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expletivemince/beef, offal, mincemeat, mince pie, variety meat, instate, reinstate, trotter, indict, uptick rule, not mince words,

At first sight, Willem Claesz Heda's "Banquet Piece with Mince Pie" appears to welcome the viewer to a sumptuous feast. Yet pewter plates teeter precariously on the table's edge. Someone may have already enjoyed the feast, as the translucent goblet and a silver tazza have toppled over. Other objects in the painting hint at the transience of worldly existence. For example, the snuffed-out candle and the iron candle snuffer symbolize the abruptness by which life can end. What e⋯⋯

Donald J. Trump didn't mince words Friday as he addressed the Orlando terrorist attack

YOU know what is supposed to happen when you grow old. You will slow down, you will grow weak, your steps will become short and mincing, and you will lose your sense of balance. That’s what aging researchers consistently find, and it’s no surprise to most of us.
Pakistan Lifts YouTube Ban, for 3 Minutes
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A ban imposed after an anti-Islam video caused riots was reinstated when it was discovered that blasphemous material was still available on the site.


MPs reverse Lords welfare defeats
MPs overturn a series of defeats inflicted on the government's welfare reform bill by peers, voting to reinstate child benefit into the proposed...

After winning the Undergraduate Council presidential and vice presidential election by a plurality of undergraduate voters on Thursday night, Samuel B. Clark ’15 and Gus A. Mayopoulos ’15 said they will resign from their positions immediately after they are instated as UC president and vice president, respectively.

Taiwan courts today ordered the Board of China Petrochemical Development Corporation to reinstate the two independent director ...

Hits in Germany: Songs of Color

Music in all shades and hues of the rainbow, like Yvonne Catterfeld happily
daydreaming about blue in blue - lemon yellow spotted in Fool’s Garden -
R&B singer Max Mutzke mincing no words in black on white - and Curse
rapping about a life bruised black and blue in a song featuring purple.

The DW-WORLD Article

China knew of tainted eggs in September: official
The findings have led Hong Kong to expand its testing of food imported from China to pork, farmed fish and offal products, Hong Kong officials said. ... Taiwan Reinstates Ban on Some American Beef
Wall Street Journal
Under the deal, minced beef, cow offal and beef from cattle older than 30 months won't be allowed for import into Taiwan, the government-backed Central News ...

Britain's ailing pig industry will be able to start exporting offal, trotters and other culinary delights to China, the world's biggest pig meat market, under a breakthrough trade deal to be sealed as early as next week.

Taiwan Opposition Party Looks for Boost With Reinstatement of ...Wall Street Journal
Taiwan Opposition Party Looks for Boost With Reinstatement of Imprisoned Ex-... Then-Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian delivered an acceptance speech after ...
verdict, indict, reinstatement the uptick rule

Powerful Rally Shakes Stocks Out of Slump
Stocks rallied across the board as Citigroup and other banks soared. Bernanke's remarks and talk of reinstating the uptick rule pleased investors. The Nasdaq jumped 7.1%.

Alcatel-Lucent Seeks Jury Award Against Microsoft
Alcatel-Lucent sought reinstatement of a $1.53 billion jury verdict against Microsoft over patents tied to MP3.

In a verdict announced this week, the court said the man's privacy rights were violated.
Taiwan Opposition Party Looks for Boost With Reinstatement of ...Wall Street Journal
Taiwan Opposition Party Looks for Boost With Reinstatement of Imprisoned Ex-... Then-Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian delivered an acceptance speech after ...

Because of a stroke and other ailments, he was said to have brain damage and trouble communicating. But in November, after obtaining the verdict against Time, he gave a rare interview to an Indonesian news magazine. Asked about the accusations of corruption, he laughed. “It’s all empty talk,” he said. “Let them accuse me. The fact is I have never committed corruption.”

Suharto of Indonesia Dies at 86

Yet Jean and I were determined to sacrifice neither comfort nor our savings. At first, we got lucky — or rather, Lucky: the very first result in a Google search for “affordable Hawaii Kona” was Pomaikai “Lucky” Farm B & B, an eco-resort whose breakfasts featured Kona coffee grown on the premises. (My verdict: good, but not $2.95-per-cup good.)

In a Baghdad courthouse, Mr. Hussein, in his customary black suit, remained seated as the judge read the verdict finding him guilty of ordering the killings of 148 Shiite-Arab civilians as retribution for a botched 1982 assassination attempt against him in the town of Dujail.
retribution 報應;懲罰

Even if Mr. Merkel turns out to be wrong, the indictment casts a different kind of spotlight on Mr. Scruggs, who cultivated the image of a smooth Southern lawyer capable of winning huge verdicts on behalf of smokers and, most recently, victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Mr. Scruggs’s own boasting about his ability to win verdicts from sympathetic small-town juries and judges will offer plenty of fodder for critics when his case goes to trial.

Former H-P Executive Is Indicted
A former Hewlett-Packard vice president has been indicted by federal prosecutors for allegedly passing a confidential email from his previous employer, IBM, to senior H-P executives.

  1. An increase, especially a small or incremental one: last week's uptick in interest rates.
  2. A transaction in a stock market security above the price of the previous transaction.
[From the indication of a rise in price of a stock by a plus sign on boards above stock market stations.]

uptick rule
A rule established by the SEC that requires that every short sale transaction be entered at a price that is higher than the price of the previous trade. This rule was introduced in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as Rule 10a-1. The uptick rule prevents short sellers from adding to the downward momentum when the price of an asset is already experiencing sharp declines.

