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ambivalence, rarefied, precincts, on a roll

“The language of riddles, spells, oracles, kennings, parables has vanished from any but the most rarefied conversations about poetry, yet the impulse to utter them remains. Listen for them when next you read a poem.”

And even among math geniuses who score in the top ten thousandth of the population — the rarefied precinct notoriously deemed a boys’ club by the former Harvard president Lawrence Summers — the male advantage has been shrinking steadily, to about 3 boys per girl today from 13 in the 1980s.
即使在那些考試成績高居總人口前千分之十的數學天才——這個稀有領域,被哈佛大學(Harvard University)前校長勞倫斯·薩默斯 (Lawrence Summers)惡名昭彰地稱為男孩地帶?——當中,男生的優勢也一直在穩步萎縮:男女生的比例現在已從上世紀80年代的13比1下降至大約3比1。

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“This invitation to tackle mathematical questions is infused with the joys of the rarefied reality of maths. Paul Lockhart largely avoids complex formulae and the wilder shores of jargon … Elegant, amusing and challenging.”

 Indonesia, Taiwan 'on a Roll,' Filmmaker Khoo Says
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Leading the nominations are the Hong Kong-China 3-D martial-arts movie “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” (龍門飛甲), the mainland-Chinese drama “The Flowers of War” (金陵十三钗), the Taiwan epic “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” (賽德克‧巴萊)and “A ...

Prof Joss soon discovered he had a lot to learn about the way academic institutions function.
“I don't know what it's like to be a professor, working your way up, trying to get tenure. I came in as dean, which is a rarefied atmosphere,” he says. “I came to the university understanding that it was a different culture. I knew I needed to listen and learn about the things people value, how decisions are made, how people get ahead.”

審問 The Last Precinct (2000年 / 2000年12月、[上] ISBN 4-06-273045-6、[下] ISBN 4-06-273046-4

Until last summer, there seemed to be no limit to what a New York office building could command. But the credit squeeze has taken its toll.

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Square Feet

Manhattan Market Dips, but Parts Remain Rarefied

One reason is the sexism that women encounter day to day in almost any profession. And any schoolgirl will tell you that the balance between work and family life is still skewed in favor of men. But the rarefied and strangely macho precincts of architecture can be particularly treacherous.

The mixed response on the part of the critics may reflect a certain ambivalence, less about the movie itself than about our own implication in the rarefied society it imagines.

By contrast, Alice Aycock's project on the rooftop of the 107th Police Precinct (警察分局) is decent abstract art, but it's not successful public sculpture. It caused almost as much of a ruckus as Mr. Ahearn's project did when Ms. Aycock installed it in 1992.

on a roll[on a roll]

((略式))つきの波に乗って, 絶好調で;熱中して.

━━ n. 〔米〕 (警察)管区, 選挙区; ((修飾語を伴って)) …区域; (普通pl.) 境内, 構内; (pl.) 境界, 周囲, 付近.


noun [C] US
a division of a city or a town, especially an area protected by a particular unit of the police or a division used for voting purposes:
The voter turnout in most precincts is expected to be high.
precinct (SHOPPING AREA)
noun [C] UK
part of a city or a town in which vehicles are not allowed and which is used for a special purpose, especially shopping:
a shopping precinct
a pedestrian/pedestrianized precinct
plural noun (ALSO precinctMAINLY UK FORMAL
the area which surrounds a building or place, especially when enclosed by a wall:
A tunnel entrance was found within the precincts of the prison camp.

pre·cinct (prē'sĭngkt') pronunciation

    1. A subdivision or district of a city or town under the jurisdiction of or patrolled by a specific unit of its police force.
    2. The police station situated in and having jurisdiction over such a district.
  1. An election district of a city or town.
    1. A place or enclosure marked off by definite limits, such as walls. Often used in the plural: the mysterious precincts of the old monastery.
    2. A boundary: Hunting is not allowed within the precincts of the estate.
  2. precincts The neighborhood or surrounding area; the environs.
  3. An area of thought or action; a province or domain. Often used in the plural: "It was in these spacious precincts that Dryden's imagination was most at home" (Mark Van Doren).
[Middle English precincte, a defined district or area, from Medieval Latin praecīnctum, from Latin, neuter past participle of praecingere, to encircle : prae-, pre- + cingere, to gird.]


am • biv • a • lence
1 (…に対して)相反する感情を同時にもつこと, 心の葛藤(かっとう);ためらい;どっちつかずの態度((about, toward ...)).
2 《心理学》アンビバレンス, 両面価値, 二重傾向.


rarefied (comparative more rarefiedsuperlative most rarefied)
  1. Distant from the lives and everyday concerns of ordinary people; esotericexclusiveselect.
    Philosophical debates can be quite rarefied.
  2. Elevated in style or nature, sublime; of high intellectual or moral value.
  3. (of a gas etc.) Less dense than usual; thin.
    The air at high altitudes at the top of mountains is rarefied.


1 (of air) with little oxygen

2 describes a place or situation which does not have any of the problems of ordinary life:
the rarefied atmosphere/circles of college life

  • 発音記号[réərəfàid]

1 〈雰囲気などが〉一般社会から隔絶した.
2 〈地位・階級などが〉非常に高い;〈思考・教養・技術などが〉高度な, 高遠な.
3 えり抜きの, エリートの.