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Lee Kuan Yew's son and daughter slug it out on Facebook over father worship.

“Video games and the nature of the web have trained people not to want to sit still and look, whether it’s in a proscenium-arch theater or a traditional art museum,” said Frank Rose, the author of “The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories.” “There’s a huge appetite for something more immersive and sensory, in which you can take a somewhat active role. You experience it with all your senses, and it’s all around you.”

An online advertising company called OwnerIQ is featuring employees of media agencies in its campaign.
These Ad Stars Know All About Ads
A new campaign goes beyond using so-called real people: It uses real Madison Avenue people.廣告界

Madison Avenue 等同"廣告界"

In choosing Ross Levinsohn to become Yahoo Inc.'s interim chief executive, the company is focusing squarely on its need to protect its greatest asset: online-ad sales, which make up the bulk of its more than $4 billion in annual net revenue. Unlike former Yahoo CEOs Scott Thompson and Carol Bartz, both of whom had no ad experience before taking the top job, Mr. Levinsohn is a veteran of the ad world, having forged strong alliances with executives at Madison Avenue agencies that represent the biggest ad spenders. A person familiar with the matter said Sunday that the board has told Mr. Levinsohn, 48 years old, that he could potentially win the CEO job permanently. Still, Mr. Levinsohn must deal with Yahoo's weak revenue growth and threats from technology rivals such as Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. Yahoo's ad-sales business also faces competition from numerous media websites such as Walt Disney Co.-owned ESPN.com and Hulu LLC, which is owned by several companies including News Corp., owner of The Wall Street Journal.

Campaign Spotlight

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It is standard operating procedure on Madison Avenue for a product to inspire a campaign. But for a leading liquor brand, a campaign is inspiring a product -- actually, a series of products.
The brand is Absolut vodka, which is bringing out limited editions of flavored varieties that celebrate spirited cities where the residents enjoy their spirits. The first one, introduced in July 2007, was named Absolut New Orleans; the second, introduced last month, is called Absolut Los Angeles.
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As the two behemoths slug it out in the enterprise market, their cloud-computing software is changing the way businesses operate. Internet-based computing makes it easier to communicate both within and outside a company. Fixing software and adding features can be done automatically, the way consumers get the latest version of Facebook when they go to its site.

Dow Chemical
has agreed to buy Rohm & Haas for $18.8 billion, with a big slug of financing from Warren Buffett, the legendary value investor who recently arrived in Sun Valley.


Playing with History celebrates Richard Ballam's donation of his rich and varied collection of games and pastimes to the Bodleian – a selection are on display.

Maybe instead of refighting the Vietnam War the candidates can catch that bin Laden fiend who’s running around free.

He believed in cooperation, and created a spiritual of cooperation with well-meaning firms and individuals on Madison Avenue, friends and competitors alike. He shared with all of them the results of his own innovations, as well as his failures.

ADVERTISING Ad Shops Eye Web Space
Madison Avenue took a back seat as technology companies created the tools to buy advertising space online. Now, major ad holding companies are developing their own systems.

Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns shareholders are all but certain to approve the sale of the securities firm to JPMorgan Chase in a vote this morning. Bear will most likely be immediately merged out of existence as a public company. The Bear Stearns name will all but disappear, according to a report in Crain's New York. To avoid the appearance of grave-dancing, J.P. Morgan will wait several weeks before etching its name on Bear's headquarters on Madison Avenue, Crain's said.


  1. :  something that amuses and serves to make time pass agreeably :  diversion

  • Baseball has been a national pastime for years.

  • Madison Avenue

    The American advertising industry.
    Of, relating to, or working in the American advertising industry.
    [After Madison Avenue in New York City, the center of American advertising.]

    Lord Byron and I freak danced over Tennyson's grave. It's what he would have wanted.
    Oscar Wilde on Grave Dancing
    Drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot
    Drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot
    Grave Dancing is the latest dance craze to sweep the nation. It's a combination of everyone's favorite pastimes: dancingmaking an ass out of yourself, and funeral services.
    Grave Dancing became popular when it was featured on America's favorite cultural embarrassment, American Idol. One participant did a particularly horrible rendition of the Beatles' classic song She Fell out of the Barn, onto the Rake of my Love and Simon Cowell said "Singing like that, dancing like that... you're dancing on Paul McCartney's grave!". Paula then told Simon that Paul McCartney "wasn't really dead, only dead inside", and they all had a real good laugh, because it's true.



      1. An evil spirit; a demon.
      2. The Devil; Satan.
      3. A diabolically evil or wicked person.
    1. Informal. One who is addicted to something: a dope fiend.
    2. Informal. One who is completely absorbed in or obsessed with a given job or pastime: a crossword-puzzle fiend.
    3. Informal. One who is particularly adept at something: a fiend with computers.
    [Middle English, from Old English fēond.]

    standard operating procedure noun [U] (ABBREVIATION SOP) US
    the usual way of doing something:
    Checking references before we lend money is standard operating procedure.

    n. (名詞 noun)
    1. 【美】【俚】(酒等的)一大口,一小杯[C]
    2. Ken took a long slug of scotch.
    slug (AMOUNT OF DRINK) Show phonetics
    noun [C] INFORMAL
    an amount of drink, especially strong alcoholic drink, that you can swallow at one time:
    I had a slug of vodka to give me courage.

