2018年2月12日 星期一

dissolute, pshill, complicit, complicity, accomplice, supine, atronising

"People think of me as a dissolute person, but I’m a walking example of self-denial."

John Cooper Clarke: ‘The last time I did exercise was in rehab in the 1980s’
The 69-year-old performance poet on not owning a mobile phone, going to bed at 5am and why he hates badminton

The Economist
Kim Jung Un enjoys the life of a dissolute deity with the power to kill or bed any of his subjects. If he were to unleash a nuclear weapon, he would lose his luxuries and his life. That means he can be deterred. From our audio edition

在5月14日以色列建国69周年的前夕,一位犹太裔美国专家出版的新书“共谋罪-犹太人大屠杀的旁观者”(The Crime of Complicity: The Bystander in the Holocaust)引起人们的重视和关注。该书对大屠杀中旁观者和受害人之间的关系以及旁观者的道德和法律责任进行了深入的探讨。

Secret money is gushing into the presidential campaigns as never before through fake “social welfare” nonprofits under 501-c-4 of the Internal Revenue Code -- and the IRS has decided not to stop it, reports the NY Times. Under an exemption set up more than a century ago, nonprofits don’t have to report their sources of income as long as they “further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community” -- but obviously this doesn’t include being shills for politicians. Yet the IRS remains so scarred by the scandal two years ago over its scrutiny of nonprofits tied to the Tea Party that it won’t investigate.

Stuffed from your Thanksgiving meal? Relax with this essay and slideshow about food and drink in European painting, 1400–1800:http://met.org/1vj0XE7
Jan Steen (Dutch, 1626–1679) | The Dissolute Household | ca. 1663–64

Britain’s Crime of Complicity

The political establishment is tangled in a web of deceit and intrigue over decades of child sexual abuse.

  Keats had reservations about Shelley's dissolute behaviour, and found some of Shelley's advice patronising (the suggestion, for example, that Keats should not publish his early work).


Egypt's Blood, America's Complicity


Until the legitimate government of President Mohamed Morsi is restored, American rhetoric about democracy will ring hollow.

Leave the Statue, to Remember

We shouldn't let Penn State ignore its complicity in the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky's abuse.

Spain Blames Media, Investors, for "Speculative Attacks" on Economy
According a national newspaper, Spain's intelligence agency has launched an investigation to see whether the country's economy is being targeted by malicious investors and complicit media outlets.

Doctor and Patient
The Doctor's Failure to Cut Costs

One bioethicist says physicians have been complicit in the failure to control spiraling health care costs.
兩年前英國合拍劇團(Complicite)融匯《春琴抄》與谷崎潤一郎散文《陰翳禮贊》,編創偶戲《春琴》,下周首度登台,女星深津繪里將親自操偶主演。合拍劇團有廿七年歷史,由藝術總監麥克伯尼(Simon McBurney)成立,目前是英國劇場界引領潮流的代表性團體。麥克伯尼畢業自法國賈克.樂寇戲劇學校,強調肢體劇場,並擅於運用肢體、物件、偶戲、多 媒體等元素,創造出具有強烈視覺效果的想像空間,他和同樣擅長舞台視覺效果的加拿大導演羅伯.勒帕吉齊名。麥克伯尼在劇場外也曾參與電影《謊言對決》、 《最後的蘇格蘭王》、《黃金羅盤》演出。

The British experimental theatre company Complicite was founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden, and Marcello Magni. Its original name, Théâtre de Complicité, is French for Theatre of Complicity; the company wanted the audience to be involved, or complicit, in the production. The company's work—usually created jointly by the performers and directors—combines realistic and stylized acting with narrative text, movement, music, and visual art. Its work has been influenced by Jacques Lecoq and Vsevolod Meyerhold. The company produced their first work in 1983. In 1985 they won the Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Also in This Week’s Book Review

Edna O’Brien’s mischievously complicit biography skates over Byron’s literary career to showcase his dissolute behavior.

Pushkin died as a result of a duel with a young French émigré nobleman who was accused, in anonymous letters to the poet, of being the lover of Pushkin's flirtatious young wife. He was buried secretly by government officials whom Lermontov, among others, accused of complicity in the affair. Most of Pushkin's writings are available in English.

Beijing got what it wanted out of this globally televised spectacular. It reaped a huge prestige bonanza that it will surely use to promote its international influence and, we fear, further tighten its grip at home.
It pocketed these gains without offering any concessions in return. When it increased repression — rather than loosening up — a supine International Olympic Committee barely offered a protest. Most world leaders, including President Bush, were nearly as complicit.

adj.形]放縦な, ずぼらな, 放蕩(ほうとう)な, ふしだらな.
Lacking moral restraint; indulging in sensual pleasures or vices.
[Middle English, from Latin dissolūtus, past participle of dissolvere, to dissolve. See dissolve.]
dissolutely dis'so·lute'ly adv.
dissoluteness dis'so·lute'ness n.

Associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime; having complicity: newspapers complicit with the propaganda arm of a dictatorship.
[Back-formation from COMPLICITY.]

noun [U] FORMAL
involvement in a crime or some activity that is wrong:
She is suspected of complicity in the fraud.

  • complicity
  • 【名】 共謀 {きょうぼう} 、連座 {れんざ} 、共犯 {きょうはん}
  • complicity in a crime
  • 共犯関係 {きょうはん かんけい}


  1. Lying on the back or having the face upward.
  2. Having the palm upward. Used of the hand.
  3. Marked by or showing lethargy, passivity, or blameworthy indifference. See synonyms at inactive.
  4. Inclined; sloping.
adj. - 仰向的, 懶散的, 仰臥的
n. - 動名詞

日本語 (Japanese)
adj. - あおむけになった, 上向きの, 怠惰な, 仰向けの
n. - 動詞状名詞, 動名詞

complicit [形](…に)共謀の[した], 共犯の[した], 連座した((in ...)).

(kəm-plĭs'ĭ-tē) pronunciation
n., pl., -ties.
Involvement as an accomplice in a questionable act or a crime. 文化上的可共鳴或溝通也可稱之 。譬如說 Saul Steinberg 說他的圖,訴之有共同文化經驗的讀者,

  1. Saul Steinberg, Epic Doodler, Dies at 84 - NYTimes.com


    May 13, 1999 - Saul Steinberg, the metaphysically minded artist and cartoonist and ... in the landscape recedes according to its cultural distance from Manhattan. Saul... ''I appeal to the complicity of my reader who will transform this line into  ...

noun: complicity
  1. the fact or condition of being involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong.
    "they were accused of complicity in the attempt to overthrow the government"
    synonyms:collusioninvolvementcollaborationconnivance, abetment; More
mid 17th century: from Middle English complice ‘an associate’, from Old French, from late Latin complexcomplic- ‘allied’, from Latin complicare ‘fold together’ (seecomplicate). Compare with accomplice.

complicity in murder

  1. 1.
    an accomplice of a confidence trickster or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others.
    "I used to be a shill in a Reno gambling club"
  1. 1.
    act or work as a shill.
    "your husband in the crowd could shill for you"


音節ac・com・plice 発音記号/əkάmplɪs, ‐kˈʌm‐əkˈʌm‐/音声を聞く
共犯者,ぐる 〔inof〕.