2016年3月2日 星期三

earthy, earthly, bash, do(party), real-world, pig out, Fishackathon

Berlin throws a birthday bash

Under sunny skies and warm weather that hinted of summer, hundreds of
thousands of Germans turned out in the center of Berlin to celebrate the
60th anniversary of the constitution with food, music and beer.

The DW-WORLD Article

Every year Microsoft puts on a bash for Web designers and programmers in Las Vegas called Mix. At this year's conference, the company focused on its new Internet Explorer 8 Web browser but also took a not-too-subtle dig at Steve Jobs.

Some customers say the Cavanaghs have such a big market share because their product is about as close to perfect as earthly possible.
“It doesn’t crumb, and I don’t like fragments of our Lord scattering all over the floor,” said the Rev. Bob Dietel, an Episcopal priest.

「魚客松」將於四月在臺灣舉行! 台北和高雄的程式開發人員將與全球40多個城市同步,針對全球海洋、魚類、和漁業當今所面臨的問題,開發行動和技術工具。各地的參加團隊將在活動的最後一天向評審簡報他們的解決方案,獲勝者可以在當地獲頒獎金並進入全球決賽,有機會獲得更高額的獎金。拉著你的朋友,帶著你的筆電,一起 ‪#‎codeforfish‬!
有興趣參加嗎?詳情請見: http://www.ait.org.tw/zh/pressrelease-pr1611.html 。願意支持這項行動嗎? 請幫助我們轉貼或轉發以上連結,讓你的社群加入我們的行列!
In April, Fishackathon is coming to Taiwan! In conjunction with participants in over 40 cities around the world, Taipei and Kaohsiung coders will come together to address challenges confronting the ocean, fish and fisheries, and to develop mobile and technological solutions to these real-world problems. At the end of the event, the team in each location with the best software solution will receive a prize, and their projects will also be judged internationally for a chance to win a grand prize. So grab your friends, grab a laptop, and let’s #codeforfish!
Interested in joining? [http://www.ait.org.tw/zh/pressrelease-pr1611.html]. Interested in supporting? Help us spread the word by reposting/retweeting the above link and get your communities involved! #codeforfish

earth (SUBSTANCE) Show phoneticsnoun [U]
the usually brown, heavy and loose substance of which a large part of the surface of the ground is made, and in which plants can grow; the land surface of the Earth rather than the sky or sea:
The ploughed earth looked rich and dark and fertile.
See also earthen.
earthy Show phoneticsadjective
like or relating to earth:
an earthy smell

━━ a. 土の; 世俗の; 粗野な; 素朴な.earth・i・ness n. 土質; 粗野; 率直.earthy Show phoneticsadjective
referring to sex and the human body in a direct way:
She has an earthy sense of humour.
Compare earthy at earth (SUBSTANCE).
earthiness Show phoneticsnoun [U]
I like the earthiness of her writing.


  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of this earth.
    1. Terrestrial; not heavenly or divine: earthly existence.
    2. Worldly: earthly delights; one's earthly possessions.
  2. Conceivable; possible: no earthly meaning whatever.
earthliness earth'li·ness n.

DW-WORLD.DE's Definitive Oktoberfest Guide for Non-Bavarians

Those who have never attended Oktoberfest may want to familiarize themselves with some basic tenets of the Bavarian beer bash before braving the crowds in Munich from Sept. 22 to Oct. 7, 2007.

Never, ever call a Bavarian dressed in traditional costume a Seppl (your "average Joe") because any such exclamations like "Hey, look at that Joe Blow" might just get you a bop on the nose -- or may at the very least mean the party's over.
Should you have a slip of tongue anyway, the best thing to do is invite the poor guy you've just insulted to a Weisswurst (Bavarian veal sausage). Watch out, though: don't cut the sausage with a knife and fork, but take it in your fingers and zuzel it (suck at it) and you'll score major points will your moody Bavarian.
Auszuzeln (sucking out the sausage) is not considered impolite, but rather, respectful of Bavarian tradition and downright earthy.

