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Aircraft-like machines that skim the sea have consistently failed to become something better than the established alternatives. Until now. One of our most popular posts in recent years
Ground-effect vehicles are a clever idea whose time has never come—so far

第二點。雖然鄂蘭了解學科分類的重要性,但也指出學科分類可能成為思考怠惰的窒礙。「無所依傍的思考」(thinking without bannisters) 是她所堅持的跨領域研究方法。在 1964 年接受目「關於此人」(Zur Person)的專訪5中,她自稱她並非哲學家:

Gropius House, Lincoln

The Gropiuses wanted their home to reflect its surroundings and traveled around New England studying its vernacular architecture. In designing the house, Gropius combined traditional elements of New England architecture such as clapboard, brick, and fieldstone, with new, innovative materials, such as glass block, acoustical plaster, and chromed banisters, along with the latest technology in fixtures.
Gropius House, Lincoln

The musical adaptation of
Like the Movie, Only Different


As film companies invest heavily in turning movies into Broadway musicals, they are finding that it's not so easy to pinpoint what might ensure a crossover success.

Crossover is key, says pop violinist David Garrett

David Garrett is considered one of the fastest violinists in the world. Add
good looks and a crossover style and he's any agent's dream. Garrett told
DW why he wants to interest young people in classical music.

The DW-WORLD Article

Clapboard (architecture) - Wikipedia, the 


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chiefly North American
  • a long, thin, flat piece of wood with edges horizontally overlapping in series, used to cover the outer walls of buildings: [as modifier]:neat clapboard houses
  • informal a house with outer walls covered in clapboards.


early 16th century (denoting a piece of oak used for barrel staves or wainscot): partial translation of Low German klappholt 'barrel stave', from klappen 'to crack' + holt 'wood'

A Skimmer's Guide to the Latest Business Books

v., skimmed, skim·ming, skims. v.tr.
    1. To remove floating matter from (a liquid).
    2. To remove (floating matter) from a liquid.
    3. To take away the choicest or most readily attainable contents or parts from.
  1. To coat or cover with or as if with a thin layer, as of scum.
    1. To throw so as to bounce or slide: skimming stones on the pond.
    2. To glide or pass quickly and lightly over or along (a surface). See synonyms at brush1.
  2. To read or glance through (a book, for example) quickly or superficially.
  3. Slang. To fail to declare part of (certain income, such as winnings) to avoid tax payment.

The staircase was as wooden and solid as need be, and Affery went straight down it without any of those deviations peculiar to dreams. She did not skim over it, but walked down it, and guided herself by the banisters on account of her candle having died out. In one corner of the hall, behind the house-door, there was a little waiting-room, like a well-shaft, with a long narrow window in it as if it had been ripped up. In this room, which was never used, a light was burning.


Mrs Flintwinch has a Dream

Such tight supplies cut the need for sales incentives. "We're getting full price," Mr. Marquardt said. It will be a challenge for GM to keep the three crossovers in this position. A Chevrolet version is in the works, and could skim buyers from the Buick, GMC and Saturn models.

skim (CONSIDER QUICKLY) Show phonetics
verb [I or T] -mm-
to read or consider something quickly in order to understand the main points, without studying it in detail:
I've only skimmed (through/over) his letter; I haven't read it carefully yet.
We've only skimmed the surface of (= considered a small part of) the problem. Inc.com Blogs
Inc.com - New York,NY,USAI'm certainly not suggesting anyone skim the seminal works of Peter Drucker, Warren Bennis, Jim Collins and their ilk. In addition, there are business books ...

skim (MOVE ABOVE) Show phonetics
verb -mm-
1 [I or T] to move quickly just above a surface without touching it:
The birds skimmed (across/along/over) the tops of the waves.

2 [T] UK (US skip) to throw a flat stone horizontally over water so that it touches and rises off the surface several times:
We watched a child skimming stones across the lake.

  1. A place at which or the means by which a crossing is made.
  2. A short connecting track by which a train can be transferred from one line to another.
  3. Genetics.
    1. Crossing over.
    2. A characteristic resulting from the exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes during meiosis.
  4. A registered member of one political party who votes in the primary of the other party.
    1. The adaptation of a musical style, as by blending elements of two or more styles or categories, to appeal to a wider audience.
    2. A recording designed to appeal to more than one segment or portion of the listening audience.
    3. One that appeals to a wide or diverse audience.
noun: bannister
  1. the structure formed by the uprights and handrail at the side of a staircase.
    "he vaulted the banister"
    synonyms:handrailrailingrailbalustrade, banisters;
    • a single upright at the side of a staircase.
      "I stuck my head between the banisters"


ban • is • ter
banisters (複数形)
1 手すり子(baluster).
2 ((時に〜s))(階段の)手すり, 欄干.

Ground effect (cars) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ground effect is a term applied to a series of aerodynamic effects used in car design, which has been exploited to create downforce, particularly in racing cars.