explosion
stellar light

2 INFORMAL describes people or their activities that are of an extremely high standard:
a stellar performance/player/team
1 unable to hear, either completely or partly:
He's been totally/partially deaf since birth.

2 DISAPPROVING unwilling to listen:
The local council has remained deaf to all the objections to its proposals.

the deaf plural noun
people who are unable to hear:
Many of the TV programmes are broadcast with subtitles for the deaf.

verb [T]
If a very loud noise deafens you, it makes you deaf, or makes you temporarily unable to hear the other sounds near you:
The explosion permanently deafened her in her right ear.

extremely loud:
The music was deafening.

  1. [形容詞]
  2. 1 耳が遠い[聞こえない],耳が不自由な,聾ろうの,聴覚障害の,難聴の.(◆deaf は場合により差別的. 行政用語では hearing-impaired(聴覚障害の));音感のない,音痴の(tone-deaf)
    • become [or godeaf
    • 耳が聞こえなくなる
  3. 2 (…を)聞こうとしない,(…に)耳を傾けない;無頓着むとんじゃくな,気を配らない((to ...))
    • turn a deaf ear to
    • …を馬耳東風に聞き流す
    • Their protests fell on deaf ears.
    • 彼らの抗議には誰も耳を傾けなかった.

  1. [名詞]
  2. 1 〔文法〕 文,センテンス
  3. 2 〔法律〕
  4. (1)(特に,刑事事件の)判決,判決の宣告
    • be under sentence of
    • …の宣告を受ける,刑に処せられる
  5. (2)刑罰,処罰
    • serve a life sentence
    • 終身刑に服する.
  6. 3 〔音楽〕 楽節[段](period).
  7. 4 ((通例 S-)) (聖書からの)短い引用.
  8. 5 ((古)) 名言,警句,格言.
  9. 6 ((廃)) (ある問題についての)意見;結論.
  10. 7
  11. (1)〔論理〕 文:命題を表す論理式.
  12. (2)(2値命題算で)真か偽かが判断できる文章.
  13. 8 〔生化学〕 センテンス:アミノ酸をコード(code)するヌクレオチド三文字の組み合わせ.
  1. ━━ [他動詞]
  2. 1 ((しばしば受身)) 〈人に〉判決を下す,(…を)宣告する,(…の)刑に処する((to ...))
  3. 2 ((しばしば受身)) (好ましくない状況に)追いやる,追い込む,運命づける((to ...)).
  1. ━━ [自動詞] 刑を宣告する.
  2. [語源]
    1225年以前.(名詞)中期英語<古期フランス語<ラテン語 sententia 意見,決定(sentīre「感じる」より)
  1. sentencer [名詞]
  1. sentencehood [-húd] [名詞]

  1. ━━ [名詞] ((the deaf)) ((複数扱い)) ((集合的)) 耳の聞こえない人,聾者,聴覚障害者.