2017年2月14日 星期二

disinvite, unsettle, mistaken, disservice, on the rocks, urbanized lines, warhead, signature, corker, open verdict

The Missing Pieces in the Flynn Story

If President Trump thinks Michael Flynn’s departure will end the controversy over Russia, he’s mistaken.

Theresa May's rhetoric on immigration and the single market is playing with fire.

Brash Brexiter rhetoric unsettles investors and foreign governments

A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois
Unprecedented political spending helped elect Bruce Rauner, a fresh-faced financier. But his ideological vision has unsettled many in the state.

Public Ouster in North Korea Unsettles China
As North Koreans watched the unusual spectacle of Jang Song-thaek's arrest on television, Chinese leaders were concerned about the loss of one of their major links to the leadership of the North.

Urbanized Lines: The End of the American Suburbs

The country is resettling along more urbanized lines, and the American Dream is moving with it

Court Rulings Blur the Line Between a Spy and a Leaker

Disclosures made possible by digital media, government surveillance and unorthodox publishers have unsettled understandings of mass media’s place in American democracy.

Philippines' Basketball Team Disinvited to Taiwan Game
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Gilas, the Philippines men's basketball team, has been “uninvited” to the William Jones Cup basketball tournament in Taiwan scheduled this July, an offshoot of the tensions between the Asian neighbors after the fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman ...

China and Japan
Relations on the rocks

An outbreak of anti-Japanese protests unsettles China’s leaders at a sensitive time (163)

Hilton Als, a writer for The New Yorker, probably did Justin Vivian Bond a disservice by contributing the preface to Bond’s novella-length childhood memoir, “Tango.”

Communication hasn't been Bank of New York Mellon's strong suit. Its announcement that CEO Robert Kelly was stepping aside gave investors little clue as to what had actually happened.

At Palin's Request, Tea Party Organizers Disinvite Christine O'Donnell

After days of drama, former Alaska governor confirms she will speak at Iowa rally.


Man diverted to home in Duelmen after mistakenly filling in asylum application instead of stolen goods report

HSBC Holdings may sell three of its signature office buildings, including its world headquarters at Canary Wharf in London, to raise cash as it tries to avoid a bailout from the British government.
Some of those mistakes may owe in part to that signature confidence. Mr. Obama knew and liked Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, initially overlooking an investigation into state contracts that later sank his nomination for commerce secretary. Likewise, Mr. Obama forged a personal connection with Timothy F. Geithner and picked him for Treasury secretary, choosing to disregard Mr. Geithner’s past failure to pay some of his taxes.
Missile Parts Sent to Taiwan in Error
The U.S. mistakenly shipped electrical fuses for nuclear missile warheads to Taiwan, the Pentagon said.

British jury returns open verdict on Brazilian's killing - Yahoo ...
Jurors at an inquest into the death of a Brazilian mistakenly killed by anti-
terror police in London reached an open verdict Friday, meaning they did not ...

 open verdict 【法】(検死陪審の)死因不明の評決.


Deming Forum – I recommend it

This year’s Deming Forum looks set to be a corker. For information and a booking form go to: http://www.systemsthinking.co.uk/events.asp#3
May see you there!    2009

a person or thing that is especially good, attractive or amusing:
She told an absolute corker of a story about a priest she'd mistaken for an ex-lover.

warhead Show phonetics
noun [C]
the front end of a bomb or missile that contains explosives:
a conventional/nuclear warhead

mistake (NOT RECOGNIZE) Show phonetics
verb [T] mistookmistaken
to be wrong about or to fail to recognize something or someone:
You can't mistake their house - it's got a bright yellow front door.
FORMAL I mistook your signature and thought the letter was from someone else.

wrong in what you believe, or based on a belief that is wrong:
If you think you can carry on drinking so much without damaging your health, then you're mistaken.
I'm afraid I was mistaken about how much it would cost.
The negotiations continued in the mistaken belief that a peaceful agreement could be reached.
a case of mistaken identity


1Wrong in one’s opinion or judgement:she wondered whether she’d been mistaken about his intentions

1.1Based on or resulting from a misunderstanding or faulty judgement:don’t buy a hard bed in the mistaken belief that it is good for youan unfortunate case of mistaken identity

She mistakenly believed that she could get away with not paying her taxes.

mistakableUK ALSO mistakeable
She's easily mistakeable for a man when she wears that suit and hat.

mistake (WRONG ACTION)
noun [C]
an action, decision or judgment which produces an unwanted or unintentional result:
I'm not blaming you - we all make mistakes.
[+ to infinitive] It was a mistake for us to come here tonight.
This letter's full of spelling mistakes.
I've discovered a few mistakes in your calculations.
Why am I under arrest? There must be some mistake.

  1. One's name as written by oneself.
  2. The act of signing one's name.
  3. A distinctive mark, characteristic, or sound indicating identity: A surprise ending is the signature of an O. Henry short story.
  4. (Abbr. Sig. or S.Medicine. The part of a physician's prescription containing directions to the patient.
  5. Music.
    1. A sign used to indicate key.
    2. A sign used to indicate tempo.
  6. Printing.
    1. A letter, number, or symbol placed at the bottom of the first page on each sheet of printed pages of a book as a guide to the proper sequence of the sheets in binding.
    2. A large sheet printed with four or a multiple of four pages that when folded becomes a section of the book.
[French, from Old French, from Medieval Latin signātūra, from Latin signātus, past participle of signāre, to mark, from signum, sign. See sign.]

on the rocks[on the rocks]

(1) ⇒2
(2) ((略式))破滅に瀕(ひん)して, 挫折して
Their marriage is on the rocks.
(3) ((略式))〈人・会社などが〉金に困って, 破産しかかって.
(4) 〈ウイスキーなどが〉オンザロックの.at followed the strangely handled announcement in early August that it would pay negative interest on some large deposits, a move sure to unsettle important customers. If BNY Mellon expected peers quickly to follow suit, it was sadly mistaken. Instead, it was odd banker out. Now that's also true of Mr. Kelly.



v., -tled, -tling, -tles. v.tr.
  1. To displace from a settled condition; disrupt.
  2. To make uneasy; disturb.
To become unsettled.

unsettlement un·set'tle·ment n.
unsettlingly un·set'tling·ly adv.

1 …を不安定にする, 動揺[混乱]させる;〈胃の〉調子を悪くする
The spicy food unsettled his stomach.
2 〈人・信念・感情を〉動揺させる, 不安にする, …の気を転倒させる
unsettling news
━━(自)不安定になる, ぐらつく, 落ち着きを失う, 取り乱す.


Pronunciation: /ʌnˈsɛt(ə)l/


[with object]
  • cause to feel anxious or uneasy; disturb:the crisis has unsettled financial markets an unsettling conversation





tr.v., -vit·ed, -vit·ing, -vites.
To rescind an invitation to: disinvited our friends for dinner because of an emergency.

disinvitation dis·in·vi·ta'tion (-vĭ-tā'shən) n.