2018年1月2日 星期二

godown, nix, shield, human shield, last stand

For only the second time since 9/11, America's defense secretary didn't visit U.S. troops in a war zone during December, breaking a long-standing tradition of personally and publicly thanking service members in combat who are separated from their families during the holiday season.

To build the Keystone XL pipeline, Trump and TransCanada will have to get through Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup first - as well as about 90 other landowners who are making one last stand: http://reut.rs/2pgVfHx
When President Donald Trump handed TransCanada Pipeline Co. a permit for its Keystone XL pipeline last month, he said the company could now build…

Drug Approval Is No Legal Shield, Justices Rule
The Supreme Court said a drug company is not protected from injury claims merely because the government had approved the products and labeling.

The bride had only one sure ally on her wedding day. This ally was not a relative or a best friend, but a bridesmaid her parents had hired to give her protection. The bridesmaid was, by training, a professional talker; she said clever things and was able to churn out propitious jingles. She was a foil for the bride, and her chatter was the shield she created for her young mistress at the time it was most needed.

 The study was a place for writing and microscopic research on plants. The godown was organized into the stacks containing a number of books and materials.

Definition of godown - (in eastern Asia, especially India) a warehouse.

last stand is a general military situation in which a body of troops holds a defensive position in the face of overwhelming odds. The defensive force usually takes very heavy casualties or is completely destroyed,

adjective FORMAL
likely to result in or showing signs of success:
With the economy in the worst recession for thirty years, it was scarcely the most propitious time to start up a company.


to stop, forbid or refuse to accept something:
━━ vt. 〔俗〕 禁止する, 拒否する.

The film studio nixed her plans to make a sequel.(電影公司否決了她拍續集的計畫)
Israel's Supreme Court nixes army's human shield practice 以色列最高法院禁止軍方使用人肉盾牌的做法

human shield noun [C]
a person or group of people kept in a particular place in order to stop an enemy from attacking that place:
Military bases were protected by captured enemy soldiers who were housed there as a human shield.

nix 亦可作名詞,
noun [U], adverb US INFORMAL ━━ n., ad. 〔俗〕 無; いや (no); 全然…ない.
All that effort for nix (= nothing).(徒勞無功)。
I suppose mom will say nix to us going (= say we cannot go) to the movies.

Japan Court Nixes Nuke Plant Suspension

TOKYO (AP) — A court Friday refused to suspend the operations of a nuclear power plant, ruling against a group of citizens who said the facility would pose a danger if a major earthquake strikes, officials said.
The Shizuoka District Court found that four reactors at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station could remain in operation because their earthquake resistance and other safeguards are sufficient, court spokesman Masahiko Handa said. He refused to elaborate.
The 27 plaintiffs — residents of the plant's home of Shizuoka and four nearby prefectures in central Japan — filed the lawsuit in 2003, demanding that Chubu Electric Power Co. suspend Hamaoka's No. 1-4 reactors.
Some 1,800 people from across the country also filed for a temporary injunction against the plant's operations.
Plaintiffs have said the reactors could pose a serious danger to residents and the environment in case of a magnitude-9 quake. They also said the aging of the plant and its corroding equipment puts them at higher risk.
Experts have said a major quake is due in Shizuoka — about 95 miles west of Tokyo and one of Japan's most earthquake prone regions. Tokyo also has a 90 percent chance of being hit by a major quake in the next 50 years, officials say.
Chubu Electric said Hamaoka's reactors are designed to easily withstand a magnitude 8.4 quake.
"We intend to continue working for further improvement in the safety and reliability" at the plant, company President Toshio Mita said in a statement.
In July, a reactor at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in northern Niigata prefecture suffered radioactive leaks and other malfunctions during a magnitude-6.8 quake that killed 11 people and injured more than 1,000. The plant is undergoing repairs and a series of tests.
Preliminary studies of the surrounding area have shown that a fault line may extend near the plant. The government has since said it planned to overhaul earthquake safety standards at plants across the nation.
Japan relies heavily on its nuclear program, which supplies about 30 percent of its electricity. The country plans to build another 11 reactors by 2017, eventually boosting nuclear power's share of electricity production to 40 percent.
Anti-nuclear activists criticized Friday's ruling as "completely superficial," saying it was insufficient to protect the life and health of residents.
"It is essential to consider the worst-case scenario for accidents, which could conceivably occur and to take measures to avoid such accidents," the Citizens' Nuclear information Center said in a statement.

shield Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 in the past, a large flat object made of metal or leather that soldiers held in front of their bodies to protect themselves

2 a large flat object made of strong plastic that policemen hold in front of their bodies to protect themselves:
The police held up their riot shields against the flying rocks and bricks.

3 something or someone used as protection or providing protection:
The anti-personnel mines were laid as a protective shield around the town.
Anger can function as a shield against (= a way of avoiding) even more painful emotions of loss and hurt.

4 a flat object with two straight sides, a rounded or pointed lower edge and usually a straight top edge, on which there is a coat of arms

5 an object shaped like a shield, which is given as a prize or used as a symbol or badge:
Our school won the county football shield this year.

shield Show phonetics
verb [T]
to protect someone or something:
She held her hand above her eyes to shield them from the sun.
They are accused of trying to shield the General from US federal investigators.