2015年12月30日 星期三

duo, trio, sonata, all-star, all-work, all-sufficient, all told,all-time, all-too

The concert ended with a sonata (by then I was fast asleep) by Beethoven, Schumann, or Liszt.

trio (trē'ō) pronunciation

n., pl. -os.
  1. Music.
    1. A composition for three voices or three instruments.
    2. A group of three singers or three instrumentalists.
    3. The middle, contrasting section of a minuet, scherzo, march, or various other forms.
  2. A group of three.
[French, composition for three voices, from Italian : tri-, three (from Latin) + (du)o, duet; see duo.]
pronunciation Byron and Shelley and Keats were a trio of lyrical treats. — Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 三重奏, 三重奏団, 三つ組, 三人組

トリオ 1 [(イタリア) trio]


A piece of music for three players or singers. Common types are the Piano Trio and the String trio; See also Terzet, Tricinium and Trio sonata. The word was often used in the 18th century for pieces in three voices or parts - such as the organ sonatas or sinfonias (or three-part inventions) of Bach - even if performed by only one player.
From the 17th century onwards the second of two alternating dances was called a ‘trio’, whether or not it was in three parts; the usage probably derived from the contrasting sections for two oboes and bassoon used in dances in Lully's operas. This use of the term is most familiar from the minuet (or scherzo) and trio of Classical and later composers.


A composition for one or more solo instruments, one of which is usually a keyboard instrument, usually consisting of three or four independent movements varying in key, mood, and tempo.
[Italian, from feminine past participle of sonare, to sound, from Latin sonāre.]

Super Cup trio
European Adventurers Trek African Desert on Skis

If you're looking for a skiing destination, the red-sand Namib Desert in
south-western Africa is probably not the first place you'd think of, but a
German-Austrian duo is hoping to change that.

The DW-WORLD Article

noun [C] plural duos
a pair, especially of singers, musicians or other performers:
the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy

all-star, all-work, all-sufficient, all told,all-time, all-too

All Saints’ Day 基督教萬聖節十一月一日
all-share 完全以換股方式合併
The group said any transaction would be structured as an all-share merger with Logica shareholders owning 60 percent, and CMG shareholders with 40 percent.

all-star 完全由明星組成的All-star team
Like Jeter, Lemming is half white and half black, an all-star and an
all-around good citizen.

He sold a hard-boiled, 72,00-word adventure piece to All-Story Magazine for $ 72.

…and the 1960s of the 20C experience it in the revolt of the young, who seek simple life in the communes, or who as “Flower People” are convinced that love is an all-sufficient social bond.

all-time 無與倫比的(unsurpassed/matchless/better or greater than other)all-time favorite
Corporate collapses marked an all-time high in 2002, a year in which WorldCom, United Airlines and Global Crossing bit the dust.

all told 合計
All told, some 30 bills that aim to speed broadband deployment -- usually, by subsidizing rural rollout-- have been introduced in the House and Senate this year alone.

They fear the all-too common accusation of hypochondria 幻想自己健康差
The country has plenty of all-too-serious woes, but these events also merit remembering -- at least for a few minutes
Suddenly that all-too-treasured and wonderful nicety of New York life —
the corporate perk — is being depicted as a little sleazy, a little insidious, a little, heaven forbid, undeserved.

Here is how to listen to Lincoln's all-too-familiar speech with new ears.
This is the eighth incarnation of ''The Lives They Lived,'' our annual tribute issue, and it was probably the most difficult one to put together, for the all-too-obvious reason. In a year in which so many died together and horribly and right before our eyes, did it make sense to celebrate the lives of a chosen few?

all-you-can-eat 付一餐錢吃到飽方式
Why is that wrong? It's sort of like someone paying for the all-you-can-eat buffet at the local restaurant, loading up some extra plates, and passing them outside to friends who haven't paid.
all-work 只管工作

On the other hand, Sharp's Actius can be a lot more fun than the all-work ThinkPad. A leading maker of LCD displays, Sharp went to some trouble to optimize the hardware and software in this laptop for showing DVD video. It offers a brighter display with colors much less muddy than is typical of most laptops.


  関係者によると、肺がんであることを加藤さん本人にも告知した上で抗がん剤治療を行い、昨年2月に左肺を摘出。その後、驚異的な回復を遂げて仕事に復帰 し、昨年の春季キャンプや開幕当初は精力的に現場で取材をこなした。その際「すっかり元気になった。大丈夫だよ」と周囲に話していたという。
  ところが病魔は身体をむしばみ続けていた。昨年6月には、名古屋でゴルフをしている最中に足に痛みを訴え、診察したところ足にもがん転移が認められたとい う。夏前には全身に激痛を訴え、再入院。昨年末は、神奈川・逗子市内の自宅で静養して治療につとめたが、体重が激減。知人からの見舞いの申し出にも「体調 がよくないから」と家族が答えていた。
 西鉄、阪神で活躍し、大洋在籍の85年には俊足の高木豊、屋鋪要とともに“スーパーカートリオ”を 結成。軽快なトークと、人なつっこい性格で絶大な人気を誇った加藤さんの、あまりにも早すぎる旅立ち。この夜、加藤さんの自宅には西武・大久保打撃コー チ、元横浜の佐々木主浩氏、元競輪選手の中野浩一氏ら多くの知人が訪れ、別れを惜しんだ。


1951(昭和26)年10月9日、佐賀県生まれ。多久工高から70年ドラフト外で西鉄(現西武)入団。太平洋(同)、阪神を経て、83年に大洋(現横 浜)移籍。高木豊、屋鋪要と組んだ「スーパーカートリオ」の1人として活躍。90年に現役引退。91年からフジテレビの野球解説者。通算成績は21年で 1063試合に出場、打率.271、23本塁打、176打点、169盗塁。1メートル78、73キロ。右投げ両打ち。家族は夫人と2男。