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"As the Russian hackers have unwittingly revealed, Colin Powell remains a sharp observer of presidential politics, no matter whose club you belong to."

Hacking is shameful, but Powell’s missives show a clear-eyed critic with…

 China’s Secretive Banks Emerge From Shadows

A crackdown from China’s central bank — aimed at reining in banks engaged in deals that involve risky loans — worried investors overseas and brought fears of economic slowdown.
Members of Alternative for Germany, which held a party congress on Sunday in a Berlin hotel.German Elites Drawn to Anti-Euro Party, Spelling Trouble for Merkel


Alternative for Germany, started by a Hamburg economics professor, could play the role of spoiler in the September elections. 

For Car Renters, Signing May Mean Trouble
Some Dollar Rent a Car customers say they unwittingly signed up for insurance even after verbally declining it.

Should Therapists Play Cupid?

Temptation lurks for therapists to play matchmaker for patients.

The modern matchmakers



Vatican Is Split Over Pressure for a Less Secretive Bank

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is under mounting pressure to clean up its bank — long the subject of dark intrigue — in a push by the European Union to apply common rules for the use of the euro.


Internet dating sites claim to have brought science to the age-old question of how to pair off successfully. But have they?

FOR as long as humans have romanced each other, others have wanted to meddle. Whether those others were parents, priests, friends or bureaucrats, their motive was largely the same: they thought they knew what it took to pair people off better than those people knew themselves.

Even if China became the world’s biggest economy by 2018, Americans would remain much richer, with a GDP per head four times that in China. But Rupert Hoogewerf, the founder of the annual Hurun Report on China’s richest citizens, reckons that it may already have more billionaires. His latest survey identified 270 dollar billionaires but the true total, he says, is probably double that because many Chinese are secretive about their wealth. According to the Forbes rich list, America has 400 billionaires or so.

'What the Dog Saw'

The themes of this collection are a good way to characterize the author himself: a minor genius who unwittingly demonstrates the hazards of statistical reasoning.

The Times looked at Google's role in the failed deal talks, describing it as "both unwitting matchmaker and self-interested spoiler." Separately, there were reports that while Yahoo and Google recently appeared close to a deal, things seems to have cooled recently. Go to Article from The New York Times»

I saw the new Pizza Hut TV commercial that advertises its new line of Tuscani pastas. The commercial purports to gather unwitting eaters to try the food at Tuscani in New York, and then revealing to them on hidden camera that in fact it's Pizza Hut pasta, not Tuscani's pasta.

The Fairfield Greenwich Group has portrayed itself as an unwitting victim of Bernard L. Madoff's fraud. But for Fairfield, a secretive hedge fund advisory firm, working with Mr. Madoff was hugely profitable, The New York Times writes.


Re: Hi

Oct 30th 2007
From Economist.com
AMERICA relays more spam to the world's inbox than any other country. Despite the CAN-SPAM Act, nearly 30% of all unsolicited e-mails between July and September were sent via computers in America, says Sophos, an internet-security firm. The nature of spam is also changing. Although penis enlargers and African fraudsters still abound, popular recent additions include fake e-cards and virus-riddled PDF attachments. The boom in digital music also provides a new avenue. As many as one in ten spam e-mails attach dodgy MP3 files or ringtones to lure the unwitting user, according to MXSweep, an anti-spam company.
[名]結婚媒介人, 仲人(なこうど);(男女の)仲を取りもつ人.
adjective [before noun] FORMAL ━━ a. 知らない, 無意識の.
without knowing or planning:
The two women claimed they were the unwitting victims of a drugs dealer who planted a large quantity of heroin in their luggage.

adverb FORMAL
I regret any anxiety or concern which I may, unwittingly, have caused.

un·wit·ting (ŭn-wĭt'ĭng) pronunciation
  1. Not knowing; unaware: an unwitting subject in an experiment.
  2. Not intended; unintentional: an unwitting admission of guilt.
[Middle English : un-, not; see un–1 + witting, present participle of witten, to know (from Old English witan).]

