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chime, chime in, paint, cacophony, wind chime, a “G-Zero” world;

We are in what the political scientist Ian Bremmer calls a “G-Zero” world; one in which no country or bloc can shape or direct global events, an era of cacophony

 Microsoft’s future, Ballmer told ZDNet, is about in delivering a great experience for the consumer spanning hardware and software. The company doesn’t want to just be an enterprise or business-customer company like IBMIBM +0.12%. His example was email. “If you’re going to be in e-mail, you’re going to be in e-mail. You can’t say, okay, I only want to be in enterprise e-mail,” he told ZDNet. (He used devices as an example, too. So, yes, Microsoft is sticking with hardware.) Thompson chimed in: the “consumerization” of IT is happening, and Microsoft is going to be involved in that.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of British Airways, warned last night that the worst of the recession was “still ahead” for the global airline industry, in a bleak assessment that chimed with the grim mood at this week's Paris air show.

That online column set off quite a firestorm. Readers, bloggers and pundits across the spectrum chimed in. Most of them painted me as a tenth-century village idiot.

But upon closer inspection, what looks like universal condemnation turns out to be a cacophony of conflicting lines of reasoning.

The company’s slow pace in revealing the plant’s problems has brought criticism from Japanese all the way up to the prime minister and fed public fears about the safety of nuclear power. On Wednesday, the mayor of Kashiwazaki, Hiroshi Aida, chimed in, ordering the plant to stop operations until safety could be ensured.

日本核電廠不歸市府管 連首相都說話了 他只能插嘴
不 過 他還是地方主管 所以核電公司主管要向他謝罪:Tsunehisa Katsumata, second from right, the president of Tokyo Electric Power, bowed in apology to Hiroshi Aida, left, the mayor of Kashiwazaki, for errors in reporting quake damage at a nuclear plant.

Wind chimes for sale outside a shop in Kawagoe.


━━ n. (調音した)1組の鐘; (pl.) その音; チャイム; (鉄琴などの)打楽器; 調和.
keep chime with …と調子を合わせる.
━━ v. 調子を合わせて鳴らす[鳴る]; (鐘・時計が)時を知らせる; 一致[調和]する ((with)).
chime in 口をはさむ; 相づちを打つ; 一致する ((with)).
  1. An apparatus for striking a bell or set of bells to produce a musical sound.
  2. Music. A set of tuned bells used as an orchestral instrument. Often used in the plural.
  3. A single bell, as in the mechanism of a clock.
  4. The sound produced by or as if by a bell or bells.
  5. Agreement; accord: a flawless chime of romance and reality.

v., chimed, chim·ing, chimes. v.intr.
    1. To sound with a harmonious ring when struck.
    2. To make a musical sound by striking a bell or set of bells.
  1. To be in agreement or accord: harmonize: Their views chimed with ours. The seafood and wine chimed perfectly.
  1. To produce (music) by striking bells.
  2. To strike (a bell) to produce music.
    1. To signal or make known by chiming: The clock chimed noon.
    2. To call, send, or welcome by chiming.
  3. To repeat insistently.
Pronunciation: /tʃʌɪm/
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  • a bell or a metal bar or tube, tuned and used in a set to produce a melodious series of ringing sounds when struck: the warm breeze whispered through the chimes hanging from the balcony ceiling
  • a melodious ringing sound produced by striking a set of chimes:the chimes of Big Ben
  • (chimes) a set of tuned bells used as a doorbell.
  • Bell-ringing a stroke of the clapper against one or both sides of a scarcely moving bell.


[no object]
  • 1(of a bell or clock) make melodious ringing sounds, typically to indicate the time: [with complement]:the clock chimed eight
  • 2 (chime with or chime in with) British be in agreement with:his poem chimes with our modern experience of loss

Phrasal Verbs

chime in

interject a remark:‘Yes, you do that,’ Dave chimed in eagerly





Middle English (in the senses 'cymbal' and 'ring out'): probably from Old English cimbal (see cymbal), later interpreted as chime bell

chime in To interrupt the speech of others, especially with an unwanted opinion. 插話/会話に割り込む,

chime in phrasal verb INFORMAL
to interrupt or speak in a conversation, usually to agree with what has been said:
"It's very difficult, " I said. "Impossible, " she chimed in.
Andy chimed in with his view of the situation.


v., paint·ed, paint·ing, paints. v.tr.
  1. To make (a picture) with paints.
    1. To represent in a picture with paints.
    2. To depict vividly in words.
  2. To coat or decorate with paint: paint a house.
  3. To apply cosmetics to.
  4. To apply medicine to; swab: paint a wound.
  5. To shine a laser beam on, especially in order to designate a target for laser-guided munitions.
  1. To practice the art of painting pictures.
  2. To cover something with paint.
  3. To apply cosmetics to oneself: “Let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come” (Shakespeare).
  4. To serve as a surface to be coated with paint: These nonporous surfaces paint badly with a brush.
paint the town red Slang.
  1. To go on a spree.
[From Middle English painten, to paint, from Old French peintier, from peint, past participle of peindre, from Latin pingere.]

Decoding the Brain’s Cacophony
Michael S. Gazzaniga is spelling out a cautionary tale about the uses of neuroscience in society.


(kə-kŏf'ə-nē) pronunciation ━━ n. 不快な音; 不協和音.
ca・coph・o・nous ━━ a. 耳ざわりな; 不協和音の.n., pl. -nies.
  1. Jarring, discordant sound; dissonance: heard a cacophony of horns during the traffic jam.
  2. The use of harsh or discordant sounds in literary composition, as for poetic effect.
[French cacophonie, from Greek kakophōniā, from kakophōnos, cacophonous. See cacophonous.]

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Shale says the one-to-one work is particularly challenging for the institute's staff and supervisors. "At the outset, people tend to ask us for advice about what to do in their teaching. But if we give advice and it doesn't chime with their experience, it's useless. So we try to spend time exploring what they think about their dilemmas and how they are handling them, and encourage them to create their own solutions."