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“I knew I could hide it no longer, but I dithered because friends feared the damage my coming out might do to the movement for North Korean human rights.” — Shin Dong-hyuk

“Our findings support the need for national and international scrutiny of the country Blue Coat implementations we have identified, and a closer look at the global proliferation of dual-use information and communications technology,” the group noted. “We hope Blue Coat will take this as an opportunity to explain their due diligence process to ensure that their devices are not used in ways that violate human rights.”
The researchers also noted that the equipment does not directly fall under the dual-use distinction employed by the United States government to control the sale of equipment that has both military and civilian applications, but it can be used for both political and intelligence applications by authoritarian governments.
“公民實驗室”高級研究員薩拉·麥丘恩(Sarah McKune)說,“敘利亞適用於美國的出口制裁措施。但是,涉及到不適用於美國制裁措施的那些國家,情況就更艱難,這些設備還是會在那些地方對人權產生嚴重影響。”

F.D.A. Warns of Further Risk From Tainted Drugs

The drug agency said Monday that products from a Massachusetts company linked to a meningitis outbreak may have also caused other types of infections.

Any delay in the clean-up poses problems, as radioactive particles may seep into groundwater and contaminate crops. In a few places where the work has begun, such as Minami-Soma, people are given no guidance on handling hot material. Contaminated water drains into sewers and tainted soil sits piled under tarpaulins. Detection has been spotty. Cattle were tested, but their feed and meat were not. Even when human health is not at risk, mismanaging the clean-up does social and economic damage.
More than 10,000 people remain in shelters, five months after the tsunami that triggered the nuclear crisis. While the government dithers, Ms Tanaka and the amateur Geiger geeks at Safecast.org go where its radiation monitors do not.

The Big Dither

When it comes to dealing with banks, the Obama administration is dithering. And the result could be an economy that sputters along for a very long time.

Dual Citizenship for the Woolly Mammoth

By HENRY FOUNTAIN 37 minutes ago Woolly mammoths migrated to North America, then back to Siberia, according to a new scientific analysis.


━━ a. 2の, 2重の, 2重性の; 2元的な; 2重人格の.
 dual banking sstem (連邦・州立の)並立銀行制度.
 dual carriageway 〔英〕 対向車線が仕切られている道路.
 dual channel controller 【コンピュータ】2重チャンネル制御.
 dual control (飛行機, 自動車の)複式操縦装置.
 dual density ━━ a., n. 【コンピュータ】高記録密度の; 【コンピュータ】両面記録密度.
 dual disk drive 【コンピュータ】デュアル・ディスク・ドライブ.
 dual in-line package 【コンピュータ】デュアル・インライン・パッケージ.
 dual intensity 【コンピュータ】倍強度.
 du・al・ism ━━ n. 【哲】2元論; =duality.
 du・al・ist ━━ n.
 du・al・is・tic ━━ a.
du・al・is・ti・cal・ly ad.
 du・al・i・ty ━━ n. 2元[2重]性.
 dual pay sstem (2つの賃金体系から有利なほうを選べる)並立賃金制.
 dual port RAM 【コンピュータ】デュアル・ポートRAM.
 dual processor 【コンピュータ】二重プロセッサ, デュアル・プロセッサ.
 dual-purpose ━━ a. 二重目的の.
 dual-sided disk drives 【コンピュータ】両面ディスクドライブ.
 dual -axis graph 【コンピュータ】二重Yグラフ.


(tär-pô'lĭn, tär'pə-) pronunciation
  1. Material, such as waterproofed canvas, used to cover and protect things from moisture.
  2. A sheet of this material.
[Probably alteration of TAR1 + PALL1 + -ING2.]

1 [U][C](タールなどを塗った)防水シート.
2 防水帽;水夫用外套(がいとう).
A state of indecisive agitation.

intr.v., -ered, -er·ing, -ers.
To be nervously irresolute in acting or doing.

[Alteration of didder, from Middle English didderen, to tremble.]

 dith·er (dĭTH'ər) pronunciation
A state of indecisive agitation.

intr.v., -ered, -er·ing, -ers.
To be nervously irresolute in acting or doing.

[Alteration of didder, from Middle English didderen, to tremble.]

n.[Pref. di- + theism: cf. F. dithéisme.]
The doctrine of those who maintain the existence of two gods or of two original principles (as in Manicheism), one good and one evil; dualism.

  1. The condition of being double; duality.
  2. Philosophy. The view that the world consists of or is explicable as two fundamental entities, such as mind and matter.
  3. Psychology. The view that the mind and body function separately, without interchange.
  4. Theology.
    1. The concept that the world is ruled by the antagonistic forces of good and evil.
    2. The concept that humans have two basic natures, the physical and the spiritual.
dualist du'al·ist n.
dualistic du'al·is'tic adj.
dualistically du'al·is'ti·cal·ly adv.
The world's banks may be heavily exposed to a Greek default
He couldn’t hold out any longer. On Friday April 23rd the Greek prime minister, George Papandreou, finally went cap-in-hand to his euro-area partners to ask for the €30 billion ($40 billion) promised to him to keep his country afloat. But Germany’s dithering on authorising the loan led to Standard & Poor's, a rating agency, to downgrade Greece’s debt to “junk” status. Portugal and Spain also suffered downgrades. As the likelihood of a Greek default grow stronger, banks are scared about their exposure to its debt. Estimates by The Economist put the total euro-area exposure of foreign banks to Greek sovereign debt at €76 billion, with over 71% held by France and Germany. Estimates for Portugal, which may also be vulnerable to a default, are €32 billion. Little wonder that investors are taking flight.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[téint]

1 (害毒・病害などの)気味, 痕跡(こんせき)((of ...))
a lingering taint of malaria
2 [U]汚染, 腐敗, 害悪, 堕落
moral taint
There was a taint of bribery to his election.
3 不名誉, 汚辱, 醜名, 汚名
taints and honors
1 …を(…で)汚染する, よごす((with, by ...))
The drinking water is tainted by pollutants.
2 …に(…で)感染させる;…を(…で)腐敗[堕落]させる((with, by ...)).
3 〈名誉などを〉傷つける.
━━(自)腐る, いたむ;腐敗[堕落]する.
[アングロフランス語←ラテン語tingere(色づける). △TINGE


du • al
djúːəl | djúː-
duals (複数形)
1 2の;2を表す.
2 2人[2個, 2部分など]からなる, 二重の, 二元的な(▼dualism「二元論」の形容詞はdualisticがふつう);二重の性質がある, 2つの特徴をもつ
a dual personality
dual ownership
dual citizenship
a dual-control car
3 (古英語・アラビア語などで)両数の
the dual number
[ラテン語duālis (duo 2+-AL). △DOUBT, DOUBLE, DUBIOUS
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital Captain of School 2002/3, dressed in traditional bluecoat uniform, standing by the statue of a pupil in bluecoat uniform.

The bluecoat is a style of dress code, traditionally worn in Bluecoat schools (British private schools deriving from charity schools).
The main element of the bluecoat is a long (dark blue or black) coat, belted at the waist, with white neck decoration. Underneath a white shirt and grey shorts are worn, with knee-length socks and smart shoes.