歷史告訴我們:佔據領先地位的海軍強國永遠會四處找尋下一個海軍強國。華盛頓的戰略和預算估計中心(Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments)高級分析員羅伯特·沃爾克(Robert Work)說,中國正在崛起中,所以她一定會發展其海軍。我們可能不會和中國開戰,但我們必須預先設想如何阻擋她的崛起(hedge against it)。

中國海軍目前唯一的競爭者就是美國(海軍),連其在亞洲的長期對手日本都是美國的盟邦。麥德偉在座談會上附和了沃爾克的說法,中國可說是美國海軍最大的潛在破壞者(greatest potential spoiler)。
hedge (PROTECTION) noun [C]
a way of protecting, controlling or limiting something:
She'd made some overseas investments as a hedge against rising inflation in this country.

1 [T + adverb or preposition; usually passive] to limit something severely:
We've got permission, but it's hedged about/around with strict conditions.

2 [I] to try to avoid giving an answer or taking any action:
Stop hedging and tell me what you really think.

━━ v. (spoilt, ~ed) (主要素を奪って)悪くする[なる], まずくさせる[なる], 腐らす[る]; (投票が)無効になるような記入をする; 〔古〕 ((過去形・過去分詞は ~ed)) 略奪する ((of)); 子供を甘やかす.
be spoiling for …したくて腕が鳴る.
be spoilt for choice より取り見取りで決めかねる.
Too many cooks spoil the broth. 〔ことわざ〕 船頭多くして船山に上る.
━━ n. (時にpl.) 略奪[戦利]品; (pl.) 掘出し物; (pl.) (与党の)官職, 役得.
spoil・age ━━ n. 損傷(物・額・量).

1. 掠奪者
2. 損壞者
3. 【美】(競選中)拆臺者
aileron spoiler 副翼擾流器
航空太空 spoiler 擾流板

spoil・er ━━ n. (飛行機・レーシングカーの)スポイラー ((空気抵抗の増大・揚力減衰のための翼状の装置)); スポイラー ((録音装置に組み込まれている不正録音防止装置)); 【スポーツ】相手をうまくかわす選手; 〔米〕 有力チーム[選手]を台無しにするチーム[選手]; 〔米〕 妨害候補[者].


  • 1a person or thing that spoils something: it is a sad thing that so many so-called book lovers are book spoilers
  • (especially in a political context) a person who obstructs or prevents an opponent’s success while having no chance of winning a contest themselves: he is perceived as a genuine factor in the presidential election, a certified political spoiler
  • a news story published to divert attention from and reduce the impact of a similar item published elsewhere: the paper ran a spoiler
  • a description of an important plot development in a television programme, film, etc. before it is shown to the public.
  • 2a flap on the wing of an aircraft which can be projected in order to create drag and so reduce speed.
  • a structure on a motor vehicle intended to improve roadholding when travelling at very high speeds.
3an electronic device for preventing unauthorized copying of sound recordings by means of a disruptive signal inaudible on the original.

spoils・man 〔米〕 官職占取者, 利権屋.
spoil・sport 他人の興をそぐ人.
spoils sstem 〔米〕 猟官職占取制度 ((与党が得をする習わし)).

spoil (DESTROY) [Show phonetics]
verb spoiled or spoilt, spoiled or spoilt
1 [T] to destroy or reduce the pleasure, interest or beauty of something:
He tried not to let the bad news spoil his evening.
The oil spill has spoilt the whole beautiful coastline.
I haven't seen the film, so don't spoil it for me by telling me what happens.
You'll spoil your appetite for dinner if you have a cake now.

2 [I or T] When food spoils or is spoilt, it is no longer good enough to eat:
The dessert will spoil if you don't keep it in the fridge.

3 [T] UK SPECIALIZED to mark a ballot paper so that it cannot be officially counted as a vote:
Since she supported none of the candidates, she spoiled her ballot paper.

spoiler [Show phonetics]
noun [C]
an newspaper article, television programme, etc. that is produced just before or at the same time as another similar one in order to take attention away from it
See also spoiler.

spoiler [Show phonetics]
noun [C]
a device on a car or aircraft which is positioned so that it stops the air from flowing around the vehicle in a smooth way and so helps to control it
See also spoiler at spoil (DESTROY).


Pronunciation: /ˈsiːkrɪtɪv/


  • (of a person or an organization) inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information:she was very secretive about her past
  • (of a state or activity) characterized by the concealment of intentions and information:secretive deals
  • (of a person’s expression or manner) having an enigmatic or conspiratorial quality:a secretive smile






mid 19th century: back-formation from secretiveness, suggested by French secrétivité, from secret 'secret'


  • 発音記号[síːkritiv]
[形](…を)隠しだてする((about ...)), 秘密主義の. ⇒SECRET[形]4