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pacify, slum, slump, war room/situation room,favela, fave, slouch, sashay, ledge, chassé

 I won’t get into the details, more of which are in the book, but that whole morning at the court building, as things went sour, the officer routinely assigned to Ah Peng as a kind of security minder, the agent of what in China is called “stability preservation,” had been slouching in one of the chairs in the lobby. He was a big guy with this glowering look. You could say he was the face of repression.

Slouching in profile, draped in black and moving no more than an
eyelid to send his words to a mesmerized audience of 6,000, Dr.
Hawking ruminated on the origin of the universe as the headliner of an
international physics conference.

Photo: At Club Mourisco, in the Botafogo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, a slower song allowed funkeiros — dancers of funk carioca at favela or baile funk balls — to get close.

Before he even heard it, Vincent Rosenblatt felt the carioca funk music pumping out from the favelas near his home, rattling his windows and stirring his resolve to photograph the favela dance scene

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Photo Essay
Pacifying the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro
For the past three years, while preparing for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro has been implementing an innovative safety...

A group of students gestured to me from a dormitory balcony. I climbed some stairs and found them slumped about a simple room — perhaps not as austere as Tagore had in mind, but close. On the ledge of the balcony sat one of their assignments, a bust of a well-known artist, a Shantiniketan alumna, drying slowly in the humid air.

Paris Fashion Week, With a Slouch or a Sashay

I found the Dries Van Noten show curious but interesting. Dare I say grunge?

Olympic Google doodles get interactive, plus our top 5 faves
Los Angeles Times
The 12th Google doodle of the London 2012 Olympics is our favorite type--the interactive doodle! It celebrates the track and field sport of hurdling just in time for the women's 100-meter hurdles final that will take place Tuesday evening. The men's ...

Urban art

It takes a village

 Bringing love, beauty and some bright paint to a favela

1 (建物の)水平の出っ張り;壁に取り付けた棚;胴蛇腹, 蛇腹突起;(がけ・斜面・水中の)岩棚.
2 岩層, 岩塊, 鉱脈, 岩脈.
fave rave


Syllabification: (fa·ve·la)
Pronunciation: /fəˈvelə/


  • a Brazilian shack or shanty town; a slum.



Pronunciation: /ˌfävəˈlädō/




  • 発音記号[fəvélə]

Favela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favela - Cached
A favela is the term for a shanty town in Brazil, most often within urban areas. In the late 18th century, the first settlements were called bairros africanos (African ...
[名]1 ((しばしばthe 〜sで単数扱い))スラム街, 貧困地区.2 汚い部屋[家];((略式))いかがわしい所.━━[動](〜med, 〜・ming)(自)1 (特に好奇心で)スラム街をた...

Two weeks ago, engineers from the American companies started arriving in Japan, where they were briefed about the situation. They moved into a war room at Toshiba’s headquarters that includes offices in a secure part of the building. The rooms are stuffed with desks, computers, whiteboards and dozens of engineers slumped over laptops.

war room戰情室

(slŭmp) pronunciation
intr.v., slumped, slump·ing, slumps.
  1. To fall or sink heavily; collapse: She slumped, exhausted, onto the sofa.
  2. To droop, as in sitting or standing; slouch.
    1. To decline suddenly; fall off: Business slumped after the holidays.
    2. To perform poorly or inadequately: The team has been slumping for a month.
    1. To sink or settle, as into mud or slush.
    2. To slide down or spread out thickly, as mud or fresh concrete.
  1. The act or an instance of slumping.
  2. A drooping or slouching posture: read defeat in the slump of his shoulders.
  3. A sudden falling off or decline, as in activity, prices, or business: a stock market slump; a slump in farm prices.
  4. An extended period of poor performance, especially in a sport or competitive activity: a slump in a batting average.
  5. See grunt (sense ).
[Probably of Scandinavian origin, akin to Norwegian slumpa, to slump.]

(slouch) pronunciation

v., slouched, slouch·ing, slouch·es.
  1. To sit, stand, or walk with an awkward, drooping, excessively relaxed posture.
  2. To droop or hang carelessly, as a hat.
To cause to droop; stoop.

  1. An awkward, drooping, excessively relaxed posture or gait.
  2. Slang. An awkward, lazy, or inept person: good at chess and no slouch at bridge, either.
[Origin unknown.]
sloucher slouch'er n.
slouchily slouch'i·ly adv.
slouchiness slouch'i·ness n.
slouchy slouch'y adj.

v. intr. - 無精打采地站, 下垂, 耷拉
v. tr. - 使低垂, 使下垂
n. - 低頭垂肩的姿勢, 懶散的樣子, 無精打采的姿態, 下垂, 耷拉
  • be no slouch    笨手笨腳的人, 懶散的人, 無能的人

日本語 (Japanese)
v. - 一方の縁をたらす, 曲げる, だらりとたれる, たれる
n. - 前かがみ, 不精者
  • be no slouch    よくできる
A slouch hat is a wide-brimmed felt or cloth hat with a chinstrap, most commonly worn as part of a military uniform.

Slouch hat during the American Civil War


Pronunciation: /saˈʃeɪ/
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[no object] informal, chiefly North American
  • 1 [with adverbial of direction] walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders:Louise was sashaying along in a long black satin dress
  • 2perform the sashay: ladies center, men sashay, left allemande


  • (in American square dancing) a figure in which partners circle each other by taking sideways steps: roll away with a half sashay, then face your original partner


mid 19th century (as a verb): alteration of chassé


Pronunciation: /ˈʃaseɪ/


  • a gliding step in dancing in which one foot displaces the other.

verb (chassés, chasséing, chasséd)

[no object]
  • perform a chassé.


French, literally 'chased'
1 すべるように進む;気どって歩く((down)).
2 (ダンスで)足をすって進む.
2 旅行, 遠足.