2016年4月6日 星期三

oust, caucus, ouster, drive sb from power, delegation, superdelegate

If Bernie Sanders wins in Wisconsin, it will only be his fifth victory in a primary election; all of his other successes have been in states that hold caucuses

The secret of Bernie Sanders’s success

 Taiwan Caucus co-chair embroiled in scandal
Taipei Times
US Senator Robert Menendez, co-chair of the US Congressional Taiwan Caucus, is facing widespread allegations of unethical conduct. The allegations involve a friend's business dealings, flights to the Caribbean aboard a private plane and underage ...

U.S. Steps Up Pressure to Oust Assad
—The U.S. called for a new international coalition to drive Syrian President Bashar alAssad from power and end an 11-month uprising that looks poised to enter its bloodiest phase yet.

Yahoo's board ousted Chief Executive Carol Bartz after growing impatient with the lack of a turnaround at the company. Tim Morse, Yahoo's CFO, has been named interim CEO.

Company's shares jump 6% after Bartz's ouster.

陆克文是在周四早晨工党举行的一次“联线”会议(caucuse meeting)中辞职的,并没有迫使工党进行选举。周三晚间,对陆克文民意支持率大跌深感担忧的工党党魁们决定发起对其领导地位的挑战。

陆克文辞职 澳大利亚任命首位女总理
Gillard to take over as Australia’s PM

In an 11th hour move Kevin Rudd has bowed to pressure and stood down as Australia’s prime minister, making deputy prime minister Julia Gillard Australia’s first female leader. 陆克文(Kevin Rudd)在最后一刻屈服于压力,辞去了澳大利亚总理一职。原副总理朱莉娅•吉拉德(Julia Gillard)接任,成为澳大利亚首位女总理。
Mr Rudd resigned from the leadership at a caucus meeting on Thursday rather than force the party to a ballot. The challenge reared after a push late last night to oust Mr Rudd, driven by the factional power brokers within the Labor party concerned about his plummeting popularity. 陆克文是在周四早晨工党举行的一次“联线”会议(caucuse meeting)中辞职的,并没有迫使工党进行选举。周三晚间,对陆克文民意支持率大跌深感担忧的工党党魁们决定发起对其领导地位的挑战。
Late Wednesday night Mr Rudd remained defiant and vowed to fight until the end but by early Thursday morning he was encouraged to step down. 在周三深夜,陆克文仍然充满斗志,誓言将战斗到底,但周四早晨他选择了辞职。
The Welsh-born Ms Gillard, a lawyer who has long been in politics both as an adviser and MP, was elected unopposed and Wayne Swan, the Austrlaian treasurer, was elected Labor’s new deputy leader 出身于英国威尔士的吉拉德被毫无异议地任命为总理。她是一名律师,长期涉足政坛,先后 担任顾问和议员。财长韦恩•斯旺(Wayne Swan)被任命为工党第二把手。
Mr Rudd will be the first Labor prime minister to be dumped by his party before he could complete a term in office. 在澳大利亚历史上,陆克文成为首个尚未完成任期就被自己政党抛弃的工党总理。
Mr Rudd, ranked as one of Australia's most popular prime ministers in his first two years in power after his election in 2007, has seen his standing badly damaged by a series of policy mishaps over climate change and refugees. 陆克文于2007年当选总理,最初两年被评为澳大利亚历来最受欢迎的总理之一,但在气 候变化和难民问题上的一系列政策失误,使其声望大损。
He has also been hurt by a backlash led by powerful local mining companies over the government's decision to impose a so-called superprofits tax on the resources sector. 澳大利亚政府计划向资源行业征收暴利税的决定,引起国内各大矿业企业带头的反弹,这也 损及他的地位。
The well-funded campaign against the tax, led by some of the country's richest people in tandem with mining giants such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, has seen Labor support plummet in resource-rich states such as Queensland and Western Australia. 反对资源暴利税的活动受到慷慨资助,由澳大利亚国内一些最富有的人以及必和必拓 (BHP Billiton)和力拓(Rio Tinto)等矿业巨擘带头,已导致工党在昆士兰和西澳等资源丰富的数个州支持率大跌。
With an election expected later this year, the party's factional bosses, who represent the interests of both union powerbrokers and different state-based groupings, appear to have given up on Mr Rudd's regaining popularity. 澳大利亚将于今年晚些时候举行选举,工党内各派别领导人似乎已对陆克文再次获得民意支 持不抱希望。这些派别既包括工会权力掮客利益,也包括各州不同团体利益。
Mr Rudd, who had been due to fly to Canada today for summit of G20 nations, called the vote on his leadership late on Wednesday night after being informed by Ms Gillard that she would challenge him. 在吉拉德知会陆克文将挑战他后,陆克文于周三晚间召集了党内选举,就他的领导地位进行 表决。陆克文原定周四飞赴加拿大出席20国集团(G20)会议。


