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Louis Braille was born on this day 1809. He invented a system of raised dots, detectable by the fingertips and used to signify letters, numerals and punctuation marks, in 1821. Is Braille now on the way out?

R Slater『重啟微軟』 (Microsoft Rebooted: How Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer Reinvented Their Company- 2004 – Portfolio 北京:中國社會科學,2006/5/19
To take the legal route than try to fnesse the allegations through some clever public relations spin. p.37/p.32

way-out Line breaks: way-out
Pronunciation: /weɪˈaʊt/ 

Definition of way-out in English:


Extremely unconventionalunusual, or avant-garde:teachers were accused of espousing way-out ideologies and teaching methods
spin (DECEIVING) noun [S or U] INFORMAL
when an idea or situation is expressed or described in a clever way that makes it seem better than it really is, especially in politics:
They have tried to put a positive spin on the situation.
This report puts a different spin on the issue.
(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
參考spin control 〔米俗〕 スピンコントロール(偏見を植え付けるための)情報操作.

spin control noun [U]
controlling or changing the way a matter is considered, often in politics:
We need to exercise some spin control on this situation before we find ourselves in serious trouble.

1 [U] the scientific study of the body and how its parts are arranged:
An understanding of human anatomy is important to a dancer.
He later became professor of anatomy at Kiel.

二十世紀初,羅馬尼亞的病理學家藍納( T. Rainer)在進行屍體剖檢時發現,死前有過激烈掙扎的人,腦下腺小柄上的血管會特別清晰可見。藍納並沒有正式發表這項觀察所得,但私下告知了一位醫學生波帕( Gregory Popa)。後來,波帕當上雅夕( Iasi)大學的解剖學教授,而於一九三○年發表了一篇經典之作,詳細描述了連接下視丘與腦下腺的血管構造。該篇以英文發表於《解剖學雜誌》( Journal of Anatomy )的論文當中,有極為精美的手繪插圖,至今仍有教科書使用。由於這段血管連接了位於下視丘及腦下腺前葉的兩個微血管叢,符合門脈血管(portal vessel )的定義,因此,波帕將其命名為腦下腺門脈。(人體最出名的門脈系統,是連接胃腸道與肝臟的肝門脈。)
波帕在劍橋的研究工作,得到一位醫學生哈里斯(Geoffrey Harris, 1913-1971 )的協助;哈里斯雖然還是個學生,但因表現出色,獲頒一份獎學金,正進行學士論文的實驗,主題是兔子反射性排卵的神經控制。因此,波帕與哈里斯兩人結合了彼此的長處,順利完成了實驗。他們將觀察所得聯名發表在《解剖學雜誌》:腦下腺門脈當中的血液,是從腦下腺往下視丘的方向流動。不過,這個結論卻是錯的,還引起了相當爭議。多年後,哈里斯說,他和波帕忘了顯微鏡下看到的影像,正好上下顛倒,因此他們把血流方向給弄反了。這個有趣的插曲,在哈里斯精采的研究生涯中,只能算是簡短的序曲罷了。 」( 神經內分泌學源起(三)—— 下視丘與腦下腺前葉 潘震澤老師 之blog 已從 YLib Blog 已搬家到

morbid anatomy 病理解剖学.

2 [C or U] the structure of an animal or plant:
the female anatomy
the anatomy of a leaf

3 [C] HUMOROUS a person's body:
On which part of her anatomy is she tattooed?
His painting style, although it had moments of naturalism, contained wild reinventions of anatomy but in such an idiosyncratic way that surrealism or any other "ism" did not appear to apply. Picasso had isolated an idiom for himself.

4 [C] FORMAL a detailed examination of a subject:
The whole play reads like an anatomy of evil.

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anatomical drawings

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
━━ n. 解剖(術,学); 分析(的研究); (動植物の)構造; 人体.
an・a・tom・i・cal, an・a・tom・ic ━━ a.
anatomically correct a. (人形などが)解剖学的に正しい ((性器も正しく表現されているという意)).
a・nat・o・mist ━━ n.

From “The Anatomist”


A True Story of Gray’s Anatomy.
By Bill Hayes.
Illustrated. 250 pp. Ballantine Books. $24.95.

Reviewed by D. T. MAX
One man’s quest to learn everything he could about the men behind Gray’s Anatomy.

The deals could lift the service by adding to it movies such as the Rocky series and shows such as "Grey's Anatomy" and "Ugly Betty." Still, Apple's iTunes, with music downloads its main feature, is far more widely used.

The New Modern Woman, Ambitious and Feeble
Everything wrong with “Grey’s Anatomy” and its soon-to-be spun spinoff is the fault of “Ally McBeal.”


Gray Matters

Attention, Spalding Gray and Steven Soderbergh fans: the filmmaker will answer questions after a special screening tonight of the late monologist’s “Gray’s Anatomy,” which he directed. Writing in 1997, Janet Maslin called the film, in which Gray deals with an eye ailment, “one more funny, self-dramatizing look at the eccentric world around him.” Gray’s widow, Kathleen Russo, will also be on hand, along with members of the cast of “Stories Left to Tell,” the theatrical retrospective of his monologues, to discuss how she’s keeping that eccentric viewpoint alive.
7:30 p.m., IFC Center, 323 Avenue of the Americas (West Third Street), (212) 924-7771; $15.

a・nat・o・mize ━━ vt. 解剖[分析]する.