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religion/get religion, bunk, debunk, canvassing, assiduity

It is extremely hard to change people's minds on polarised issues. But a study reported in the magazine "Science" found that one canvassing technique had convinced people to change their minds about gay marriage. There was only one problem: the study was bunk. Yet if it is so hard to convince people to change their minds about gay marriage, why are people changing their minds about gay marriage?tp://econ.st/1IQZDzW

Not persuaded
IT IS almost impossible to change people's opinions on divisive political issues by arguing with them. This is rather depressing for opinion journalists and others...

"The internet’s enthusiasm for a vigorous debunking now frequently spills over into what you might call the pseudo-debunk. Sometimes, this involves cynically claiming you’re debunking when you’re really just disagreeing – thereby implying that your opinion is more than mere opinion; it’s “the facts”. More common is the debunking of claims subtly different from those originally made. You may have learned, in recent months, that you can’t actually become a world-class expert in anything you like, merely by putting in 10,000 hours of practice. But do you realize that nobody really said that in the first place?"

'Detoxing' has been debunked. Maybe it's time to debunk that

Oliver Burkeman: We live in an age when disagreeing with something too...

THEGUARDIAN.COM|由 OLIVER BURKEMAN 上傳religion (1) 宗教;宗教信仰;宗教生活:指人類與神明之間的交往。宗教乃世人對天主表示尊敬和崇拜的美德,具體來說,宗教是信仰、恭敬天主的團體。自然律要人恭敬天主;天主更透過舊約和新約命人恭敬天主。 (2) 欽敬;修道生活。

(rĭ-lĭj'ən) pronunciation
    1. Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.
    2. A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.
  1. The life or condition of a person in a religious order.
  2. A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.
  3. A cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.
get religion Informal.
  1. To become religious or devout.
  2. To resolve to end one's immoral behavior.
[Middle English religioun, from Old French religion, from Latin religiō, religiōn-, perhaps from religāre, to tie fast. See rely.]
1 [U]宗教
believe in religion
2 宗派, 宗旨, …教;宗教団体, 宗団, 宗徒, 信徒
the Buddhist [the Christian] religion
practice a religion
3 [U]宗教心, 信仰心;修道[信仰]生活
one's name in religion
enter (into) religion
修道院にはいる, 修道者になる.
4 礼拝, 勤行(ごんぎょう).
5 良心にかかわる重大事;主義, 信条
make it a religion to see [=make a religion of seeing] the doctor once a week
Making money is his religion.
get religion
((略式))信仰に目覚める, 宗教に走る;((米略式))(ある事を)非常に誠実[真剣]に行う.

湯恩比的說法有沒走樣?religion 即"絆"。
在這些方面給予協助、指導的,就是宗教--* religion的原意。

* religious


Middle English: from Old French, from Latin religiosus, from religio 'reverence, obligation'(see religion**).
** religion


Middle English (originally in the sense 'life under monastic vows'): from Old French, or from Latin religio(n-) 'obligation, bond, reverence', perhaps based on Latin religare 'to bind'.

From Anglo-Norman religiun, from Old French religion, from Latin religiō ‎(scrupulousness”, “pious misgivings”, “superstition”, “conscientiousness”, “sanctity”, “an object of veneration”, “cult-observance”, “reverence). Most likely from the Indo-European root h₂leg with the meanings preserved in Latin "dīligěre" and "lěgěre", i.e. to read repeatedly or to have something solely in mind.

Would Jesus be in favour of the death penalty? American Christians are unsure

  1. canvassing - definition of canvassing by The Free Dictionary


    v. can·vassed, can·vass·ing, can·vass·es. v.tr. 1. To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize: "The evidence had been repeatedly canvassed in ...

 bunk, debunk

陳音頤的論文(中外文學2000/8 pp.158-87) 對D. H. Lawrence的口語 bunk(胡說....) 的翻譯是不恰當的:

"the Indian bunk is not Indian's invention. It is ours."印地安的謊言和神話不是印地安人發明的.....
"repudiation of our white bunk." 打破了我們白人的神話

bunk2 (bŭngk) pronunciation
Empty talk; nonsense.

[Short for BUNKUM.]

Nonsense:anyone with a brain cell would never believe such bunk

bunk it
((俗))逃げる, 逃亡する;(授業などを)サボる.
do a bunk
((英略式))(そうしてはいけないのに)急いで立ち去る, 逃げる.

bunk (BED)

bunk bed

debunk McJob

Line breaks: de¦bunk
Pronunciation: /diːˈbʌŋk /

Definition of debunk in English:


1Expose the falseness or hollowness of (an idea orbelief):she debunks all the usual rubbish about acting
Reduce the inflated reputation of (someone):comedy takes delight in debunking heroes

 音節as・si・du・i・ty 発音記号/`æsəd(j)úːəṭi‐djúː‐/
【不可算名詞】 勉励勤勉精励.
with assiduity 出して, せっせと.
Great and constant diligence and attention.
Usage:Nell immediately applied herself with great assiduity to the decoration and preparation of the room.