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scrappy, irregular, bream, scrap or bit, scrid, saltwater, IV bags, intravenous

  The scrappy Anglo-Dutch company was the product of a merger of Shell Oil with Royal Dutch in 1907. It defied fearsome odds to muscle onto Standard Oil's home turf in America—and topple an empire

How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater

The tale of the IV bag shows how secrecy helps keep health care prices high: at every step from manufacturer to patient, there are confidential deals that obscure prices and profits.


In Massachusetts Senate Race, Top Democrat Has Rival

Marisa DeFranco, a lawyer with a scrappy group of supporters, is close to getting on the primary ballot against Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic front-runner.

Regional Dictionary Finally Hits 'Zydeco'
New York Times
Joan Houston Hall, chief editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English, still remembers the day back in the late 1990s when she typed “scrid” into Google. The word, meaning scrap or bit, was to be listed in the dictionary as a purely New ...

《intravenous hyperalimentation》中心静脈栄養法。上大静脈から点滴により高カロリー溶液を注入して栄養を摂取する方法。

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[形]静脈内の;静脈注射の an intravenous injection静脈注射 intravenous drugs静脈注射で注入する薬物.━━[名]静脈注射;点滴(略:IV).ìntra・..

Intravenous therapy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Infusion Therapy: A patient receiving medication via intravenous therapy. IV bags on a pole connected to IV lines. Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the ...

irregular , scrap (SMALL PIECE)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announcing major changes to the Pentagon budget that would shift the military's focus away from big, expensive weapons systems so it can dedicate more resources toward fighting irregular or guerilla wars. The budget clocks in at $534 billion, a 4 percent increase from last year, but involves so many cuts to some of the Pentagon's best known weapons programs that a big political fight seems almost inevitable.

George MacDonald Fraser

Jan 10th 2008
From The Economist print edition
George MacDonald Fraser, inventor of Flashman, died on January 2nd, aged 82

Rex Features
HARRY FLASHMAN never knew George MacDonald Fraser. That was a pity, because Mr Fraser knew every scrap about Flashman, from the points of his swaggering moustaches to the tips of his gleaming spurs.

scraps Show phonetics
plural noun
small bits of food which have not been eaten and which are usually thrown away:
We give all our scraps to our cat.scrap (SMALL PIECE) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a small irregular piece of something or a small amount of information:
Have you got a scrap of paper I could write on?
I've read every scrap of information I can find on the subject.
There's not a scrap of (= no) evidence to suggest that he committed the crime.


  1. Contrary to rule, accepted order, or general practice: irregular hiring practices.
  2. Not conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention: an irregular marriage.
  3. Not straight, uniform, or symmetrical: irregular facial features.
  4. Of uneven rate, occurrence, or duration: an irregular heartbeat.
  5. Deviating from a type; atypical.
  6. Botany. Having differing floral parts, as of a zygomorphic or asymmetrical flower.
  7. Falling below the manufacturer's standard or usual specifications; imperfect.
  8. Grammar. Departing from the usual pattern of inflection, derivation, or word formation, as the present forms of the verb be or the plural noun children.
  9. Not belonging to a permanent, organized military force: irregular troops.
  1. One, such as an item of merchandise, that is irregular.
  2. A soldier, such as a guerrilla, who is not a member of a regular military force.
irregularly ir·reg'u·lar·ly adv.

A tiny portion of food, usually referring to a small slice of pie or cake.
"Would you like the chocolate or the banana cream?"

"Oh, I'll just have a scrid of each."

Gutting sea breams a matter of nerves


brēm, brĭm)

n., pl., bream, or breams.

Any of several European freshwater fishes of the genus Abramis, especially A. brama, having a flattened body and silvery scales.

A similar fish, especially:

Any one of various saltwater fishes in the family Sparidae, such as the porgy.

Any one of various freshwater sunfishes of the genus Lepomis and related genera, such as the bluegill.
[Middle English breme, from Old French, of Germanic origin.]

of or found in salt water; living in the sea:saltwater fish
1 塩水[海水]の.
2 海水にすむ, 海産の;海の

saltwater fish

bream2 (brēm)

tr.v. Nautical, breamed, bream·ing, breams.

To clean (a wooden ship's hull) by applying heat to soften the pitch and then scraping.

[From Middle Dutch brem(e), furze, broom.]

1. 欧扁, 太阳鱼, 鲷科的海鱼
2. 清扫

scrap (ARGUMENT), Turning nasty

UNITED STATES: The Democratic nomination

Turning nasty

The scrap is getting uglier

Mar 12th 2008

nasty Show phonetics
1 bad or very unpleasant:
a nasty shock/surprise
There's a nasty smell in here.
He had a nasty cut above the eye.
She has a nasty habit of picking on people in meetings.

2 unkind:
Don't be so nasty to your brother - he's four years younger than you!

3 dangerous or violent:
In an emergency you could get out through a window, but it would be a nasty drop.
The situation could turn (= become) nasty at any moment.

4 rude or offensive:
She said some quite nasty things about him.

nastily Show phonetics
He laughed nastily (= unkindly) and walked away.

nastiness Show phonetics
noun [U]

scrap (ARGUMENT) a fight or argument, especially a quick noisy one about something unimportant:
A couple of kids were having a scrap in the street.

scrap  [I] -pp-

scrappy Adjective US
describes a person who often wants to argue or fight


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[skrǽp]
1 (…の)かけら, 切れはし, 断片((of ...))
a few scraps of news
2, 3の断片的ニュース
a scrap of an infant
She had not one scrap of talent.
He didn't care a scrap.
2 [U]くず(鉄), 廃物, スクラップ;[U][C]無用なもの, くず, がらくた;((〜s))残飯, 残り物, 脂肪かす, 魚かす
scraps of the wreckage
throw on the scrap heap
3 ((〜s))(印刷物・書き物の)切り抜き, (詩などの)断片((of ...)).
━━[形]廃物の, スクラップの, 残り物の, 捨てられた
scrap metal
━━[動](〜ped, 〜・ping)(他)…をくずとして捨てる;…をくずにする, 解体する;…を廃物にする;〈行事・制度などを〉廃止する
scrap the old ship
scrap the traditional motorcade


  • 発音記号[skrǽpi]
  • [形](-pi・er, -pi・est)((米略式))けんか[議論, 競争]好きの.
[形](-pi・er, -pi・est)かけら[くず]でできた, がらくたの;寄せ集めの;断片的な;支離滅裂の
a scrappy meal