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verge, diverge, on the verge, world-wide speakers' circuit, extinction, monaural

A Travelling Stock Route may be easily distinguished from an ordinary country road by the fact that the grassy verges on either side of the road are very much wider, and the property fences being set back much further from the roadside than is usual. The reason for this is so that the livestock may feed on the vegetation that grows on the verges as they travel.

Wireless Stereo That Really Is Stereo

Wireless Stereo That Really Is Stereo

The problem with most speaker docks is that their speakers are inches apart, so that they might as well be monaural. The Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 can wirelessly put speakers as far apart as Bluetooth and your room allow.

A number of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are finding new fame, and money, by taking to the world-wide speakers' circuit.巡迴公共演說

So, why is Nayar getting such attention from business schools and the MBA circuit? Take Tom Peters: “Rumour has it that Vineet Nayar has invented a whole new way of configuring and managing an enterprise. I’m on the verge of the verge of declaring that Mr Nayar could be the next Peter Drucker.”
Okay, so “on the verge of the verge” may be the definition of hedging your bets, but Drucker?
《中英對照讀新聞》Bangladesh tribals fear linguistic ’genocide’ 孟加拉部落擔心語言「種族滅絕」

Bangladesh can justly claim to be a nation born of language, but its status as a cradle of linguistic diversity is under threat from nationalist pride and economic growth.
Of the more than 30 recognised languages spoken in Bangladesh, experts say 20 are now on the verge of extinction.
Many languages are inherently vulnerable, having no script and relying instead on a rich but fragile oral tradition of folk songs and story telling.
Bangla, or Bengali, is the undisputed heavyweight in Bangladesh’s linguistic arena, spoken by 95 percent of the population and the sole passport to a decent education and career.
National pride in the Bangla language runs deep and is cemented with the blood of the "language martyrs" -- students shot dead by police on February 21, 1952, when Bangladesh was still East Pakistan.
The students were protesting the Pakistani government’s Urdu-only policy and demanding that Bangla be recognised as an official language. The deaths triggered the start of a nationalist struggle that finally ended with the creation of Bangladesh after victory in the 1971 independence war with Pakistan.
But now Bangla’s dominance in schools, the workplace and cultural life in general is threatening those rights in Bangladesh itself. (AFP)

Corning, Sharp Diverge on LCD Plans After Japan Quake
Corning said it plans to maintain production levels at two glass factories in Japan even as Sharp—the main customer of those plants—is reducing its LCD output because of the March 11 quake.

Senate on the Verge of Approving Stimulus Bill

By DAVID STOUT 54 minutes ago

A senator was on his way back to Washington to provide the 60th vote that would advance the bill to the president’s desk.

on the verge (of) (ALSO to the verge of)
If you are on the verge of something or come to the verge of something, you are very near to experiencing it:
on the verge of collapse/success/tears/death/disaster/war
Her husband's violent and abusive behaviour drove her to the verge of despair.


(dĭ-vûrj', dī-) pronunciation

v., -verged, -verg·ing, -verg·es. v.intr.
  1. To go or extend in different directions from a common point; branch out.
  2. To differ, as in opinion or manner.
  3. To depart from a set course or norm; deviate. See synonyms at swerve.
  4. Mathematics. To fail to approach a limit.
To cause (light rays, for example) to diverge; deflect.

[Latin dīvergere : Latin dī-, dis-, apart; see dis- + Latin vergere, to bend.]

cradle:名詞,原指搖籃,引申為指某事物的起源地,如Fossil records indicate that Africa was the cradle of early human evolution.(化石紀錄顯示,非洲是早期人類演化的起源地。)
script:名詞,指書寫用的字母,如Arabic/Cyrillic/Roman script(阿拉伯/古代斯拉夫/羅馬字母)。
passport: 名詞,原指護照或通行證,引申為指達到某一目的的手段(其後加to),如Many students opt for business studies simply because it sounds like a passport to a good job.(許多學生選擇唸商業科系,只是因為它聽起來像是通往好工作的通行證。)

[形]1 〈種・家系・生物などが〉死に絶えた, 絶滅した an extinct animal絶滅した動物 extinct species絶滅種.2 〈制度・官職などが〉廃止された;〈慣習などが〉...
[名][U][C]1 消灯;消火;(情熱などの)消失 the extinction of a fire鎮火.2 (種などの)絶滅;(家系の)断絶;廃止;撲滅;休刊;(権利・負債などの)消滅 co...

  1. The extreme edge or margin; a border. See synonyms at border.
    1. An enclosing boundary.
    2. The space enclosed by such a boundary.
  2. The point beyond which an action, state, or condition is likely to begin or occur; the brink: on the verge of tears; a nation on the verge of economic prosperity.
  3. Architecture. The edge of the tiling that projects over a roof gable.
  4. Chiefly British. The shoulder of a road.
  5. A rod, wand, or staff carried as an emblem of authority or office.
  6. Obsolete. The rod held by a feudal tenant while swearing fealty to a lord.
  7. The spindle of a balance wheel in a clock or watch, especially such a spindle in a clock with vertical escapement.
  8. The male organ of copulation in certain invertebrates.
intr.v., verged, verg·ing, verg·es.
  1. To approach the nature or condition of something specified; come close. Used with on: a brilliance verging on genius.
  2. To be on the edge or border: Her land verges on the neighboring township.

[Middle English, from Old French, rod, ring, from Latin virga, rod, strip.]


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[sə'ːrkit]
1 巡回, 巡行, 一周, 周遊, 巡回[周遊]旅行;寄り道の旅行;回り道, 迂回(うかい);回って歩くこと;((通例修飾語句を伴って))…巡り;(特に)パーティー巡り
make the [a] circuit of the town
make a circuit in order to avoid him
an entertainer on the club circuit
2 定期的な巡回(裁判官の地方巡回・牧師の説教巡回・セールスマンの巡回販売など);巡回裁判官, 巡回牧師, セールスマン
a circuit-riding lawyer
be on circuit
3 巡回裁判区[教区];(セールスマン・郵便配達人などの)巡回[配達]区域;(芸人の)巡業経路.
4 周囲, 周り(の距離);(境界線で囲まれた)地域, 地方
the circuit of the valley
5 (映画館・劇場などの)興行系列, チェーン.
6 《電気》回路, 回線, 配線系統
a TV circuit
7 (野球・アメフトなどの)連盟, リーグ.
8 《野球》ベース一周, ホームラン
a circuit clout [blow, drive, wallop]
hit for the circuit
9 (カーレース用の)サーキット.
10 《スポーツ》巡回トーナメント;((the 〜))その参加選手;((英略式))サーキットトレーニング
do circuits
[ラテン語circuitus (circum(丸く)+īre(行く)+-tus過去分詞語尾=丸く回った)]


Syllabification: (mon·au·ral)
Pronunciation: /ˌmänˈôrəl/

Definition ofmonaural