The uptick rule may also be known as the "plus tick rule".


Syllabification: (in·state)
Pronunciation: /inˈstāt/


[with object] (usually be instated)
set up in position; install or establish:the restoration of those very authoritarian forms against which democracy had been instated

verb [T] FORMAL
to give someone back their previous job or position, or to cause something to exist again:
A month after being unfairly dismissed, he was reinstated in his job.
The Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976.

noun [U] FORMAL
when someone is given back their job or when something exists again:
The union demanded the immediate reinstatement of all sacked workers.
Reinstatement of the tax would be a disaster.


━━ vt. 元どおりにする; 回復[復職,復権]させる ((in, as)).
 re・instate・ment ━━ n.

verb [T] LEGAL
If a law court or a grand jury indicts someone, it accuses them officially of a crime:
UK He was indicted on drug charges at Snaresbrook Crown Court.
US Five people were indicted for making and selling counterfeit currency.

adjective LEGAL
Robbery is an indictable offence.

1 [C usually singular] a reason for giving blame:
This seems to me to be a damning indictment of education policy.

2 [C] LEGAL a formal statement of accusation:
The charges on the indictment include murder and attempted murder.


━━ vt. 起訴[告発]する ((for)).
 in・dict・a・ble ━━ a.
 ━━ n. 被起訴者, 被告人.
 in・dict・erin・dict・or ━━ n.
 in・dict・ment ━━ n. 起訴(状).


  1. Law. The finding of a jury in a trial.
  2. An expressed conclusion; a judgment or opinion: the verdict of history.
[Middle English verdit, from Anglo-Norman : ver, true (from Latin vērus) + dit, speech (from Latin dictum, from neuter past participle of dīcere, to say).]

━━ n. 【法】(陪審員の)答申, 評決; 判断, 意見.

an opinion or decision made after judging the facts that are given, especially one made at the end of a trial:
The jury reached/returned a unanimous verdict of (not) guilty.
Voters gave their verdict on the government's economic record last night by voting overwhelmingly for the opposition.
See also open verdict.

offal Show phonetics
noun [U] (MAINLY US variety meat)
the organs inside an animal, such as the brain, the heart and the liver, which are eaten as food


━━ n. くず肉, (獣の)臓物; くず, ごみ.
  1. Waste parts, especially of a butchered animal.
  2. Refuse; rubbish.
[Middle English : of-, off (from Old English, from of) + fal, fall.]


Pronunciation: /ɪkˈspliːtɪv/ 


1An oath or swear word:he was greeted by a stream of expletives
2Grammar A word or phrase used to fill out a sentence or a line of verse without adding to the sense.


(Of a word or phrase) serving to fill out a sentence or line of verse.


Late Middle English (as an adjective): from late Latin expletivus, from explere 'fill out', from ex-'out' + plere 'fill'. The noun sense 'word used merely to fill out a sentence' (early 17th century) was applied specifically to a swear word in the early 19th century.

 (WALK) Show phonetics
verb [I]
to walk in an artificial way, with small delicate steps:
He minced across the room in a pair of tight pink trousers.

She took short mincing steps.mincing 
describes a way of speaking that is too delicate and not direct enough:
She found herself irritated by the interviewer's mincing way of asking questions.
See also mincing at mince (WALK).上述

not mince words (or one's words)

Voice one’s disapproval candidly and directly:his doctorly persona is that of a gruff surgeon who does not mince words
━━ vt. (肉などを)細かく刻む; 控え目[婉曲]に言う; 気取って[お上品に]言う.
━━ vi. 気取って小刻みに歩く[言う].
 not mince matters [(one's) words] 歯に衣を着せない, 率直に言う.
━━ n. 〔英〕 ひき肉; ミンスミート.
 mince・meat ミンスミート ((細かく刻んだリンゴ・干しブドウ・砂糖漬けのミカンの皮などを混ぜて作る)); ひき肉.
 make mincemeat of …を細かく切り刻む; (相手を)散々にやっつける, 論破する.
 mince pie ミンスミート入りのパイ ((クリスマス用)).
 minc・er ━━ n. ひき肉機.
 minc・ing ━━ a., n. 気取った; 気取り.
minc・ing・ly ad. 気取って.
mincing machine =mincer.

v., minced, minc·ing, minc·es.
    1. To cut or chop into very small pieces.
    2. To subdivide (land, for example) into minute parts.
  1. To pronounce in an affected way, as with studied elegance and refinement.
  2. To moderate or restrain (words) for the sake of politeness and decorum; euphemize: Don't mince words: say what you mean.
  1. To walk with very short steps or with exaggerated primness.
  2. To speak in an affected way.
Finely chopped food, especially mincemeat.

[Middle English mincen, from Old French mincier, from Vulgar Latin *minūtiāre, from Latin minūtia, smallness. See minutia.]
mincer minc'er n.

  • [動](他)…を元どおりにする;〈人を〉(元の地位・職場・状態に)戻す, 回復させる((as, in ...));…を修復[復元]する
reinstate him in his former post [as ambassador]

offer reinstatement


re • in • state • ment
[名][C][U]復位, 復権, 復職, 再任;回復.

A mince pie is a sweet pie of British origin, filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices called "mincemeat", that is traditionally served during the Christmas season in the English-speaking world.Wikipedia