2018年4月11日 星期三

broadside, throwaway, throws away, handbill, daredevi, imprint, pick, biller

President Trump, using Twitter posts as geopolitical broadsides, promised that missiles would be fired at Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack  and said relations between the U.S. and Russia were worse than ever.

“When a strong woman recklessly throws away her strength she is worse than a weak woman who has never had any strength to throw away.”- Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd

Luxury Cars Imprint Their Brands on Goods From Cologne to Clothing

Upscale automakers have been affixing their aspirational logos to non-automotive products as a way of protecting brands and cultivating loyalty.

OPINION | Op-Docs and The Magazine
'Daredevil on a Snowmobile'

This Op-Doc celebrates the achievements of Caleb Moore, a competitive snowmobiler who was the first athlete to fatally crash at the X Games.

Illusion, Enchantment and Wonder
This book celebrates more than 500 years of the dazzling visual culture of the world’s greatest magicians. Featuring more than 1,000 rarely seen vintage posters, photographs, handbills, and engravings as well as paintings by Hieronymus Bosch and Caravaggio among others, this 650-page volume traces the history of magic as a performing art from the 1400s to the 1950s.
Combining sensational images with lucid and incisive text, Magic explores the evolution of the magician’s craft, from medieval street performers to the brilliant stage magicians who gave rise to cinematic special effects; from the 19th century's Golden Age of Magic to groundbreaking daredevils like Houdini and the early 20th century's vaudevillians.

Obama Lags on Judicial Picks, Limiting His Mark on Courts

With relatively few lower-court appointments, President Obama has made less of an ideological imprint on the judiciary than liberals hoped and conservatives feared.

There is no Interactive Transcript. Published on Sep 22, 2012 by itnnews. The Taiwan Birdman contest in New Taipei City sees daredevils trying to fly in homemade planes.
One Therapist, $4 Million in 2012 Medicare Billing


Physical therapy is a big recipient of national Medicare dollars - and physical therapists in Brooklyn are among the biggest billers of all, government data indicates.

Stop the waste and say 'no' to throw-away umbrella covers

"There's a girl in my class who looks identical to Hillary Clinton."
How a throwaway comment helped unearth the story of presidential candidate's links to County Durham



[名] 〔ímprint〕
1 (押しつけてできた)印, 跡, 型
the imprint of a foot in the mud
leave an imprint on
2 印象, 痕跡(こんせき), 面影.
3 (書物の)出版事項:発行者[印刷者]名・住所・発行年月など(▼日本の本の奥付と異なり, 通例タイトルページにある).
4 インプリント, (識別のための)出版社名(吸収合併されたあとも使用している旧社名など);大出版社の子会社.
5 商標, ラベル.
6 (印刷物

1 [U]選択(権)
take one's pick
選ぶ, ほしいものを取る
have the pick of
2 ((米略式))選択された人[物];((通例the 〜))((略式))最上のもの, えり抜き.
3 (一時期の)収穫量.
4 一つつき, 一突き, 一打ち.

The noun has one meaning:
Meaning #1: an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution
Synonyms: circular, bill, broadside, broadsheet, flier, flyer, throwaway

Single sheet of paper, usually 81/20 3 110, in any color stock, imprinted with an advertising message or announcement of a sale or special event, and distributed by a local retailer. Often, handbills will be left on the counter in a retail store or placed in the entrance lobby of a large store for customers to pick up while shopping. Frequently, they are distributed by hand on the street or left on parked cars. For the local retailer, the handbill offers a quickly produced and inexpensive form of advertising. Handbills are also called throwaways (for obvious reasons). See also flier.
n. - 傳單, 招貼

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - ビラ, ちらし
Ryan Dunn, Daredevil Comedian, Dies at 34
plural noun: broadsides
  1. 1.
    a fierce verbal attack.

    "he launched a broadside against the economic reforms"

  2. 2.
    a firing of all the guns from one side of a warship.
    synonyms:salvovolleycannonadebarrageblastbombardmentfusillade, hail of bullets
    "the gunners fired broadsides"
3rd person present: broadsides
  1. 1.
    collide with the side of (a vehicle).

    "I had to skid my bike sideways to avoid broadsiding her"
  1. 1.
    denoting or relating to products that are intended to be discarded after being used once or a few times.
    "a throwaway camera"
  2. 2.
    (of a remark) expressed in a casual or understated way.
    "some people overreacted to a few throwaway lines"

  1. 1.
    a thing intended to be discarded after brief use.
    "the song is hardly even a throwaway"
(dâr'dĕv'əl) pronunciation
One who is recklessly bold. 拼命三郎

Recklessly bold. See synonyms at adventurous.

daredevilry dare'dev'il·ry or dare'dev'il·try (-trē) n.