Beijing opens Games village 

The organisers of the Beijing Olympics have opened the official Athletes' Village. The venue will be home to some 16,000 competitors and officials during the summer games. It includes swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, a library, shopping zones, as well as a hospital and fire station. Several foreign delegations have already arrived in the Chinese capital with only 12 days to go before the games' opening ceremony.

"We have all been bombarded with e-mails from everybody and their mamas. Like, ‘Auntie Donna, you’re a superdelegate!’ My niece called me today to lobby me. I didn’t know what to say."DONNA BRAZILE of the Democratic National Committee, on the choice faced by superdelegates.

delegate (CHOSEN PERSON) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a person chosen or elected by a group to speak, vote, etc. for them, especially at a meeting:
Delegates have voted in favour of the motion.
Each union elects several delegates to the annual conference.

delegate Show phonetics
verb [T + object + to infinitive]
A group of four teachers were delegated (= chosen) to represent the school at the union conference.

delegation Show phonetics
group noun [C]
a group of delegates:
A delegation from Spain has/have arrived for a month.


━━ n. 代表者, 使節; (米州議会の)下院議員.
━━  vt. 代理として送る ((to)); 委任する ((to)).
 ━━ n. 代表団[制度], 代表団の派遣[任命], 代表団の任務[地位].
 del・e・ga・tion ━━ n. 代理[委員]派遣[任命]; 委任; ((単数形で複数扱いもある)) (派遣)委員団, 代表団.
delegation of authority 権限委譲.

Superdelegates are delegates to a presidential nominating convention in the United States who are not bound by the decisions of party primaries or caucuses. Superdelegates are usually party officials or elected officeholders. Superdelegates were first appointed in the 1970s, after control of the nomination process effectively moved out of the hands of party officials into the primary and caucus process. The aim was to allow party officials to have some say in the nominee.
In the Democratic primary phase of the 2004 U.S. Presidential electionHoward Dean acquired an early lead in delegate counts by obtaining the support of a number of superdelegates before even the first primaries were held.

(oust) pronunciation
tr.v., oust·ed, oust·ing, ousts.
  1. To eject from a position or place; force out: "the American Revolution, which ousted the English" (Virginia S. Eifert).
  2. To take the place of, especially by force; supplant. See synonyms at eject.
[Middle English ousten, from Anglo-Norman ouster, from Latin obstāre, to hinder. See obstacle.]

  • [áust]
1 …を(場所・地位などから)追い払う, 排除する((from, of ...))
oust a person from his post
2 《法律》…を(土地・建物などから)立ちのかせる;〈人から〉(土地・財産権などを)取り上げる((from, of ...)).
[アングロフランス語←ラテン語obstāre (ob-対して+stāre立つ=反対して立つ→排除する)]

  • [áustər]
1 追放, 排除;追放する者.
2 《法律》占有剥奪(はくだつ);(不動産の不法な)占有侵奪.

cau·cus ('kəs) pronunciation
n., pl., -cus·es, or -cus·ses.
    1. A meeting of the local members of a political party especially to select delegates to a convention or register preferences for candidates running for office.
    2. A closed meeting of party members within a legislative body to decide on questions of policy or leadership.
    3. A group within a legislative or decision-making body seeking to represent a specific interest or influence a particular area of policy: a minority caucus.
  1. Chiefly British. A committee within a political party charged with determining policy.

v., -cused, or -cussed, -cus·ing, or -cus·sing, -cus·es, or -cus·ses. v.intr.
To assemble in or hold a caucus.

To assemble or canvass (members of a caucus).

[After the Caucus Club of Boston (in the 1760s), possibly from Medieval Latin caucus, drinking vessel.]
1 ((米))(政党の)党員集会;議員総会.
2 ((英))(政党の)地方委員会.
3 ((米))(政党などの)幹部会.
━━[動](自)((米))(議員総会などで)討議する, 処理する.