    Informal. To drink rapidly or in large gulps: slugged down a can of pop.

    n. (名詞 noun)[C]
    1. 【動】蛞蝓,鼻涕蟲
    2. 【昆】刺蛾;黏葉蜂
    3. 動作遲緩的人(或動物、車輛等);懶漢  sluggard

    n. (名詞 noun)[C]
    1. 金屬小塊;子彈,彈丸
    2. 【美】(用以開動自動販賣機等的)代硬幣的金屬片;假硬幣
    3. 【印】嵌條;鉛字條
    4. 【物】斯勒格(質量單位;約等於32.2磅)
    1. A round bullet larger than buckshot.
    slug (BULLET)  
    noun [C] INFORMAL
    a bullet:
    The poor guy wound up with a slug in his stomach.
    1. Informal.
      1. A shot of liquor.
      2. An amount of liquid, especially liquor, that is swallowed in one gulp; a swig.
    2. A small metal disk for use in a vending or gambling machine, especially one used illegally.
    3. A lump of metal or glass prepared for further processing.
    4. Printing.
      1. A strip of type metal, less than type-high and thicker than a lead, used for spacing.
      2. A line of cast type in a single strip of metal.
      3. A compositor's type line of identifying marks or instructions, inserted temporarily in copy.
    5. Physics. The unit of mass that is accelerated at the rate of one foot per second per second when acted on by a force of one pound weight.
    tr.v., slugged, slug·ging, slugs.
    1. Printing. To add slugs to.
    2. Informal. To drink rapidly or in large gulps: slugged down a can of pop.
    [Perhaps from SLUG2 (from its shape).]

    slug2 (slŭg) pronunciation
    1. Any of various small, snaillike, chiefly terrestrial gastropod mollusks of the genus Limax and related genera, having a slow-moving elongated body with no shell or only a flat rudimentary shell on or under the skin.
    2. The smooth soft larva of certain insects, such as the sawfly.
    3. A slimy mass of aggregated amoeboid cells from which the sporophore of a cellular slime mold develops.
    4. Informal. A sluggard.
    [Middle English slugge, sluggard, probably of Scandinavian origin.]

    slug3 (slŭg) pronunciation
    tr.v., slugged, slug·ging, slugs.
    To strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat.
    A hard heavy blow, as with the fist or a baseball bat.
    [Possibly from SLUG1.]

    The fight spilled out into the galley of the plane as about 100 passengers looked on, the paper said under the headline "Pilots, crew slug it out at 30,000 feet".
     slug it out︰片語,決一雌雄、比出高下。例句︰Unable to negotiate, they began to slug it out in the media.(談判不成,他們開始透過媒體一決勝負。)

    slug4 (slŭg) pronunciation
    intr.v., slugged, slug·ging, slugs.
    To wait for or obtain a ride to work by standing at a roadside hoping to be picked up by a driver who needs another passenger to use the HOV lanes of a highway.
    A commuter who slugs.
    [Probably from SLUG2.]

    slug (CREATURE) 
    noun [C]
    1 a small, usually black or brown, creature with a long soft body and no arms or legs, like a snail but with no shell

    2 MAINLY US INFORMAL a slow-moving, lazy person
    See also sluggish.slug (HIT) 
    verb [T] -gg-
    1 INFORMAL to hit someone hard with the fist:
    She slugged him and he fell against the bar.

    2 US to hit a baseball hard


    Pronunciation: /slʌg/

    Definition of slugnoun

    • 1a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusc which typically lacks a shell and secretes a film of mucus for protection. It can be a serious plant pest.
      • Order Stylommatophora, class Gastropoda
    • 2 a slow, lazy person.
    • 3 an amount of alcoholic drink that is gulped or poured:he took a slug of whisky
    • 4 an elongated, typically rounded piece of metal:the reactor uses embedded slugs of uranium
    • chiefly North American a bullet, especially a lead one.
    • a missile for an airgun.
    • 5 a line of type in Linotype printing.

    verb (slugs, slugging, slugged)

    [with object]
    • drink (something, typically alcohol) in a large draught; swig:she picked up her drink and slugged it straight back


    late Middle English (in the sense 'sluggard'): probably of Scandinavian origin; compare with Norwegian dialect slugg 'large heavy body'. Sense 1 dates from the early 18th century

    Definition of slug

    verb (slugs, slugging, slugged)

    [with object]
    • strike (someone) with a hard blow:he was the one who’d get slugged
    • (slug it out) settle a dispute or contest by fighting or competing fiercely:they went outside to slug it out


    • a hard blow.





    mid 19th century: of unknown origin; compare with the verb slog