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joiner, tinsmith, Redeemer, deliverer, coffin

The Christ the Redeemer statue is lit by a full moon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 19th 2016

Obama's Bain Attacks: One Nail in a Well-Crafted Coffin

Rothschild's Fiddle

IT WAS  a tiny town, worse than a village, inhabited chiefly by old people who so seldom died that it was really vexatious.  Very few coffins were needed for the hospital and the jail; in a word, business was bad.  If Yakov Ivanov had been a maker of coffins in the county  town, he would probably have owned a house of his own by now, and would have been called Mr. Ivanov, but here in this little place he was simply called Yakov, and for some reason his nickname was Bronze.  He lived as poorly as any common peasant in a little old hut of one room, in which he and Martha, and the stove, and a double bed, and the coffins, and his joiner's bench, and all the necessities of housekeeping were stowed away. 

Beside what he received for his work as a joiner, he added a little to his income by playing the violin. There was a Jewish orchestra in the town that played for weddings, led by the tinsmith Moses Shakess, who took more than half of its earnings for himself.

"Yakov!" cried Martha unexpectedly, "I am dying!"
He looked round at his wife. Her face was flushed with fever and looked unusually joyful and bright. Bronze was troubled, for he had been accustomed to seeing her pale and timid and unhappy. It seemed to him that she was actually dead, and glad to have left this hut, and the coffins, and Yakov at last. She was staring at the ceiling, with her lips moving as if she saw her deliverer Death approaching and were whispering with him.

(A joiner is a type of a carpenter that cuts and fits joints in wood without the use of nails, screws, or other metal fasteners. Joiners usually work in a workshop ...
join·er (joi n r). n. 1. A carpenter, especially a cabinetmaker. 2. Informal A person given to joining groups, organizations, or causes.
1 ((主に英))指物(さしもの)師, 建具屋.
2 ((米略式))いろいろな団体に好んで顔を出す人.)

An entire book on the "Carol"-era Dickens alone could be created from the material that Mr. Slater includes in this compendious and fascinating biography. He seems to have consulted every scrap—and there were tens of thousands—that Dickens scribbled on in his 58 years, to produce exactly what the book's subtitle promises: "a life defined by writing."


Pronunciation: /rɪˈdiːmə/ 


1A person who redeems someone or something.
1.1(often the Redeemer) Christ.

Redeemer :贖世主;拯救者:指耶穌基督。
Redemption, the :救贖;拯救;救援:世人因原罪而失寵於天主,但天主因愛人而派遣了救贖者-聖子耶穌降生、被釘十字架,讓世人重回天主懷抱。

com·pen·di·ous (kəm-pĕn'dē-əs) pronunciation

Containing or stating briefly and concisely all the essentials; succinct.

[Middle English, from Late Latin compendiōsus, from Latin compendium, a shortening. See compendium.]
compendiously com·pen'di·ous·ly adv.

a person who delivers goods to customers usually over a regular local route deliverer>
Synonyms deliverer
one that saves from danger or destruction deliverers profusely>

1 [deliver A B/deliver B to A]〈A(人・家など)にB(手紙・荷物など)を〉届ける, 配達する, 送付する
deliver letters
deliver services
Please deliver this book to him [=him this book].
2III[名]([副])](人に)〈意見などを〉述べる;〈判決などを〉申し渡す, 〈命令を〉下す((to ...))
deliver a lecture
deliver an ultimatum
He delivered his speech beautifully, but it had little real content.
3 ((話))…をやり遂げる, 果たす, 達成する
deliver today's sales
(1) ((形式))[deliver A of B]〈A(女性・雌)がB(子)を〉分娩(ぶんべん)するのを助ける[に立ち会う];((受身))(子供を)産む((of ...))
be delivered of a baby girl
The midwife delivered Mrs. Smith of a daughter.
The cow was delivered of a calf.
(2) 〈子を〉産む
She delivered a son at midnight.
5 〈球などを〉投げる;…を射出[排出]する, 発する, …を産出する, 出す;((比喩))〈打撃などを〉(…に)加える((to ...))
deliver a curve
6 ((しばしば受身))((形式))〈要塞(さい)・町などを〉(敵に)明け渡す, 〈財産などを〉(人に)引き渡す, 手離す((up, over/to ...));…を交付[手交]する
deliver a suspect to the courtroom
They demanded that I deliver up my fortune.
7 [deliverA B/deliver B to A]((主に米))(選挙で)〈A(候補者)のためにB(票・支持)を〉集める
We'll deliver him all our support [=deliver all our support to him].
8 ((しばしば受身))((文))《聖書》〈人・魂などを〉(束縛・わななどから)解放する, 自由にする, …を(…から)救い出す, 助ける((from, out of ...))
deliver him from evil
deliver an animal from a trap
They were delivered from the hands of their enemies.
1 (品物・製品を)配達する
The grocer delivers free of charge.
2 (口に出して)言う, 述べる.
3 子供を産む, お産をする
She delivered two weeks prematurely.
4 〈人が〉解放される, 自由の身になる.
5 ((略式))(…を)うまくやりとげる, 期待にそう;(約束を)果たす((on ...))
He never delivers on his promises.
deliver oneself of ...
〈思想・意見などを〉(自信ありげに)述べる, (口に出して)言う.