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willy-nilly, dead, unwittingly, rectify, deadhead

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was born on May 12th, 1925. A World Series champion and hall of famer, Berra was also known for making quips like, “Ninety per cent of the game is half mental.” His fame came as much from these remarks as from baseball

In a word, a key problem going forward will be which nation the FT speaks for. FT editors will no doubt persist in the fiction that they are free agents in the British tradition – but in the long run any hopes they might harbor that they can continue to cover East Asia, for instance, on an impartial basis will be dashed. Willy nilly the FT seems destined to become just another organ of Japanese power.

It seems that a lot of you like to unwittingly reveal the details of your lives to hundreds of people...

What would a non-neutral Internet look like?
So far, the debate over net neutrality has centered mostly on whether broadband providers could manipulate the speed of certain traffic on their networks, cutting deals with content partners to serve up their web pages faster than others. It’s easy to imagine an unwitting web surfer accessing some sites quickly and others slowly, and never really figuring out why.


  1. Song Ci
  2. Song Ci was a forensic medical expert active during the Southern Song Dynasty who wrote a groundbreaking book titled Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified. Wikipedia  宋慈(1188年-1251年),字惠父,建寧府建陽人,南宋朝請大夫、直煥章閣、充廣南東路經略安撫使。是法醫學著作《洗冤集錄》的作者,被西方譽為世界法醫學之父。
...good, defective, and scrap, all combined willy-nilly.

Pronunciation: /wɪliˈnɪli/ADVERB

Whether one likes it or not:

he would be forced to collaborate willy-nilly
Without direction or planning; haphazardly:
politicians expanded spending programmes willy-nilly
early 17th century: later spelling of will I, nill I 'I am willing, I am unwilling'.

Definition of rectify in English:

rectify Line breaks: rect|ify
Pronunciation: /ˈrɛktɪfʌɪ/

VERB (rectifiesrectifyingrectified)

1Put right; correct:mistakes made now cannot be rectified laterefforts to rectify the situation

2Convert (alternating current) to direct current:the current from the transformers is rectified by high-voltage diodes(as adjective rectifiedrectified AC power systems

3Find a straight line equal in length to (a curve):his methods of rectifying the cycloid


late Middle English: from Old French rectifier, from medieval Latin rectificare, from Latin rectus 'right'.


Line breaks: dead|head
Pronunciation: /ˈdɛdhɛd/


1British A faded flower head.
INFORMAL A boring or unenterprising person:
you’re just a deadhead
chiefly North American A passenger or member of an audience with a free ticket.
(Deadhead) INFORMAL A fan of the rock group the Grateful Dead.
A sunken or partially submerged log:
most boating accidents begin small, as a disabled engine or a collision with a deadhead


[WITH OBJECT] Remove dead flower heads from (a plant):deadhead and spray rose bushes
[NO OBJECT] North American INFORMAL (Of a commercial driver) complete a trip in a train or other vehicle with no passengers or cargo:
they deadhead back to Denver on eastbound trains


déad • hèad
deadheads (複数形) • deadheading (現在分詞) • deadheads (三人称単数現在)
1 ((英))しぼんだ花.
2 (優待券などを持つ)無賃乗客,無料入場者.
3 役立たず,能なし.
4 回送(列)車;回送飛行機.
5 ((D-))デッドヘッド:ロックグループthe Grateful Deadの熱烈なファン.
1 ((英))(…から)枯れた花を取り除く[切り取る].
2 〈人が[を]〉無料入場[乗車]する[させる];(車を)回送する.

"I am still amazed, and very pleased, that simply looking at something that tens of thousands of people had unwittingly seen, can reveal secrets that sophisticated machinery can't."

「還有供應(Din Sum) 點心嗎?」 我們問服務生。
「沒有, 廚房全部<死>了!」服務生回答。 
「甚麼?「」 我們趕緊問她!
「晚餐時間,鍋子全部<死>了 ,沒有供應點心。」 服務生補充說明。
這位服務生走了之後 ,我們全部大笑。
不知道這位服務生是哪裡人,但是我們猜想那個<死>, 應該是<洗>的意思。
That’s irresponsible. The IRS shouldn’t be caving to Republican political pressure. (IRS commissioner John Koskinen went so far as to say nonprofits could spend up to 49 percent of their money on political activities -- which is dead wrong. They’re not supposed to engage in any political activity at all.)
No longer alight:the fire had been dead for some dayshttp://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/deadadverb

1Absolutely; completely:you’re dead righthe was dead against the idea
1.1Exactly:they arrived dead on time
1.2Straight; directly:red flares were seen dead ahead
1.3British informal Very:omelettes are dead easy to prepare

Unwittingly definition, inadvertent; unintentional; accidental: His insult, though unwitting, pained her. See more.


Line breaks: un|wit¦ting
Pronunciation: /ʌnˈwɪtɪŋ/

ADJECTIVE(Of a person) not aware of the full facts: an unwitting accomplice

2 Not done on purpose; unintentional:

we are anxious to rectify the unwitting mistakes made in the past

Origin  Old English unwitende 'not knowing or realizing' (see un-1, wit2).