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Italy says happy 70th birthday to iconic Vespa scooter.http://u.afp.com/Z6o9

Google to Motor Over Android Profits
You can tell how much Google cares about its Android “partners” by the price Motorola plans to charge for its smartphones.
Chinese motorcycles for African oil

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visits Egypt this weekend. In Sharm el-Sheikh he will attend the second joint summit with African leaders. African economies are growing rapidly and their trade volume with China even more.

A two-wheeled motor vehicle resembling a heavy bicycle, sometimes having two saddles and a sidecar with a third wheel.
motorcycle mo'tor·cy'cle v.
motorcyclist mo'tor·cy'clist n.motorcycle
Bicycle or tricycle propelled by an internal combustion engine. The first motor tricycle was built in 1884 in England, and the first gasoline-engine motorcycle was built by Gottlieb Daimler in 1885. Motorcycles were widely used after 1910, especially by the armed forces in World War I. After 1950 a larger, heavier motorcycle was used mainly for touring and sport competitions. The moped, a light, low-speed motor bicycle that can also be pedaled, was developed mainly in Europe, and the sturdier Italian-made motor scooter also became popular for its economy.

A scooter is a motorcycle with step-through architecture and either a platform for the operator's feet or footrests integral with the bodywork. Elements of scooter design have been noted in some of the earliest motorcycles, and motorcycles identifiable as scooters have been made from 1914 or earlier. Regional developments were made in Europe and the United States between the World Wars. The global popularity of scooters dates from the post-World War II introductions of the Vespa and the Lambretta. Economic and political factors, including competition from other vehicles, have shaped the evolution of scooters and have caused the development of different variations of scooter.
BMW Vintage Racing
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At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, auto enthusiasts got a close-up look at racing vehicles from every decade of motorsport.
2004 marks the eleventh year of BMW Group Mobile Tradition's involvement in the Festival of Speed: reason enough for a motor racing take on this year's anniversary theme of "75 Years of BMW Automobiles". As with aero-engines and motorcycles, the first port of call for BMW's latest four-wheelers was invariably the arena where their performance would really be put through its paces - the race track. And so, just five months after the start of production and one month after the market launch of the "grandaddy" of all BMW cars, the BMW 3/15 PS, it entered its first race in August 1929 - the International Alpine Rally. It was a resounding success. All three BMWs made it to the finish and were the only cars to incur no penalty points. It was this sweeping victory, not least of all, that contributed to the successful sales launch of the new model.
BMW cars at Goodwood 2004
BMW Group Mobile Tradition has a special selection of cars from BMW's motor racing past lined up for well over 150,000 visitors to Goodwood. One highlight dating back to the 1930s will be the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Coupé, the car in which Huschke von Hanstein and his partner Walter Bäumer won the 1940 edition of the Italian classic after which it was named. Holger Lapp, Director of BMW Group Mobile Tradition, will be behind the wheel of this car at Goodwood this year. A privately owned BMW 2002 ti will represent the 1960s. Among those who have gripped the wheel of this touring car is Rauno Aaltonen. Its current owner, Herbert Reiter will drive the car up the hill at Goodwood House.
Dieter Quester is expected to point a 1983 BMW 635CSi Group A touring car up the hill at Goodwood. Together with the Schnitzer team, the Austrian won the 1983 European Touring Car Championship on that car. A McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans with Justin Bell will bring some 600 bhp and a whiff of Le Mans to Goodwood. Marc Surer will be steering a March 86G-2. The Swiss driver, who has been extremely successful in many race series and won the 1979 European Formula 2 Championship, among others, will be in the cockpit of this 800 bhp behemoth powered by a BMW turbo engine.
The BMW M1 Procar, is driven by Burkhard Göschel, BMW Group Board Member responsible for development and purchase. Andreas Bovensiepen, son of famous Alpina founder Burkard Bovensiepen, is behind the steering of the brandnew BMW Alpina Z4 Roadster S. A BMW M3 CSL, a fabulous combination of power and low weight, completes the grid of BMW cars. Chris Willows, head of corporate communications with BMW GB and over many years involved in the Goodwood Festival of Speed, is the driver.
Needless to say, there will also be a number of BMW motorcycles illustrating BMW's successful racing heritage. Focus here will be the history of BMW wins at the Paris-Dakkar rally. The original winner bike of 1999, a BMW F 650 RR (ex-Richard Sainct) does the hillclimb with Dr. Herbert Diess and Jost Capito as riders. Dr. Diess is President of BMW Motorrad. Also on track: a 2001 BMW R 900 RR formerly ridden by the late John Deacon. Eddy Hau, German motor sport myth and four times European Offroad Champion, shows his skills on a BMW Paris-Dakkar of 1986. The Battle of Twins race series is represented with a BMW BoT that raced the 1990 season. The oldest motorcycle will be a 1964 BMW R 50 S with Julius Ilmberger as rider.
BMW Group Mobile Tradition Pavilion
Once again, the Pavilion of BMW Group Mobile Tradition will be a honeypot for fans of racing machines carrying the blue and white logo. Motorcycles and sports cars covering eight decades of racing will show how the Bavarians made motor sport history around the globe. Many of the exhibits will reflect the anniversary theme "75 Years of BMW Automobiles - 75 Years of BMW Motor Sport on Four Wheels". There will be plenty for fans of motorcycle racing as well, with plans for a retrospective of the company's outstanding performance in the Paris-Dakkar Rally.
Due tribute will also be paid to motorcycling legend Ernst Jakob Henne, who celebrates his centenary this year. One of his world record motorcycles, a BMW 750 cc racing in 1934/1935 will be on display. Henne´s Frankfurt speed record with 256 km/h was achieved on that bike in 1935. As ever, a well-stocked boutique will offer BMW devotees plenty of accessories from the heritage and motor sport range. BMW parts sales will also be back, with experts from BMW Group Mobile Tradition in attendance to answer queries and solve problems, ensuring that those collectors' items can get back on the road.
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Motorsport (or motorsports) is the collection of sports which primarily involve the use of motorized vehicles.
Motorsport includes all forms of motor racing as well as non-racing motorized sports.

Motor racing

Motor racing is the subset of motorsport activities which involve competitors racing against each other.
Forms of motor racing include auto racing, motorcycle racing, truck racing, air racing, motorboat racing, snowmobile racing and lawn mower racing.

Non-racing motorsport

In addition to motor racing, there are many other forms of motorsport which don't involve racing. Examples include motorcycle trials, freestyle motocross, drifting and tractor pulling.


Motorsport was a demonstration event at the 1900 Summer Olympics.


Pronunciation: /ˈməʊtə/
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Definition of motor


  • 1a machine, especially one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for another device with moving parts: these electric motors are highly reliable the sander has a smooth and powerful 520 watt motor
  • a source of power, energy, or motive force:hormones are the motor of the sexual functions
  • 2British informal a car: we drove out in my motor


  • 1chiefly British driven by a motor:a motor van
  • relating to motor vehicles:motor insurance
  • 2giving or producing motion or action:demand is the principle motor force governing economic activity
  • Physiology relating to muscular movement or the nerves activating it:the motor functions of each hand


[no object, with adverbial of direction]
  • travel in a motor vehicle:they motored north up the M6
  • informal run or move as fast as possible: he had motored along to second base on a passed ball


late Middle English (denoting a person who imparts motion): from Latin, literally 'mover', based on movere 'to move'. The current sense of the noun dates from the mid 19th century