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perforce, potent cocktail, potentate, indefatigable

Anne found Captain Benwick again drawing near her. Lord Byron's "dark blue seas" could not fail of being brought forward by their present view, and she gladly gave him all her attention as long as attention was possible. It was soon drawn, perforce another way.

Miss Suu Kyi, inspiring figure though she is, is an untested leader who has perforce been woefully out of touch with events.

And the reason is, that my secretary cannot transcribe Sweet, having been perforce taught in the schools of Pitman. Therefore, Sweet railed at Pitman as vainly as Thersites railed at Ajax: his raillery, however it may have eased his soul, gave no popular vogue to Current Shorthand.

For all the humble charm of Pope Francis, the Vatican's relations with China will be hard to fix. The forces keeping them apart are still potent. But so are those pushing them together http://econ.st/1s9gF0k

 Of the great composers of the distant past, the surest comparison is with Joseph Haydn, whose long career, classical bent, and indefatigable humour and inventiveness Carter shared. His early career was set in motion by Ives, but it was only in the years following the second world war that Carter found his real voice. With his First String Quartet, completed in 1951, he achieved a remarkable balance between lightness of touch and unprecedented complexity, a potent cocktail that remained his stylistic hallmark.

The trouble, it seems to me, is that translation is perceived as a function, not an agency. It's not fully personalised and accredited work. No one sees it. You're an ambulance driver, not a surgeon. If not me, then someone else. If not someone else, then me. When people buy a book, they want to read the author, not a centaur or a Chapman brothers figure - the work, and not the product of something I once described as "the strange bi-authorship of translation". If the book was written in a different language, then there will, perforce, have to have been a translator involved in it, but the reader prefers to remain unaware of that. It may even be disagreeable to be informed or reminded of the fact. Even otherwise bookish people seem never to know who translated the book they are reading. Efforts by publishers to promote something as a "new translation", I am convinced, do as much harm as good. There's something as unnatural and infrequent about those as there is about a comet; people quite naturally take fright.

And the reason is, that my secretary cannot transcribe Sweet, having been perforce taught in the schools of Pitman. Therefore, Sweet railed at Pitman as vainly as Thersites railed at Ajax: his raillery, however it may have eased his soul, gave no popular vogue to Current Shorthand. 3


Woodall conscientiously researched his subject. Hampered by the lack of access to some of Borges' work (controlled by collectors, as well as Borges' widow and sole heir) he nevertheless manages to chronicle the life of the great author well. Borges' literary creations are also tied in, though less emphatically than in most studies of Borges (which perforce concentrate on the works rather than the man).

An eager traveler and indefatigable walker, ...

By the age of twenty-four, Dickens had already been working for nine
years. He had applied himself to every task with vigor, and through a
mixture of indefatigable endeavor, talent, imagination, charm, and
focus, he had succeeded at nearly everything he tried.

Gay's wide-ranging examples demonstrate how well many bourgeois patrons kept abreast of shifting currents in the arts down through ''modernism'' in the opening decades of the 20th century. Gay scoops up a marvelous early quotation from Gertrude Stein, an indefatigable collector of Picasso and other Cubists: ''I am strong to declare even here in the heart of individualistic America that a material middle class with its straightened bond of family is the one thing always healthy, human, vital and from which has always sprung the best the world can know.'' The central argument against typecasting the bourgeoisie emerges strongly from this last volume. Business acumen and great wealth are perfectly compatible with artistic discrimination and generosity toward art and artists.

  • [ìndifǽtigəbl]
[形]((形式))〈人・性質が〉疲れを知らない, 根気強い, 不撓(ふとう)不屈の.

  • (of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly:an indefatigable defender of human rights


Pronunciation: /-ˈbɪlɪti/





early 17th century: from French, or from Latin indefatigabilis, from in- 'not' + de- 'away, completely' + fatigare 'wear out'


Line breaks: po¦tent
Pronunciation: /ˈpəʊt(ə)nt/


1Having great power, influence, or effect:thrones were potent symbols of authoritya potent drug
2(Of a male) able to achieve an erection or to reach an orgasm.


late Middle English: from Latin potent- 'being powerful, being able', from the verb posse.



Definition of potent in:

[形]1 勢力のある, 有力な;力強い;強い影響力がある.2 〈議論・理由などが〉説得力がある.3 〈薬などが〉強力な, (効果において)よくきく((in ...));(病気などに)効能のある(...
[名]((文・軽蔑))大実力者, 権勢家, 有力者;主権者, 君主, 支配者.

potentate[po・ten・tate] 発音記号[póutntèit]

[名]((文・軽蔑))大実力者, 権勢家, 有力者;主権者, 君主, 支配者.


Pronunciation: /pəˈfɔːs/ 


Used to express necessity or inevitability:amateurs, perforce, have to settle for less expensive solutions


Middle English: from Old French par force 'by force'.

perforce[per・force] 発音記号[pərfɔ'ːrs]

[副]((文))必然的に;やむを得ず. (pər-fôrs', -fōrs') pronunciation
By necessity; by force of circumstance.

[Middle English par force, from Old French : par, by (from Latin per; see per) + force, force; see force.]


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[kɑ'ktèil | kɔ'k-]

1 カクテル:ジンなどをベースに混合した飲料;martini, manhattanなど.
2 (ソースをかけたカキ・エビ・カニなどの)オードブル, 前菜料理;(食前にでる)フルーツジュース
shrimp cocktail
cocktail sauce
3 (液体の)混合薬;いろいろな要素を混ぜ合わせたもの.
4 切り尾の馬;雑種の馬.
1 カクテル(用)の
a cocktail glass
a cocktail shaker
2 〈女性の服装が〉(格式ばらない)カクテルパーティー用の
a cocktail dress
[一説によれば「尾をあげる」で, 競馬の始まるとき, 馬が尾をあげて覚醒(かくせい)状態となるように, 飲み物が覚醒効果をもたらす「その飲み物」]