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TAT'S magic! ⚡
Internet users are going crazy over this Harry Potter tattoo
The intriguing design is not all it seems.

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Henry James in Awe
As a child, Henry James displayed a precocious ability to “gape,” but little else. A collection of autobiographical writings published by the Library of America, comprised of three full-scale auto

Alaska: The Last Frontier Sneak Peek

With bear season nearly over, the pressure is on Jane & Atz Lee as they set out for their last hunt of the year.

Whatever comes of Scotland’s impending independence referendum, Britain owes that country a vote of thanks. For six months it has staged a festival of democracy, an Edinburgh tattoo of argument. Not a politician, not an airwave, not a town hall, not a wall, tree or road sign is free of the debate. If, as predicted, turnout tops 80%, that is a triumph in itself. Political participation is not dead when it matters.

Google data center首 先,台灣在國際海纜的地位,使許多作資料中心的產業不能忽略,二、這座機房花費數百億,要不要問問數百億有多少花在台灣?數百億投資沒有造就產業、人力, 就業?三、這座廠房讓台灣資訊界了解人家如何營運機房,這不是價值?難道中華電信機房是未來?四、每座如此的機房雖然只僱用不到百人,但不是就業?日月光 就是?五、當這類機房集中在台灣,就會引進海纜、peering以及相關高階服務行業進台灣,改變台灣產業結構,六、這類中心勢必增加台灣在國際曝光、討 論等等,而且該公司勢必思考投資發展,google不只是機房吧。。。。。

Zen Buddhist elders nearly prevented Abbot Loori’s ordination as a monk, after seeing a tattoo peeking from his robe. A Navy souvenir, it depicted an innocent-enough anchor, but Japanese associate tattoos with criminals, and Abbot Loori refused to erase his past.

RIM Gives Developers Peek at Smartphone

Research In Motion opened its annual developers conference by giving away prototypes of its next line of smartphones, hoping to create buzz for the struggling BlackBerry maker.

tat 3 

Pronunciation: /tat/ 

(also tatt)


tattoo:he wants to get his tats removed


Pronunciation: /ɡeɪp/ 


1Be or become wide open:[WITH COMPLEMENT]: a carpet bag gaped open by her feet
1.1Stare with one’s mouth open wide in amazement or wonder:he gaped at Sharp in silence


1A wide opening:a wide gape of the jaws
1.1An open-mouthed stare:she climbed into her sports car to the gapes of passers-by
1.2A widely open mouth or beak:juvenile birds with yellow gapes
1.3(the gapes) A disease of birds with gaping of the mouth as a symptom, caused by infestation with gapeworm.


Middle English: from Old Norse gapa; related to gap.


━━ n. 【キリスト教】聖職授任(式); 整頓; 配置.

intr.v., peeked, peek·ing, peeks.
  1. To glance quickly.
  2. To look or peer furtively, as from a place of concealment.
  3. To be only partially visible, as if peering or emerging from hiding: Tiny crocuses peeked through the snow.
A brief or furtive look.
[Middle English piken, perhaps alteration of Middle Dutch kieken, variant of kīken.]

Definition of peek in English:


1Look quickly or furtively:faces peeked from behind twitched curtains
1.1Protrude slightly so as to be just visible:his socks were so full of holes his toes peeked through


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quick or furtive look:she sneaked a peek at the map


  • 発音記号[tætúː]
He had [wore] a rose tattoo on his back.
━━[動](他)〈皮膚に〉入れ墨する;〈模様を〉(皮膚に)入れ墨する((on ...)).
tat・too・er, ・ist

1 ((単数形))(軍隊の)帰営ラッパ[太鼓, トランペット], 門限(合図).
2 (…を)ドンドンたたく音((on ...));(心臓などの)強い脈動.
3 ((英))(音楽に合わせ余興として夜間に行う)軍隊の野外分列行進.
beat the devil's tattoo
(興奮・焦燥・不機嫌などで)(机などを)指でコツコツたたく((on ...)).
━━(自)(…を)コツコツたたく((on ...)).


Line breaks: tat¦too
Pronunciation: /taˈtuː /

NOUN (plural tattoos)

1An evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters:a military tattoo takes place with clockwork precision
1.1British An entertainment consisting of music, marching, and the performance of displays and exercises by military personnel:a visit to Edinburgh during the Festival includes a visit to the Tattooa crash involving two Russian jet fighters at the International Air Tattoo
1.2A rhythmic tapping or drumming:she tapped her fingers in a nervous tattoo


mid 17th century (originally as tap-too) from Dutchtaptoe!, literally 'close the tap (of the cask)!'.


    To look intently and fixedly: eye, gape, gawk, gaze, goggle, ogle, stare. Idioms: gaze open-mouthed, rivet the eyes on. Seesee/not see.
peer2 noun
    One that is very similar to another in rank or position: coequal, colleague, compeer, equal, equivalent, fellow. Seesame/different/compare.
noun: peering
  1. 1.
    the exchange of data directly between Internet service providers, rather than via the Internet.

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