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look (SEEM), gaze, admiration, white gaze, continuing, vanquish


How ISIS Built Its Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze

Two years before the Paris and Brussels assaults, a special branch of the group was churning out smaller attacks that the authorities repeatedly discounted as isolated or random acts.

Competitive zeal, persistence and patient investment have been crucial to Microsoft’s triumphs over the years, as it built businesses instead of buying them. The formula worked again and again, in personal computer operating systems, applications like word processors and spreadsheets, data center software, and even video game systems.
The same tactics also vanquished the challenge from the early leader in Internet browsing software, Netscape Communications, in the 1990s. But Microsoft’s campaign in the browser rivalry led to the sweeping federal antitrust suit against the company, filed in 1998, and continuing antitrust oversight in the United States and Europe.

So there was admiration, there was violence. There was also difficulty learning the language because the Chinese government was unwilling to let Westerners learn Chinese.

look (SEEM)
verb [L; I usually + adverb or preposition] to appear or seem:
You look well!
The roads look very icy.
That dress looks nice on you.He has started to look his age (= appear as old as he really is).
It's looking good (= Things are going well).
He looked (like) a friendly sort of person.
The twins look just like their mother.
She looked as if/though she hadn't slept all night.
It looks like rain (= as if it is going to rain).

look Show phonetics
noun [C]1 an expression on someone's face:
She had a worried look about her.
She gave me a questioning look.
2 the look of sb/sth the appearance of someone or something:
They liked the look of the hotel, but it was too expensive.
I don't like the look of that fence (= It appears to have something wrong with it).

The act or instance of looking: I took just one look and I was sure.A gaze or glance expressive of something: gave her a mournful look.Appearance or aspect: a look of great age.
looks Physical appearance, especially when pleasing.

A distinctive, unified manner of dress or fashion: the preferred look for this fall.

to respect and approve of someone or their behaviour, or to find someone or something attractive and pleasant to look at
I admired him for his determination.
I really admire people who can work in such difficult conditions.
We stood for a few moments, admiring the view.
I was just admiring your jacket, Delia.


━━ v. 感嘆[賛美]する; 〔話〕 ほめる; 見とれる; 〔米方〕 …したがる; 〔反語〕 感心する.
 ━━ a. 賞賛すべき, りっぱな.
ad・mi・ra・bly ad. りっぱに, みごとに.
 ad・mi・ra・tion ━━ n. 感嘆, 称賛 ((for)); 賛美(の的).

My admiration for that woman grows daily.
She gazed in admiration at his broad, muscular shoulders.

 ad・mir・er ━━ n. 賛美者; 感嘆する人; 崇拝者; (女を)恋する男.
 ad・mir・ing ━━ a. 賞賛する, 賛美する.
ad・mir・ing・ly ad. 感嘆して, ほれぼれと.

White noise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In discrete time, white noise is a discrete signal whose samples are regarded as a sequence of serially uncorrelated random variables with zero mean and finite ...


Pronunciation: /ɡeɪz/ 

Look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought:he could only gaze at her in astonishment


1A steady intent look:he turned, following her gazeoffices screened from the public gaze
1.1(In literary theory) a particular perspective considered as embodying certain aspects of the relationship between observer and observed:the male gaze



Pronunciation: /ˈɡeɪzə/ 


Late Middle English: perhaps related to obsolete gaw (see gawk).
vanquish Show phonetics
to defeat an opponent, especially in war:
Napoleon was vanquished at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.
The vanquished army surrendered their weapons.

continue Show phonetics
1 [I or T] to keep happening, existing or doing something, or to cause something or someone to do this:
[+ to infinitive] It's said that as the boat went down the band continued to play.
[+ ing form of verb] If she continues drinking like that, I'll have to carry her home.
Do you intend to continue (with) your studies?
If the rain continues, we'll have to cancel tonight's plans.
Sally Palmer will be continuing as chairperson this autumn.
The article continues/is continued on page ten.

2 [I] to start to do something again after a pause:
After stopping for a quick drink, they continued on their way.
[+ ing form of verb] He paused for a moment to listen and then continued eating.
The president continued by saying that his country was a free country and would always remain so.
[+ speech] "I don't like your weather!" she shouted, "and I don't, " she continued, "like your food."

continual Show phonetics
happening repeatedly, usually in an annoying or inconvenient way:
I've had continual problems with this car ever since I bought it.
I'm sorry - I can't work with these continual interruptions.

continually Show phonetics
They argue continually.

continuous Show phonetics
without a pause or interruption:
continuous pain
My computer makes a continuous low buzzing noise.
A continuous white line (= line without spaces) in the middle of the road means no overtaking.

continuously Show phonetics
You can't work continuously for six hours without a break!

continuation Show phonetics
noun [C or U] (FORMAL continuance)
The continuation of the strike caused a lot of poverty.
It's just a continuation of the bigger river, but called by a different name.

continued Show phonetics
1 [before noun] (ALSO continuingstill happening, existing or done:
Continued fighting in the city is causing great concern.

2 (WRITTEN ABBREVIATION cont.often used at the bottom of a page to show that the story, article, etc., is not finished:
continued on page 7

continuity Show phonetics
noun [U]
1 when something continues for a long period of time without being changed or stopped:
There has been no continuity in that class - they've had a succession of different teachers.

2 SPECIALIZED the way in which film and television broadcasts are joined together so that the action happens without any pause or change


請點閱,了解什麼是 white gaze,"白人"對"黑人"的注視目光時的心理與身體反應。

"Our lives have no meaning, no depth without the white gaze. And I have spent my entire writing life trying to make sure that the white gaze was not the dominant one in any of my books."
-- Toni Morrison
(Posted by the author's publisher)

It takes courage for a black person to speak to a white world; this world that can render invisible people of colour, unless they begin to more closely resemble white people themselves