Even something to satiate your sweet tooth
Always, always order a Weissbier (wheat beer) and a Brezn (pretzel) to accompany your Weisswurst. And while some actually believe that it tastes better with regular mustard, Bavarians will insist that it needs to be eaten with the sweet kind.
Also, never ask for a Frikadelle (hamburger), but instead, for a Fleischpflanzerl, or even better: a Steckerl-Fisch -- a fish on a stick.
For those with a sweet tooth, ask for a Zwetschgendatschi (no, it's not a Dachshund) if you want a piece of plum cake.
Have fun and "O'zapft is!" (The beer keg's been tapped -- let the games begin!)
DW staff (als)

今天(8/5)讀The Economist 「憫世之資本主義信徒」(The compassionate capitalist) Sir Ronald Cohen,看到英美兩場盛大宴會的簡述,以及更清楚的所謂「濟世投資」(social investment)的種種做法。 http://www.economist.com/people/displayStory.cfm?story_id=4246751
讀這篇的好處,別的不說,可以認識英文與party相關類似的日常(informal)用語、字眼如bash和do 等。這值得學一下。我照例查 (from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
bash (PARTY) noun [C] INFORMAL
a party:
例: He had a big bash for his 18th birthday.
The compassionate capitalist之 例:the "most expensive bash in Las Vegas history",
do (PARTY) noun [C] plural dos MAINLY UK INFORMAL
a party or other social event:
Julie's having a bit of a do for her fortieth birthday.
It was one of those dos where nobody really knew each other.
The compassionate capitalist 之 例:Last month, Apax Partners, a leading European private-equity firm, hired the National Gallery in London for a classier do to mark the 60th birthday on August 1st of Sir Ronald Cohen, and the "moving on" (Sir Ronald has no plans to retire) of a man who co-founded the firm in 1972.
昨天洪老師榮退晏。最忙的,應該是老師榮,因為舉凡晏會的邀約、酒菜(含會後兩法式蛋糕)等等,他都很用心。我幫忙(樂捐)做些文書之工作:他10點打電話來,希望印雙頁,所以我拿磁碟片去複印(on line 一貫作業)36份。拿去明目書社,賴先生打趣說,舒國治先生說他要自己選一家法國餐廳慶祝一番。
餐會中有人提議要來個「老師榮退周年晏」…….老師對於這種 many happy returns (of the day) 很欣然接受。不過他希望明年以諸如「台灣文化論壇」等方式。這,可是……
還是許多人抱怨洪老師將他們的名字忽略或記錯。餐飲中,「結構群」的女老闆來邀洪老師「下周另外一票之聚會」,他真是得吃裡扒外,不盡的movable dos. 我昨天才知道「周末派」是他們之前在明星咖啡店、國賓等討論「新馬」……許多人都還記得葉頌壽醫師昔日翻譯心理學之著作。張宏輝和潘光哲先生都論文和體重具增。大學教授談系主任之功能是處理系務會議所決定的「瑣碎小事」…… .
我們這一桌有一位楊澤主編(詩人、英文博士,贈老師一本他編選的《又見觀音:台北山水詩選》。我第一次讀到 錢鍾書先生的「草山」傳統詩,沒什麼感動處….. )楊灌園博士幫我解釋為何楊澤/主編的資料記為(豬+羊+鞭 ):因為((主)豬+(楊)羊+鞭 (編) )也………他追問為什麼:洪禎國要加" Hong Chen-kuo "【只好解釋不被中共拼音法所統一】;為什麼要選用The Remains of the Day 這樣傷感的書……..我們的廖為民先生(一橋出版社)不喝淡酒,所以加「清酒」 .,不過又有人嫌它無味……. 討論新台大校長……我隔壁是歐麗娟(台灣大學教授,紅樓夢專家)我們都叫她「美女」-- 我忘記問她,現代人如果無法【灌園食力】,又無法像紅樓夢˙第七十一回:「大觀園中收拾出綴錦閣並嘉蔭堂等幾處大地方來作退居」般退居,該怎麼辦……….因為,我們都忙著大口吃肉(pig out phrasal verb INFORMAL to eat a lot or too much: ………
one swallow doesn't make a summer
hc 留言:
obasan :「……. 題外話,去年還是前年上映的一部法國片《夢想起飛的季節》的法文名字就是從Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps. 變化而來的,原法文片名為Une hirondelle a fait le printemps ,將法國諺語的「獨燕不成春」的否定改成了肯定的「獨燕成(了)春」,以表示女主角靠自己獨自的力量做出了點成績。法國人很喜歡玩這種文字遊戲,所以更要小心,不要「中計」。…… http://mypaper.pchome.com.tw/news/pattejaune/3/1249713093/20050801142026/
hc :法文我不懂。不過這句似乎是亞里斯多德說的……
歐巴桑留言:「是嗎 ?....... 多謝指正。那就說是由亞里斯多德而發揚光大的" 法國諺語" …….
剛剛找到這個。余光中寫的(『中文不朽— 兼论成语与格言』):
『還有一個例子很有意思,希臘古代有一個大哲人、大學者亞里斯多德,我們都知道, Aristotle, 他講過一句話,他說:"一隻燕子還不能算是夏天,一個晴天也不能算。"他這個想法後來不知怎麼變,變成了四個國家的成語。英文的我們比較熟悉:"one swallow does not make a summer" ,"一燕不成夏";西班牙人和英國人一樣,也是說一隻燕子不能成為夏天,和英國人同調,雖然他緯度比較低;而法人和義大利人則說一隻燕子不能成為春天,這四個國家像在抬杠,我也不知道到底怎麼回事,不過好像都是從亞里斯多德那裏慢慢來的。』
HC 案:英文圈之說法,如下(from Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms )
one swallow doesn't make a summer British & Australian
something that you say which means because one good thing has happened, you cannot therefore be certain that more good things will happen and the whole situation will improve
例:Okay, they won their last game but one swallow doesn't make a summer. They're still bottom of the league.

