2016年10月18日 星期二

outdo, validation, crave, panhandle, wet wipes, aisle, muddle, turned down, take down, cross the political aisle

The window seat is for those who retain a sense of adventure about travel. The aisle seat is for those who value utility. It seems that the more that you fly, the more likely you are to prefer the aisle seat

One is for dreamers, the other for cynics

Student panhandles on the streets of Lowell, Massachusetts to fund her college education.

At a gathering of Donald Trump supporters, many reveal that he offers them something they crave: validation

HOW MIGHT Republicans stop Donald Trump? A gathering of 29 Trump supporters this week in northern Virginia mostly offered lessons in how not to do it. The three-hour...

How to Keep Electronics Going With No Power

How a tech columnist muddles through a 10-day stretch without electricity and Internet (not to mention heat or hot water). Sometimes, the technologies a columnist and his family crave most are 100 years old.

《中英對照讀新聞》Groom fixes teeth to marry dentist’s daughter新郎整牙為娶牙醫之女
Gordon Taylor of Wight Isle, 32, was told to get his teeth fixed before he could walk down the aisle with Sarah Lewis, 26, daughter of a dentist.

John McCain accepted his party's nomination for president yesterday and portrayed himself as a public servant able to rise above his party and reach out across the aisle to bring about the change in Washington that voters so desperately crave. By talking so much about change, McCain "sought to claim [Barack] Obama's campaign theme as his own," notes USA Today.

Why Does the Penguin Get the Aisle Seat?

In a YouTube video, a passenger on a recent Delta flight captured two unlikely seatmates in first class: a couple of penguins from Sea World.

Cyberwar Against WikiLeaks? Good Luck With That
-- Fri, 13 Aug 2010 23:30:00 GMT2010-08-13T23:30:00Z A Washington Post columnist says Obama should use the government's "cyber" capabilities to take down WikiLeaks. Here's why that won't work.
1. Bring from a higher position to a lower one, as in After the sale they took down all the signs. [c. 1300]
2. Take apart, dismantle, as in They took down the scaffolding. [Mid-1500s]
3. Humble or humiliate; see take down a notch.
4. Record in writing, as in Please take down all these price quotations. [Early 1700s]
Shoppers who lived in the neighborhood said they were drawn by the convenience and the merchandise.
“It’s not so much the prices, it’s the quality,” said Erica Albero, 28. And Cassandra Williams, 56, said that while she usually drove to a Pathmark on 125th Street, she was impressed by the Target groceries. “You know what? The store looks really good,” she said as she turned down an aisle of pots and pans.
With plans to open more stores in New York City — next up is Flushing, in October — Target is doing advance charity work in Queens to get the neighborhood there on its side. Since July, it’s been sponsoring free admission to the Queens Museum of Art’s outdoor festivals each Friday, featuring dancing, film and music.
Not to be outdone, Wal-Mart has given $9 million to New York City-based charities in the last three years, despite not having a single store in the city — yet.

Anyone who wishes an aisle seat should see an attendant

win over

Obama’s War Speech Wins Over Some Skeptics
While opinions on the war in Afghanistan remained diverse, President Obama managed to persuade a significant number of people on both sides of the political aisle.

First you get outdone by Patrick Stewart and some wet wipes, then you get bested by a bookshop on Twitter. It's not been a great week on social media for David Cameron, has it?




verb (transitive)
to confirm or corroborate
to give legal force or official confirmation to; declare legally valid

Made by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a health and hygiene company. Made popular by Cam'ron's song "Wet Wipes" off of "Killa Season". Apparently their stock has rocketed since the rapper's song gained recognition.

Implied for the use of cowardly people, or "pussies".
Also, for the females to clean themselves. I assume if they stank.
Let my muscles show, cause I'm like Russell Crowe
Beautiful mind, took his bitch, hustle hoe
That was her boo, yes sir true
But I collect the chicken, call me Purdue
His ex wife, a new sex life
But ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it, go get ya wet wipes

Irish Beggars Told to Mind Manners
As Economy Slumps, New Law Targets Aggressive Panhandling

v. Informal.-dled-dling-dlesv.intr.
To approach strangers and beg for money or food.
  1. To approach and beg from (a stranger).
  2. To obtain by approaching and begging from a stranger: panhandled money. See synonyms at cadge.

  1. To ask or ask for as charity: bumcadgeInformal panhandleSlang moochSee request.
  2. To make an earnest or urgent request:
Syllabification: out·do

verb (outdoes, outdoing; past outdid; past participle outdone)

[with object] Be more successful than: the men tried to outdo each other in their generosity not to be outdone, Vicky and Laura reached the same standard More example sentences
  • A peak performer tries to outdo his last great performance every time he takes the field.
  • Sprinkled with star performances and exotic themes, celebrity weddings are outdoing each other on extravagance.
  • If you look at kids in elementary schools playing sports, the girls excel, often outdoing the boys.

turn down
1. Fold or double down, as in They always turn down your bed here, or Turn down your collar. [c. 1600]
2. Invert, as in She turned down her cards, or They turn down the glasses in the cupboard. [Mid-1700s]
3. Reject, fail to accept, as in They turned down his proposal, or Joe was turned down at four schools before he was finally accepted. [Late 1800s]
4. Diminish in volume, brightness, or speed. For example, Please turn down the radio; it's too loud, or They turned down the lights and began to dance. [Second half of 1800s]


  • 発音記号[áil]
1 ((主に米))
(1) (バス・列車・旅客機・劇場・教室などの)座席間の通路;細長い通路.
(2)aisle seat
I'll take the aisle.
2 (教会堂の)側廊;礼拝堂の中央通路.
3 ((米))(スーパー・百貨店などの)商品の置いてある場所の間の通路. ⇒LANE
cross the aisle
鞍替えする, 変節[転向]する.
down the aisle
take her down the aisle
in the aisles
roll in the aisles
knock [have, leave] the audience in the aisles
walk [go] down [up] the aisle
[中英語ele, eill←フランス語←ラテン語āla(翼). -s-はisleとの混同による. ai-はフランス語形aileの影響]

the aisle 指國會的.....

noun [C]
1 a long narrow space between rows of seats in an aircraft, cinema or church:
Would you like an aisle seat or would you prefer to be by the window?

2 a long narrow space between the rows of shelves in a large shop:
You'll find the shampoo and the soap in the fourth aisle along from the entrance.

go/walk down the aisle INFORMALto get married
walk down the aisle with:片語,步上紅毯。這裡的aisle指西式婚禮中教堂中央讓新人走上祭壇的走道,通常會鋪上紅毯。People crave genuine security, not handouts

craving Show phonetics
noun [C]
a strong or uncontrollable desire:
I have a craving for chocolate.

crave Show phonetics
verb [T]
Many young children crave attention.

  • 発音記号[kréiv]

1III[名]/that節]…を切望[渇望, 熱望]する;〈…〉したがる.
2 ((形式))〈物・事が〉…を要求する, 必要とする;〈人が〉〈物を〉熱心に請う, 懇請する
I crave your pardon.
━━(自)(…を)懇願する((for ...));(…を)渇望する, 切望する((for, after ...))
crave for food