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Hot fashion alert: Tiny crochet shorts for men
From the DM archives.

Take note fashion victims and behold these tiny crochet shorts and ball-hugging crochet pants made entirely from 100% recycled vintage blankets. Not only are these duds dazzling, but they’re eco-friendly, too! I have a…

Bride spends 8 months crocheting her own wedding dress using two miles and 1,400 yards of yarn.

Simply unbelieveable crochet work with dried leaves by artist Susanna Bauer. Stop what you're doing and check these out, you won't regret it. Tons more on her website, too.

To truly appreciate the delicacy of Susanna Bauer's leaf sculptures, think...

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The Economist (blog)
WAVING black-and-red flags emblazoned with the word “fury”, a sea of nearly 100,000 supporters of the opposition flooded the grounds outside the office of Taiwan's president on January 13th. They formed the largest protest against the president, Ma ...
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The Economist (blog)

My 93-year-old grandmother has been feeling poorly recently, so I took a trip out to Minnesota to visit her. Unfortunately, I don't know my Minnesota relatives that well; my mother moved East as a young woman and pretty much stayed East. So I cherished this opportunity to spend time not only with my grandmother but also with my aunts and my passel of predominantly female cousins. And, as always, staying in their homes, I was instilled with such a profound respect for how capably and calmly these women embody their traditional female duties — knitting, crocheting, gardening, cooking, caretaking, nourishing.. . .

n. Informal.
A large quantity or group: “The President faces a passel of domestic issues” (Christian Science Monitor).
[Alteration of PARCEL.]

Body excluding the head, neck, and limbs.

(krŏch) pronunciation
  1. The angle or region of the angle formed by the junction of two parts or members, such as two branches or legs.
    1. The area on a pair of pants, underpants, or shorts where the two leg panels are sewn together.
    2. A piece of material sewn into a pair of pants, underpants, or shorts that joins the legs.
  2. The fork of a pole or other support.
[Possibly alteration of CRUTCH and partly from Middle English croche, crook, crosier (from Old French croche, hook, shepherd's crook, feminine of croc, hook; see crochet).]
crotched crotched (krŏcht) adj.


Line breaks: cro|chet
Pronunciation: /ˈkrəʊʃeɪ/ /ˈkrəʊʃi/

Definition of crochet in English:


1handicraft in which yarn is made up into a textured fabric by means of a hooked needle:[AS MODIFIER]: a crochet hook

(krŏch'ĭ-tē) pronunciation
Capriciously stubborn or eccentric; perverse.

crotchetiness crotch'et·i·ness n.

《中英對照讀新聞》Singapore gets crotchety over water polo trunks 新加坡為了水球隊泳褲而惱火
The Singapore men’s water polo team at the Asian Games in China is making waves for wearing boldly designed swimming trunks using elements from the national flag without official approval.
The prominent display of a white banana-shaped crescent moon on the groin of the bright red trunks drew praise from Singaporeans who found it "sexy" and "cool" but was condemned by others who considered it obscene.
"Unfortunately, the team did not seek our advice on the use of the crescent moon and stars when they designed their swim trunks," the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said.
"We would have told them that their design is inappropriate as we want elements of the flag to be treated with dignity," it added in a press statement.
Singapore has strict rules on the public display of the republic’s flag.
The word "Singapore" is emblazoned on the rear of the trunks, which could not be replaced under the rules of the Asian Games taking place in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

crotchety: 形容詞,非正式用語,指有奇怪想法的、反覆無常的、壞脾氣的,如By the time the meal began, the youngest children were getting tired and crotchety.(等到開始用餐時,年紀最小的孩子們已經累壞、開始哭鬧了。)crotchety 發音接近crotch,指人的胯部或褲襠,在文中有雙關語之意。

make waves:片語,指因改變現狀而引發麻煩或惹惱別人、興風作浪,Our culture encourages us to fit the norm and not to make waves.(我們的文化鼓勵大家凡事應循規蹈矩,不要興風作浪。)
emblazon:動詞,指用紋章裝飾或頌揚,如Her name was emblazoned across the front of the theatre.(她的名字被題寫在劇院的正面。)


em • bla • zon
emblazoned (過去形) • emblazoned (過去分詞) • emblazoning (現在分詞) • emblazons (三人称単数現在)
emblazonment, (全1件)
1 ((通例受身))〈盾・旗を〉(紋章で)飾る((with ...));〈紋章を〉(盾・旗に)描く((on ...));…をはなやかな色で飾る
a flag with the college arms emblazoned on it [a flag emblazoned with the college arms]
2 …を賞賛する.
[名]((通例〜s))紋章;[U][C]装飾, 賞揚.