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Trump bashed former beauty queen Alicia Machado in a series of tweets that Clinton called “unhinged, even for him." It's the latest in a series of feuds.

Thailand’s prime minister sometimes resembles a ham actor ad-libbing his way through an audition for a role as an unhinged dictator

“I wandered into Beinecke as a freshman, unhinged by my first set of midterms, looking for a quiet place to regroup. . . . To this day, I’ve never seen anything as compelling.” As the Beinecke closes for a year for renovations, Amy Kaufman Burk ’80 remembers how the library captured the essence of her years at Yale.

Light, truth, and Peter Rabbit

In the spring of 2014, I stood at our college reunion, in the Timothy Dwight courtyard, under a gi

"It was not the British government that seized India, but a private company, run by an unstable sociopath."

How the world's first 'too big to fail' corporate giant ransacked India.

The East India Company: The original corporate raiders
The long read: For a century, the East India Company conquered,...

Pfizer will acquire Wyeth in a cash and stock deal valued at $68 billion, the companies said in a statement Monday morning.

The megamerger, which is a rarity in the current financial tumult, almost came unhinged at the 11th hour, The New York Times reported.
An eleventh-hour effort to salvage a proposed $14 billion rescue plan for the auto industry collapsed late last night as Republicans and Democrats failed to agree on the timing of deep wage cuts for union workers, killing the legislative plan and threatening America's carmakers with bankruptcy.
(By Paul Kane, The Washington Post)

South Korea Ferry Sinking Leaves High School Reeling3

This year, along with new gun laws, Democratic leaders in Colorado pushed bills to allow gay civil unions, require more use of renewable energy, lower tuition fees for illegal immigrants, allow voters to register on polling day and abolish the death penalty. Lawmakers also grappled with rules for the sale of marijuana, legalised by voters last year. All this has left Colorado's conservatives reeling http://econ.st/1dsOuFM

Trending: What is a sociopath? Diagnostically speaking, it is someone who possesses a mixture of the following characteristics: charm, grandiosity, bloodless rationality, impulsivity, an appetite for risk, an erratic sex-life and little capacity for remorse. As it turns out, high-functioning sociopaths are full of handy lifestyle tips http://econ.st/13G25Gb

As it turns out, high-functioning sociopaths are full of handy lifestyle tips http://econ.st/1abvABO

'The Why of Things'
Two inexplicable tragedies leave a tight-knit family reeling in Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop's third novel.

 SEC Chief's Exit Opens Void
Departing SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro stabilized the reeling agency she took over in 2009, but her exit now comes amid a host of pending regulatory issues.

The reel 膠卷 revolution

With foreign media barred from the country, the Syrian uprising provides the best example of how the concept of what was formerly called broadcasting has changed and of the transformative power of personal videos.

Britain Reels as Austerity Cuts Begin

The $130 billion in cuts over the next five years are no longer just election talking points.
A Masterpiece of Nature? Yuck!
Scientists are studying why we find some creatures unsightly, even if they aren’t threatening. 


Pronunciation: /riːl/

Definition of reel 

  • 1a cylinder on which film, wire, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound:a cotton reel
  • a length of something wound on to a reel:a reel of copper wire
  • a part of a film:in the final reel he is transformed from unhinged sociopath into local hero
  • 2a lively Scottish or Irish folk dance: we put on the record player and danced reels an eightsome reel
  • a piece of music for a reel, typically in simple or duple time.


  • 1 [with object] (reel something in) wind something on to a reel by turning the reel: sailplanes are often launched by means of a wire reeled in by a winch
  • bring in a fish attached to a line by turning a reel and winding in the line:he reeled in a good perch
  • 2 [no object] lose one’s balance and stagger or lurch violently:he punched Connolly in the ear, sending him reeling she reeled back against the van
  • [with adverbial of direction] walk in a staggering or lurching manner, especially while drunk:the two reeled out of the bar arm in arm
  • feel shocked, bewildered, or giddy:the Prime Minister was reeling from a savaging inflicted in the Commons the alcohol made my head reel
  • 3 [no object] dance a reel.

Phrasal Verbs

reel something off

say or recite something very rapidly and without apparent effort:she proceeded to reel off the various dishes of the day



reel2 (rēl) pronunciation

v., reeled, reel·ing, reels. v.intr.
  1. To be thrown off balance or fall back: reeled from the sharp blow.
  2. To stagger, lurch, or sway, as from drunkenness: reeled down the alley.
  3. To go round and round in a whirling motion: gulls reeling and diving.
  4. To feel dizzy: My head reeled with the facts and figures.
To cause to reel.


adj., -li·er, -li·est.
Unpleasant or offensive to look at; unattractive. See synonyms at ugly.

unsightliness un'sight'li·ness n.


1 (強打・ショックなどで)よろめく, ぐらつく, よろよろする
send a person reeling
2 〈戦列などが〉浮き足だつ, しりごみする, 動揺する
reel from the news
3 (目まい・酔いなどのため)ふらふらする, よろよろする, 〈(周囲の)物が〉ぐるぐる回るような感じがする, めまいがする.
━━(他)…をふらつかせる, よろめかせる, …に目まいを起こさせる.
━━[名]よろめき, ふらつき, 目まい;ちどり足;旋回.

mentally ill:
I sometimes think that your mother is a little unhinged.


  • mentally unbalanced; deranged:the violent acts of unhinged minds

the eleventh hour
the last moment or almost too late:
We only received the official signatures at the eleventh hour.



  • a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour.


Pronunciation: /-ˈpaθɪk/

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Unsightly nose or ear hair preoccupied 38 percent of respondents, being overweight bothered 37 percent and 30 percent were worried about yellowing teeth.