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I.B.M. Reportedly Will Buy Rival Sun for $7 Billion
I.B.M. is close to a deal to acquire Sun Microsystems for about $9.50 per Sun share, people familiar with the discussions said.

Japan questions military after top destroyer's crash
TOKYO (AFP) — Military experts sounded alarm Wednesday over the Japanese military's ability to defend the country after one of its most advanced naval destroyers crashed into a fishing boat, leaving two missing.
Tuesday's collision came as Japan steps up security to ensure safety during July's summit of the Group of Eight major industrial countries, to be held in the northern resort town of Toyako.
The 165-metre (545-foot) -long Atago destroyer, returning from a visit to Hawaii, crashed into the tuna-fishing boat off the Pacific coast south of Tokyo.
Planes, boats and divers searched for a second day Wednesday for a father and son who were onboard when the small boat was smashed in half.
The accident sparked bewilderment in Japan as the Atago is the latest and largest of Japan's destroyers, equipped with the US-developed Aegis radar system, seen as a frontline defence against a North Korean missile attack.
"I may not come off as an expert, but I wonder whether the fishing boat was not detected by the radar," said Yoshimi Watanabe, Japan's state minister in charge of administrative and regulatory reforms.
"What if it had been a terrorist boat on a suicide bombing?" he said.
The Aegis system can track incoming missiles by radar, a concern since communist rival North Korea fired a missile over Japan's main island in 1998.
The destroyer reportedly hit the brakes only one minute before the collision -- suggesting it only spotted the small boat very late.
"If they cannot act in an actual case like this, it is a problem no matter how high quality their equipment and training," said Hisao Iwashima, a military analyst and professor at Seigakuin University Graduate School.
But another military expert, Tadasu Kumagai, said it was a common misunderstanding that ships with the Aegis system were looking at threats in the immediate vicinity.
"It has an advanced radar for air defence, but its navigational radar is about the same quality as that of a fishing boat," he said.
Kumagai said however worries over suicide attacks from small boats going undetected were very real.
"A small boat is difficult to find on a navigational radar," he said. "That would be a problem."

Hippasus of Metapontum (GreekΊππασος), b. c. 500 B.C. in Magna Graecia, was a Greek philosopher. He was a disciple of Pythagoras. To Hippasus (or Hippasos) is attributed the discovery of the existence of irrational numbers. More specifically, he is credited with the discovery that the square root of 2 is irrational.
Until Hippasus' discovery, the Pythagoreans preached that all numbers could be expressed as the ratio of integers. Despite the validity of his discovery, the Pythagoreans initially treated it as a kind of religious heresy and they either exiled or murdered Hippasus. Legend has it that the discovery was made at sea and that Hippasus' fellow Pythagoreans threw him overboard.
But there are two other stories about Hippasus. The first says that Hippasus was expelled from the Pythagorean school because he published doctrines of Pythagoras, while the second says that he was drowned at sea for revealing the construction of the dodecahedron in the sphere and claiming it as his own. But since the Pythagoreans' supposed pledge to secrecy was most likely false[citation needed], the authenticity of these stories is questioned.
He was also noted as an early experimenter in acoustics and resonance. Few of his original works now survive.

 畢氏學派相信,數字皆有理性,而理性是上帝的化身。整數與分數,都是有理性的數(rational number),數論與幾何,殊途同歸。研究數學,就是見證神恩。
 畢氏學派裡,有一個叫西帕斯(Hippasus)的,是一個好學深思的數學家,但是麻煩總是起於這種好學深思的人。他發現了一個小差錯。一個直角三角 形,假如兩邊都是1,那第三邊就是√2。西帕斯想出一個方法,同樣簡潔美麗的證明√2既不是整數,也不能寫成分數;√2是個拖著無窮無盡尾巴的小數,而且 這尾巴沒有規則可循。√2是一個沒有理性的數(irrational number)。
 「沒有理性的數」摧毀了畢氏學派的基本信 念,但是西帕斯的論證無可辯駁。畢氏學派發出封口令,但是西帕斯不聽,畢達哥拉斯氣壞了。接下來的都是傳言了:畢達哥拉斯下令處死西帕斯,畢氏門徒銜命一 路追殺,最後在一艘船上找到西帕斯,將他淹死,就地正法。希臘的太陽真的很大,愛琴海真的很美,西帕斯死了,但是他的論證,還是無可辯駁。

張娟芬/文  (20081225)

'The Pain Chronicles'

Reviewed by ROBIN ROMM

An expansive mix of medical reportage, history and memoir explores our relationship to pain.

noun [U] FORMAL
the activity of, or style of, reporting events in newspapers or broadcasting them on television or radio

report (TELL)
1 [I or T] to give a description of something or information about it to someone:
We rang the insurance company to report the theft.
The assassination was reported in all the newspapers.
I want you to report (to me) on progress (= on what you have done) every Friday.
[+ ing form of verb] Spies reported seeing a build-up of soldiers.
[+ object + adjective] He was reported missing in action.
The inquiry reports (= will officially make its results known) next week.

2 be reported to be/do sth to be described by people as being or doing a particular thing although there is no real proof:
The storm is reported to have killed five people.

3 [T] to make a complaint to a person in authority about something or someone:
My neighbours reported me to the police for firing my rifle in the garden.

noun [C]
1 (ALSO school report, US ALSO report card) a teacher's written statement to the parents about a child's ability and performance at school

2 a description of an event or situation:
a news/weather report
a company's financial/annual report
I gave/made/submitted a report of the theft to the insurance company.
She sent in weekly reports on the situation.

plural noun
stories for which you do not yet have real proof:
According to reports, ten pupils were expelled.
We're getting reports of a plane crash in Paris.

noun [U] FORMAL
the activity of, or style of, reporting events in newspapers or broadcasting them on television or radio

There has been a reported (= unofficial news about a) hijack in Tel Aviv this morning.

New York is reportedly (= People say that New York is) a very exciting place to live.

reporter Show phonetics
noun [C]
a person whose job is to discover information about news events and describe them for a newspaper or magazine or for radio or television


━━ n. 【ギリシア神話】Zeusの盾(たて); 保護, 擁護.
under the aegis of …の保護[後援]の下に.

under the aegis of sb/sth with the protection or support of someone or something, especially an organization:
The project was set up under the aegis of the university.

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hanching chung 提到...

Now, under the aegis of the Fed, BlackRock is managing $30 billion of hard-to-sell assets from Bear Stearns, part of the central bank’s unprecedented deal with JPMorgan Chase under which JPMorgan took control of the investment bank.