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ruminate, promissory note, captivate, fascinated, alluring, mesmerized,

Published: October 7, 2007

It’s hard not to like a book that expounds on Marilyn Monroe on one page and the Monroe Doctrine on the next. When Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. ruminates on the realm of hemispheric affairs, the transition from one Monroe to the other is seamless, as is the slide from Bosnia to Bianca Jagger and from Alexander Hamilton to Angie Dickinson (WIKI). His diaries are a Tiffany’s window of name-dropping. This is not history so much as historical trail mix.

A selection of Richard Hell's ephemera and personal effects at the Fales Library at New York University.

'I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp'

The rocker and frontman for the Voidoids ruminates on his life, loves and his rift with a collaborator.

Posts from Carnegie R&D Ruminations blog for 09/17/2012

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Visitors to this vibrant democracy -- known for its semiconductors and tech gadgetry -- can be mesmerized by Taipei's swarming motorbikes, natural scenery along coastal beaches and mountains full of hiking trails. There is Taipei 101, one of the world's tallest buildings, which offers high-end shopping and dizzying high-level views. The National Palace Museum displays some of the most important Chinese artifacts found anywhere.

"King Tut — How'd you get so funky?" It didn't take Steve Martin's song to immortalize the boy king. All it took was the 1922 discovery of Tutankhamen's ancient tomb, found nearly intact by Egyptologist Howard Carter. When the burial chamber was opened on this date in 1923, the world was mesmerized by the wealth inside. Among the treasures found were King Tut's small ebony and ivory chair, numerous solid gold ceremonial objects, a gold throne, Egyptian Senet games and a gold sarcophagus which held the mummy of the king.
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Tuesday's presidential inauguration may have mesmerized the nation, but today's confirmation hearing of Timothy F. Geithner, President Obama's nominee to be Treasury secretary, is expected to captivate Wall Street.
While Mr. Geithner is expected to be confirmed, there are still a lot of questions for him that need answering -- questions about his taxes, the fall of Lehman Brothers and how he plans to save the economy.

BEIJING, June 19, 2006 — Like an otherworldly emperor, Stephen Hawking
rolled his wheelchair onto the stage of the Great Hall of the People
on Monday, bringing with him the royalty of science and making China,
for this week at least, the center of the cosmos.

Slouching in profile, draped in black and moving no more than an
eyelid to send his words to a mesmerized audience of 6,000, Dr.
Hawking ruminated on the origin of the universe as the headliner of an
international physics conference.

In receiving the Nobel Prize in 1970, Mr. Samuelson was credited with transforming his discipline from one that ruminates about economic issues to one that solves problems, answering questions about cause and effect with mathematical rigor and clarity.

Is This How Cleopatra Felt?

A first-time cruiser gathers together 79 friends and family for a private sail, with stops along the way to see some of Egypt's most mesmerizing sights.

Emerging to the street, penniless, he bent a fascinated and dramatic gaze upon his reflection in the drug-store window, and then, as he turned his back upon the alluring image, his expression altered to one of lofty and uncondescending amusement. That was his glance at the passing public. From the heights, he seemed to bestow upon the world a mysterious derision—for William Sylvanus Baxter was seventeen long years of age, and had learned to present the appearance of one who possesses inside information about life and knows all strangers and most acquaintances to be of inferior caste, costume, and intelligence.

mesmerize, UK USUALLY mesmerise
1 [T often passive] to have someone's attention completely so that they cannot think of anything else:
I was completely mesmerized by the performance.

2 [T] OLD-FASHIONED FOR hypnotize, see at hypnosis

mesmerizing, UK USUALLY mesmerising 
very attractive, in a mysterious way, making you want to keep looking:
He had the most mesmerizing blue eyes.

adjective LITERARY
making you give your attention completely so that you cannot think of anything else:
music with a repetitive, slightly mesmeric quality


━━ vt. 催眠術をかける; 魅了する; 唖(あ)然とさせる.


 ━━ vt. うっとりさせる, 魅惑する (fascinate) ((with)).
cap・ti・vat・ing ━━ a.
cap・ti・va・tion ━━ n.

ruminate (THINK)
verb [I] FORMAL
to think carefully and for a long period about something:
She ruminated for weeks about whether to tell him or not.

adjective FORMAL
thinking carefully and for a long period



  • 発音記号[rúːmənèit]

1 ((形式))(…を)思いめぐらす, 黙想[沈思, 熟考]する((about, on, over ...)).
2 反芻(はんすう)する.
1 ((形式))…を思いめぐらす.
2 …を反芻する.
[ラテン語rūminātus (ru雑音を出す+-minもの+-ātus=雑音を出すもの, すなわち, のどを使う). △RUMOR, RUMBLE1

v., -nat·ed, -nat·ing, -nates. v.intr.
  1. To turn a matter over and over in the mind.
  2. To chew cud.
To reflect on over and over again.

[Latin rūmināre, rūmināt-, from rūmen, rūmin-, throat.]

What we need in education is more integrity (and less fidelity) of implementation


('mə-nā'shən) pronunciation
  1. The act of pondering; meditation.
  2. The act or process of chewing cud.


  • 発音記号[fǽsənèit]

1 〈人を〉(…で)うっとりさせる, 魅惑する, 悩殺する((with, by, at ...));〈人の〉興味をそそる, 心を引きつける, を誘い込む(▼進行形不可)
be fascinated to discover ...
2 〈蛇などが〉…をすくませる.


  • 発音記号[əlúəriŋ | əljúər-]
[形]〈物・事が〉魅惑的な, 心をそそる
an alluring voice


(prŏm'ĭ-sôr'ē, -sōr'ē) pronunciation
  1. Containing, involving, or having the nature of a promise.
  2. Indicating how the provisions of an insurance contract will be carried out after it has been signed.
[Medieval Latin prōmissōrius, from Latin prōmissor, one who promises, from prōmissus, past participle of prōmittere, to promise. See promise.]


  • 発音記号[prɑ'məsɔ`ːri | prɔ'misəri]
1 約束[契約, 保証]を含む[の性質をもつ]
a promissory note 本票
2 《保険》(支払いを)確約[約束]する.

中文(繁體)(Chinese (Traditional))
adj. - 約定的, 約定支付的, 約好的
  • promissory note 本票, 期票

日本語 (Japanese)
adj. - 約束の, 支払いを約束する
  • promissory note 約束手形