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perjury, perjure, up, euphoria, gulp, amorous, kept it up, up all night, freighter

- Four steaks 🥩
- A plate of fried fish 🐟
- Water 🚰
Total: €1,100 / £970 😖

"Donald Trump committed perjury. Or he looked into the faces of the Republican faithful and knowingly lied."
Donald Trump either lied to Republicans or broke the law (Exclusive)
Newsweek obtained a deposition that shows Donald Trump committed…

Kim Jong Un is posing his top men with a stark choice: perjure, or be purged. Apparently the execution of his uncle was not liquidation enough http://econ.st/1IEtLgu

WHEN in 2012 Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, delivered his first public speech, he made strengthening the military his “first, second and third” priorities....

"The day I made that statement about inventing the internet, I was tired because I'd been up all night inventing the camcorder."Al Gore

Cell-Phone Safety: What the FCC Didn't Test

By Michael Scherer / Washington
FCC guidelines on the safety of cell phones assumed that there would be a buffer between the device and your body. Gulp

euphoriaLine breaks: eu|phoria
Pronunciation: /juːˈfɔːrɪə/

Definition of euphoria in English:


A feeling or state of intense excitement andhappiness:in his euphoria, he had become convinced he coulddefeat them

Late 17th century (denoting well-being produced in a sick person by the use of drugs): modern Latin, from Greek, from euphoros 'borne well, healthy', from eu 'well' + pherein 'to bear'.


IN BRIEF: To swallow in a hurried or greedy way.

pronunciation She took a big gulp of air before she dove to the bottom of the deep pool.

kept it up
Continue to do or maintain something, as in They were playing loud music, and they kept it up all night long. [Mid-1700s] Also see keep up, def. 4.

    1. In or to a higher position: looking up.
    2. In a direction opposite to the center of the earth or a comparable gravitational center: up from the lunar surface.
  1. In or to an upright position: sat up in bed.
    1. Above a surface: coming up for air.
    2. So as to detach or unearth: pulling up weeds.
    3. Above the horizon: as the sun came up.
  2. Into view or existence: draw up a will.
  3. Into consideration: take up a new topic.
  4. In or toward a position conventionally regarded as higher, as on a scale, chart, or map: temperatures heading up; up in Canada.
  5. To or at a higher price: stocks that are going up.
  6. So as to advance, increase, or improve: Our spirits went up.
  7. With or to a greater intensity, pitch, or volume: turn the sound up.
  8. Into a state of excitement or turbulence: stir up; rouse up.
  9. Completely; entirely: drank it up in a gulp; fastened up the coat.
  10. Used as an intensifier of the action of a verb: typed up a list.
  11. So as to approach; near: came up and kissed me.
  12. To a stop: pulled up in front of the station.
  13. Each; apiece: The score was tied at 11 up.
  14. Apart; into pieces: tore it up.
  15. Nautical. To windward.
  1. Being above a former position or level; higher: My grades are up. The pressure is up.
    1. Out of bed: was up by seven.
    2. Standing; erect.
    3. Facing upward: two cards up, one down; the up side of a tossed coin.
  2. Raised; lifted: a switch in the up position.
  3. Moving or directed upward: an up elevator.
    1. Marked by increased excitement or agitation; aroused: Our fighting spirit was up.
    2. Informal. Cheerful; optimistic; upbeat.
    3. Slang. Happily excited; euphoric: After receiving the award, the performer was really up.
  4. Informal. Taking place; going on: wondered what was up back home.
  5. Being considered; under study: a contract that is up for renewal.
  6. Running as a candidate.
  7. On trial; charged: The defendant is up for manslaughter.
  8. Having been finished; over: Your time is up.
  9. Informal.
    1. Prepared; ready: had to be up for the game.
    2. Well informed; abreast: not up on sports.
  10. Functioning or capable of functioning normally; operational: Their computers are now up.
  11. Sports. Being ahead of one's opponent: up two strokes in golf.
  12. Baseball. At bat.
  13. As a bet; at stake.
  14. Nautical. Bound; headed: a freighter up for Panama.
  1. From a lower to or toward a higher point on: up the hill.
  2. Toward or at a point farther along: two miles up the road.
  3. In a direction toward the source of: up the Mississippi.
  4. Nautical. Against: up the wind.
  1. An upward slope; a rise.
  2. An upward movement or trend.
  3. Slang. A feeling of excitement or euphoria.

v., upped, up·ping, ups. v.tr.
  1. To increase: upped their fees; upping our output.
  2. To raise to a higher level, especially to promote to a higher position.
  3. Nautical. To raise: up anchor; up sail.
  1. To get up; rise.
  2. Informal. To act suddenly or unexpectedly: "She upped and perjured her immortal soul" (Margery Allingham).
on the up-and-up (or up and up) Informal.
  1. Open and honest.
up against
  1. Confronted with; facing: up against a strong opponent.
up to
  1. Occupied with, especially devising or scheming: a prowler up to no good.
  2. Able to do or deal with: didn't feel up to a long drive.
  3. Dependent on: The success of this project is up to us.
    1. To the point of; as far as: I'm up to chapter 15 in my book.
    1. As long as: allowed up to two hours to finish the test.
    1. As many as: seed that yields up to 300 bushels per acre.
[Middle English up, upward and uppe, on high, both from Old English ūp.]

freighter Pronunciation (noun) A vehicle, especially a ship, used for carrying freight.
Synonyms:bottom, merchant ship, merchantman
Usage:When the freighter sank in stormy seas, millions of dollars worth of cargo and goods were lost.


Line breaks: per|jure
Pronunciation: /ˈpəːdʒə/

Definition of perjure in English:


(perjure oneself or be perjuredLaw
1Wilfully tell an untruth or make a misrepresentation under oath; commit perjury:she admitted that she had perjured herself
1.1(as adjective perjured) (Of evidenceinvolvingwilfully told untruths:she was charged with giving perjured evidence in acourt of lawthe evidence was perjured


 ━ n. 【法】偽誓, 偽証(罪).
perjure yourself 
verb [R] LEGAL
to tell a lie in a law court, after promising formally to tell the truth:
The judge warned the witness not to perjure herself.

adjective LEGAL
a perjured testimony

noun [C] LEGAL

noun [U] LEGAL
the crime of telling lies in court when you have promised to tell the truth:
She was sentenced to two years in jail for committing perjury (= telling lies in a law court).

of or expressing sexual desire:
The film centres around the amorous adventures/exploits of its handsome hero.
Amanda had rejected his amorous advances.
━━ a. 好色の; 恋愛の; なまめかしい.
 am・or・ist ━━ n. 好色家; 恋愛文学作家.
 am・o・rous・ly ━━ ad.
 am・o・rous・ness ━━ n.

Mayor’s Amorous Texts Lead to Perjury Inquiry 
Detroit’s charismatic but scandal-plagued mayor and his chief of staff will be the subject of an investigation into whether they lied under oath when they denied having an extramarital affair.