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vestige, disappear, extinct, somewhere/someplace

Once-lost ancient bronze statues reemerge for a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit.

Fewer than 200 bronze sculptures from the Hellenistic era -- a period that began more than 2,000 years ago -- survive today. About a quarter of those are gathered in an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art called "Power and Pathos," which offers a view into the spread of ancient Greek culture arou…

Turkish Leader Says He Had a ‘Duty’ to Clear Istanbul Park

While government forces moved swiftly on Sunday to quash the vestiges of the protest movement in Istanbul, opposition leaders vowed to press on, with two trade unions planning a one-day strike Monday to protest the crackdown.

Taiwan’s government has long discarded most of the fictions that used to sustain its claim to legitimacy over all of China: parliamentary seats for mainland constituencies, government bodies planning for the reconquest, and so on. That Taiwan and China make the same territorial claims is a last vestige of a shared “one China” outlook. Yet its handling of the row with the Philippines shows how even a “pro-China” government in Taiwan in fact believes in “one China, one Taiwan”.

It is easier to get someplace crawling over the tops of New York taxi cabs than inside one. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

830是「強迫失蹤受害者國際日」( International Day of the Disappeared,),包括聯合國與國際人道救援組織持續推廣聯合國《保護所有人不遭受強迫失蹤宣言》(Declaration on the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance ),以追求最終,根除強迫失蹤現象的目標。
總部設於美國紐約的「國際轉型正義中心」(International Center for Transitional Justice)指出,當代轉型正義議題的發展,其實根源於對被強迫失蹤者的真相調查與正義追尋。強迫失蹤是拉丁美洲軍政府,例如阿根廷與智利用來散佈恐懼,使反對者與社會噤聲的常見策略。被鎖定的目標在光天化日之下,走在大街上被強行拉走;或在夜半被破門而入的軍警帶走後,從此渺無音訊。不只是失蹤者家屬陷入恐慌與無助,不安全感還會瀰漫到社區與社會。
但這個手段並未能滅絕受害者家屬對正義與真相的追求,例如阿根廷著名的團體「五月廣場 的母親」即不畏軍政府的高壓統治,透過定期公開集會向社會表達母親們的訴求。類似這樣的努力,讓國際社會開始關注這個議題,也催生了《保護所有人免遭強迫失蹤國際公約》(International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance )20101223 日得以生效。

Chinese Consultant Buys U.K. Auto Maker
A Chinese consultant at the center of British auto maker MG Rover's collapse in 2005 has bought another struggling vestige of the U.K.'s auto industry.

“It's been six years since Pete Sampras played the U.S. Open, and with his retirement went the last vestige of a tennis style that dominated the sport for decades: the serve-and-volley.”
- Aron Pilhofer, The New York Times

Red List Update: Half the World's Primates Could Disappear Soon

Close to half of the world’s primates are in danger of becoming extinct.
That’s according to the latest update of the Red List of Endangered
Species published by the International Union for the Conservation of
Nature or IUCN this week.

The DW-WORLD Article

In this classic bestseller, Liza Dalby, the only non-Japanese ever to have trained as a geisha, offers an insider's look at the exclusive world of female companions and the Japanese male elite. Her new preface considers the geisha today as a vestige of tradition as Japan heads into the 21st century. 62 photos/illustrations.

Definition of vestige


  • 1a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or no longer exists:the last vestiges of colonialism
  • [usually with negative] the smallest amount:he waited patiently, but without a vestige of sympathy
  • 2 Biology a part or organ of an organism which has become reduced or functionless in the course of evolution.


late Middle English: from French, from Latin vestigium 'footprint'

vestige noun [C] FORMAL
a still existing small part or amount of something larger, stronger or more important that existed in the past but does not exist now:
These old buildings are the last vestiges of a colonial past.
There is now no vestige of hope that the missing children will be found alive.

1 [before noun] being a small remaining part or amount

2 SPECIALIZED describes something, especially a part of the body, that has not developed completely, or has stopped being used and has almost disappeared:
a vestigial organ/limb/tail


━━ n. 跡, (かすかな)形跡[痕跡,面影] ((of)); ((普通否定語を伴って)) ほんの少し ((of)); 【生物】退化器管; 〔まれ〕 足跡.
 ━━ a. 痕跡の; 【生物】退化した.
ves・tig・i・al・ly ad.
vestigial organ 【生物】痕跡器官.

verb [I]
If people or things disappear, they go somewhere where they cannot be seen or found:
The search was called off for the sailors who disappeared in the storm.
This is a way of life that is fast disappearing.
I can't find my keys anywhere - they've completely disappeared.
The sun disappeared behind a cloud.
We looked for her but she had disappeared into the crowd.
The film is about a girl who mysteriously disappeared while on a picnic at Hanging Rock.
I don't know how it's possible for a person to disappear without trace.

the disappeared plural noun
people who have been killed by a government or army, usually for political reasons, and whose bodies have not been found

disappearance Show phonetics
noun [C or U]
when someone or something disappears:
A man was being questioned in connection with her disappearance.extinct Show phonetics
1 not now existing:
There is concern that the giant panda will soon become extinct.
Many tribes became extinct when they came into contact with Western illnesses.
A lot of trades have become extinct because of the development of technology.

2 An extinct volcano is one that is not now active (= will not explode again).

extinction Show phonetics
noun [U]
The extinction of the dinosaurs occurred (= they stopped existing) millions of years ago.
Many species of plants and animals are in danger of/threatened with extinction (= being destroyed so that they no longer exist).
Some people predict the extinction of family life as we know it today.


sóme • plàce
[副]((米))=somewhere. ▼somewhereより口語的. 一般にsomewhereのほうが好まれる.

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Dictator Loses Grip in Desert
Gadhafi clung to the vestiges of power in Libya amid the specter of civil war, as pillars of his state fell away from him—including, stingingly, the loss of a vital airport in eastern Libya following a four-day seige by antiregime forces.