(我想英文界之所以不說One Swallow Doesn't Make a Spring,道理很簡單,必須因地制宜。我們讀漢文之古詩常提到「春蛙秋蟬」之聲擾人。台灣應該說成「春蛙夏蟬」…) 我(HC )的記憶猶新;幾年前TSMC 的董事長張忠謀「為股市回春」說法,引過它,不過我想他不知道這是. Aristotle 的名言。台灣媒體只會跟他起舞。或許有心人可以求證。
Moreover this activity must occupy a complete lifetime; for one swallow does
not make spring, nor does one fine day; ..
雖說咱們中港澳台最喜歡抄襲,可是這次可沒我們的事兒了。因為咱們 ( 廣義的) 中國諺語是:一葉知秋。跟他們希臘啦. 英美啦, 法西啦,剛好完全相反。
HC 案:(我窗外的大桑葉,現在就開始一片片落下了…..
我忘掉 Aristotle 的出處,不過似乎在談「認知之邏輯」-- 希望有朋友找出其出處之上下文。【還有燕在希臘…….
rl 留言:…..其出處之上下文 ….
詳見連結內容 Book 1, Chapter 7
HC 看過原文,大吃一驚。在該文脈中是談「追求一生的至善」,一曝不足成事。
「如若德性有多種 ……..一生中都須合乎德性,一只燕子造不成春天或一個白晝……. 」(《 者亞里士多德全集 尼各馬科倫理學 I 7
換句話說,我以前也是忘文生義,將它想成認知論之肯定 /否定…..
丁丁 08/02/2005發表一篇「(句型)發揚光大」的文章,相當精彩,請務必去進修。
One Swallow Doesn't Make a Spring… -- 2005-08-01 18:59:05 --
益友們談到亞里斯多德有言:One swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day. 啊?嚥一下夏天不來?那嚥他個好幾下,夏天總要來報到了吧?這鶯鶯燕燕,哦不!中英燕嚥,「顯然」循同一造字原則誕生。
一燕不成夏,一天都不成。然而余光中大師也說了,西班牙人、英國人都說一隻燕子不能成為夏天,法國人、意大利人卻說一隻燕子不能成為春天。這隻南來燕的飛行路徑還真迂迴古怪,會不會是英國佬英譯亞氏《尼克馬可斯倫理學》( Nicomachean Ethics*)時,為配合本土北國氣候,偷春換夏,把希臘的春改成了英格蘭的夏?

書名來歷,眾說紛紜。不知是因為亞里斯多德寫給兒子 Nicomachus,還是因為 Nicomachus將之編纂成書。…….

HC(於 2005/08/02 13:05 PM 回應):「哈哈。丁丁一文通吃,消化順暢。看來SU還應該和幾篇…….
There's more than one way to skin a cat.(humorous)