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"He was arguably the purest font of angst—and inarguably one of the most powerful male voices—in mainstream music since 2000." (via The Atlantic)

The Linkin Park singer, dead at 41, may have been the purest voice of angst on the radio this millennium.

Mr. Obama arrives at the presidency Tuesday after a transition that betrayed little if any perspiration and no hint of nervousness. Throughout the 77 days since his election, he has been a font of cool confidence, never too hot, never too cold, seemingly undaunted by the magnitude of troubles awaiting him and unbothered by the few setbacks that have tripped him up.

Style critics hit latest Ikea design: catalog type 設計評論家抨擊Ikea最新設計:目錄字體
Ikea, the Swedish furniture chain, says it never expected such a backlash after switching typeface in its latest catalog.
The company’s decision to make its first such font change in 50 years — from the iconic Futura typeface to the Verdana one — has caused a worldwide reaction on the Internet.
"We’re surprised," Ikea spokeswoman Camilla Meiby said. "But I think it’s mainly experts who have expressed their views, people who are interested in fonts. I don’t think the broad public is that interested."
Verdana was invented by Microsoft for use on a computer screen, not on paper. Its wide, open letters with space between characters are designed to increase legibility on small computer screens.
Ikea said that in order to reach many people in many different ways, it needed a font that works in both digital and print media.
But some Ikea fans were outraged, finding Verdana less elegant than Futura. The online forum Typophile ended its first post with the words, "It’s a sad day."
backlash:名詞,指對某事物的強烈反應或反對,如the Sixties backlash against bourgeois materialism(60年代對於中產階級唯物主義的強烈反動)。
typeface:名詞,指鉛字字樣、印刷字體,如Use bold typeface for your headings.(標題應使用粗體字。)
legibility: 名詞,指(字跡等的)易讀性、辨識程度,形容詞為legible,如Her handwriting is barely legible.(她寫的字別人根本看不懂。)亦可指能夠輕易看出來的,如legible weaknesses in character and disposition(在性格與氣質上的明顯缺點。)反義字則為illegible。


IPhone X faces delays due to parts called ‘Romeo and Juliet’

The iPhone X’s supply chain woes now have the making of a Shakespearean tragedy.
Early Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported (paywall) that the components of the iPhone X giving Apple the most trouble are named Romeo and Juliet.
The pair combine to make Apple’s brand new Face ID feature possible, with Romeo projecting the 30,000 invisible dots that create a depth map of your face and Juliet analyzing them to unlock your phone.
And though, like their literary namesakes, Romeo and Juliet are destined to be together, the components have tripped up* the tech giant because Romeo takes longer to manufacture than Juliet, causing a supply imbalance and slowing down production.
         *to make a mistake, or to cause someone to make a mistake. The tests are designed to trip you up. trip up on: I tripped up on a couple of questions.
trip up (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

In other words, there are many Juliets in Apple’s factories waiting for their Romeo to arrive.
This is just the latest supply chain rumor to loom over the iPhone X’s impending Nov. 3 release date.
Previous reports indicated that it was the production of the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge OLED screen — a first for Apple — that was causing most of the issues.
Apple was eventually forced to scrap its Touch ID fingerprint scanner for the X because it was difficult to incorporate into the new design.
The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, on the other hand, still have Touch ID sensors, but do not feature Face ID.
Before this report, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that Apple will not be able to fully meet demand until halfway through 2018. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus start at $699 and $799, respectively, while the iPhone X starts at an eye-watering $999.
Apple’s so-called “future of the smartphone” will be made available for pre-order on Oct. 27, and hits stores Nov. 3.

蘋果iPhone X生產因零部件問題再遇麻煩

知情人士稱,蘋果公司在新款手機iPhone X的生產方面遇到了又一個障礙,這次的問題出在被稱為“羅密歐與朱麗葉”的一對零部件上。這一問題更增加了外界對缺貨的擔憂。

To date, only select scholars have had the chance to read Bourgeois's stunning writing. Now, her foundation is sharing it with the world.

bourgeois 還有人當姓
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Definitions of bourgeois
of or characteristic of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.
a rich, bored, bourgeois family
synonyms: middle-classpropertiedconventionalconservativeconformistprovincialsuburbansmall-townwhite-bread
a bourgeois person.
a self-confessed and proud bourgeois
synonyms: member of the middle classproperty owner


  1. A basin for holding baptismal water in a church.
  2. A receptacle for holy water; a stoup.
  3. The oil reservoir in an oil-burning lamp.
  4. An abundant source; a fount: She was a font of wisdom and good sense.
[Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin fōns, font-, from Latin, fountain.]

trip (sb) up (FALL) phrasal verb [M]
to fall because you hit your foot on something, or to make someone fall by putting your foot in front of their foot:
I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to trip you up.
She tripped up on the rug.