2016年9月30日 星期五

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Visitors will gain new insights into the poet's personal and family roots with the opening on September 30th of the Seamus Heaney HomePlace, a spanking new arts and literary centre

A display of digging

HKFP_Buzz: A new Taiwanese animation on the missing bookseller controversy depicts President Xi Jinping being spanked by Hello Kitty, lawmaker Regina Ip removing her "mop head" hair and Gui Minhai being abducted from Thailand by a panda.

Sandy Pope, right, hopes to generate support from a strong anti-incumbent sentiment being fueled by a weak economy.
Julie Jacobson/Associated Press
AT&T's T-Mobile Deal Teeters
AT&T said it would take a $4 billion charge in this year's final quarter, an acknowledgment its proposed $39 billion acquisition of Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA faces an increasingly uphill battle.

A Teamster Tries to Break the Mold

Sandy Pope, the first woman to run for the presidency of the very macho union, faces an uphill battle as she tries to unseat James P. Hoffa.

(tēm'stər) pronunciation
  1. One who drives a truck for hauling loads, especially as an occupation.
  2. One who drives a team.

《中英對照讀新聞》Police officers ’appear in porn film’ 警官「在色情片軋一角」

Two Los Angeles traffic officers face losing their jobs after they appeared in a porn video while on duty.
The two uniformed men reportedly spank and fondle a blonde actress in broad daylight in the film, reports the LA Times.
The Los Angeles Police Department and City Attorney have joined a rapidly escalating investigation into the parking enforcement officers.
The case first surfaced in January this year when TV station KCBS showed stills from the film to LA’s Department of Transportation.
Officials then responded by saying the cars appeared to be their vehicles but the officers could not be identified from the pixelated images.
Now, another station, KNBC-TV Channel 4, reports that the porn video itself has surfaced on an adult subscription website.

in broad daylight:片語,在光天化日下、在大白天。例句:A man was shot and killed in broad daylight on a street .(一名男子大白天在街上遭到槍殺身亡。)
on duty:片語,在上班、值班時。例句:There is always a teacher on duty during study hour.(學生自習時總有一名老師值班。)

 Sometimes she hit back. In his memoir, “Hitch 22,” Christopher Hitchens (who once called himself “sexually but not politically” attracted to her) gleefully recalled the time he invited her to spank him with her parliamentary-order papers after a fight about Rhodesia/Zimbabwe policy. “As she walked away,” Mr. Hitchens noted, “she looked back over her shoulder and gave an almost imperceptibly slight roll of the hip while mouthing the words ‘Naughty boy!’ ”
有時她的形象也會被扳回一城。克里斯托弗·希欽斯(Christopher Hitchens,他曾聲稱自己被“她的性感而不是政治魅力吸引住了”)在他的回憶錄《希欽22》(Hitch 22)中愉快地回憶道,在他們就羅德西亞/津巴布韋的政策發生爭執之後,他讓她用議會議程表打他的屁股。“她要走開的時候,”希欽斯寫道,“回頭看了我一眼,屁股輕輕地、不易察覺地晃了一下,說道:‘調皮鬼!’”

  parliamentary-order papers

正式定議:Order Paper - Glossary page - UK Parliament
www.parliament.uk › Site informationGlossary - Cached
The Order Paper in the House of Commons is published each sitting day and lists the business of the House and business for sittings in Westminster Hall.=Order book ((しばしばO- B-))((英))(下院への)動議通告簿.

School starts soon, and many people are getting spanking-new computers. Ah, the joy of a new and more powerful toy — and a clean slate.

  1. Informal. Exceptional of its kind; remarkable.
  2. Swift and vigorous: a spanking pace.
  3. Brisk and fresh: a spanking breeze.
Used as an intensive: a spanking clean shirt.
A number of slaps on the buttocks delivered in rapid succession, as for punishment.
[Perhaps of Scandinavian origin.
spankingly spank'ing·ly adv.

spank:動詞,拍打(尤指打屁股)。例句:She spanked her child’s bottom.(她打了自己小孩的屁股。)

Either way, the U.S. looks unlikely to follow the U.K.'s lead. Mr. Obama faces the prospect of reinvigorated congressional opposition after the Nov. 2 elections. Republicans say deficit cutting will be a top priority, but it is unclear they will be able to find common ground with the president, especially on taxes and Medicare spending, which is the biggest long-term driver of U.S. deficits.

  1. One that drives, as the operator of a motor vehicle.
  2. A tool, such as a screwdriver or hammer, that is used for imparting forceful pressure on another object.
  3. A machine part that transmits motion or power to another part.
  4. Computer Science. A piece of software that enables a computer to communicate with a peripheral device.
  5. Sports. A golf club with a wide head and a long shaft, used for making long shots from the tee.
  6. Nautical. A jib-headed spanker.

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(spăng'kər) pronunciation

1 運転する人, 操縦者;(車の)運転手, (馬車の)御者(▼「おかかえ運転手」はchauffeur);((英))機関手
driver education
He is a good driver.
2 駆る人;追う人;牛追い, 馬子;(奴隷・囚人などの)監督.
3 《コンピュータ》ドライバー.
4 《機械》原車;駆動体.
5 《ゴルフ》ドライバー, 1番ウッドのクラブ.
6 打ち込み機, 小槌(こづち). ▼「ねじ回し」は screwdriver.
The appearance of individual pixels or pixel blocks in a still or video image. For example, when a still image is displayed or printed too large, the individual, square pixels are discernible to the naked eye, especially around the edges where one color or shade of gray meets another. When digital video is played, the hardware may not be fast enough to keep up with the frame's encoding rate. Since digital images are compressed in blocks of pixels, one or more blocks may not be fully decompressed in time, which results in visible pixelization. See blocking artifacts, anti-aliasing and deinterlace.
Purposeful Pixelization
Images are pixelated not only due to shortcomings in the hardware, but pixelization may be purposefully created in the material. For example, when applied to specific areas of an image, pixelization can hide nudity or sensitive data as well as keep a person's face incognito. It is also used to create overall special effects. See videophile and posterization.
Pixelate On Purpose
Two "Pixelate" filters in Photoshop were applied to the top image. The Mosaic filter created the middle image, while the Crystallize filter created the bottom one.