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limbo, ring, camouflage, Beltway, Inside the Beltway

As the seat of government and location of the headquarters of the armed forces, Washington has always had a large military contingent. Its presence is impossible to ignore.
This process might have been expected to slacken when the Berlin Wall fell, but the opposite has been true.
Mike Lofgren, author of new book 'The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government,' writes that the growing militarization of Beltwayland has yet to end.

Surprise Pick of Alaska’s Governor

In choosing Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain reached far outside the Beltway and selected the Republicans’ first female vice presidential candidate.

  1. 1.
    the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings.
    "on the trenches were pieces of turf which served for camouflage"
    "on the trenches were pieces of turf which served for camouflage"
  1. 1.
    hide or disguise the presence of (a person, animal, or object) by means of camouflage.
    "the caravan was camouflaged with netting and branches from trees"
    synonyms:disguisehideconceal, keep hidden, maskscreenveilcloakcover,cover up, obscureshroud
    "the caravan was camouflaged with netting and branches"

  1. The beltway surrounding Washington, D.C.
  2. The political establishment of Washington, D.C., including federal officeholders, lobbyists, consultants, and media commentators.

  1. a ring road.
    • Washington DC, especially as representing the perceived insularity of the US government.
      singular proper noun: Beltway; noun: Beltway

    Inside the Beltway
    "Inside the Beltway" is an American idiom used to characterize matters that are, or seem to be, important primarily to officials of the U.S. federal government, to its contractors and lobbyists, and to ... Wikipedia


━━ n. 帯, 皮帯; 【機】ベルト; シートベルト; (伯爵などの)礼帯; チャンピオンベルト; 地帯, 地方; 〔俗〕 自動車をぶっとばすこと; 〔俗〕 強打; 深酒.
hit [strike] below the belt 〔話〕 卑怯なことをする.
tighten one's [the] belt バンドを締める; 耐乏生活をする.
under one's belt 〔話〕 (食べ物を)腹に入れて; 経験[獲得]して.
━━ vt. 帯を巻く[結ぶ] ((up)); (革帯で)打つ; 〔話〕 殴る; 筋をつける; 〔話〕 大声で歌う ((out)); 〔俗〕 酒をがぶ飲みする.
━━ vi. 〔俗〕 (自動車を)ぶっとばす ((along, up, down)).
belt out 〔話〕 大声で元気よく歌う, 大音量で演奏する.
Belt up! 静かになさい!
belt bag ウエストポーチ, ベルトバッグ.
belt-bed plotter 【コンピュータ】ベルト式プロッタ.
belt・ed ━━ a. ベルト付きの; 礼帯[チャンピオンベルト]を着けた; 筋のある.
belted-bias tire ベルテッド・バイアスタイヤ ((接地面に沿ってスチールや合成素材のベルトを巻いたタイヤ)).
belt highway =beltway.
belt・ing ━━ n. 帯の材料; ベルト類; 〔話〕 ひっぱたくこと.
belt line 【鉄道】環状線; 環状道路.
belt printer 【コンピュータ】ベルト(式印字)プリンタ.
belt-tightening ━━ n., a. 緊縮(政策), 支出削減; (予算などが)緊縮の, 引き締めの.
belt・way 〔米〕 環状(迂回)道路.
green belt 緑地帯.

Resignation by Spitzer Not Likely Today; State in Limbo

Gov. Eliot Spitzer remained in office Tuesday evening, offering no public statements on whether he would resign following allegations that he was linked to a high-priced prostitution ring.

limbo (UNCERTAINTY) Show phonetics
noun [U] ━━ n.pl. ~s) 【カトリック】(時にL-) リンボ ((天国と地獄との間で洗礼を受けてない人の霊などが集まる所)); 拘留所; 無視; 忘却; 不安定, 中間(の状態); (忘れられた[無用な]人や物の)捨て場所.
an uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no advancement or improvement:
Until we've got official permission to go ahead with the plans we're in limbo.

Limbo:靈薄獄;古聖所;幽域;界外;被遺忘的地方;邊:根據教會初期神學家之意見,靈薄獄(音譯)為在耶穌之前死去的善人等候救恩之處所;也是未受洗之嬰兒,和無機會受洗又無重罪去世的成人居留之處所。拉丁文稱作 Limbus,參閱伯前三18-20。

ring (CIRCLE) Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a circle of any material, or any group of things or people in a circular shape or arrangement:
The game involved throwing metal rings over a stick.
The children sat in a ring around the teacher.

2 a circular piece of jewellery worn especially on your finger:
He bought her a diamond/emerald/etc. ring (= a ring with a jewel fixed to it).

3 a group of people who help each other, often secretly and in a way which is to their advantage:
a drug ring
a spy ring
See also ringleader.

4 (US AND AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH USUALLY element) a circular piece of material often made of metal that can be heated in order to be used for cooking:
a gas ring
an electric ring

5 an enclosed space where people perform or compete:
a boxing ring
The horses trotted round the ring.
See also ringside.

rings Show phonetics
plural noun
two round handles at the ends of two long ropes which hang from the ceiling and which are used in gymnastics

ring Show phonetics
verb [T] ringed, ringed
1 to surround something:
Armed police ringed the hijacked plane.
The harbour is dangerous - it's ringed by/with rocks and reefs.

2 UK to draw a circle round something:
Students should ring the correct answers in pencil.

3 to put a ring on something, especially an animal:
We ringed the birds (= put rings around their legs) so that we could identify them later.

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

いちみ 一味

《同類》fellow conspirators; 《団》a gang ((of smugglers)).


━━ n. 輪; 指[耳,鼻,腕]輪; (the R-) =Ring of the Nibelung; 年輪; 輪状の物; (ガスレンジなどの)輪状の加熱部; (目の周りの)くまなど; 車座(になった人々); 【化】環; (pl.) 水紋; (the ~) 競馬場, 競技場; 【ボクシング】リング (boxing ring); (the ~) (懸賞つきの)ボクシング; 競争, 選挙戦; 〔米〕 【株】(証券取引所の)立ち会い場; 徒党, 一味; (the ~) ((集合的)) 競馬の賭け屋[元].

be in the ring 競争に出る ((for)).
hold [keep] the ring 〔英〕 試合場を掌握する, (中立的立場で)試合をきちんとやらせる.
make a ring (商人が)組になって市場を左右する ((on)).
make [run] rings round [around] (人より)ずっと早く走る[うまくやる].
ride [run, tilt] at the ring 【史】(西洋式の)流鏑馬(やぶさめ)に出る ((手やりで的輪(まとわ)を突いて取る)).
throw one's hat into the ring 宣戦布告する.
━━ vt. 囲む ((about, in, round)); 指(鼻)輪をはめる; (鳥の)脚に標識輪をつける; 輪を投げる; 輪切りにする.
ring binder ルーズリーフ帳の一種.
ring・bolt 環付きボルト.
ringed ━━ a. 指輪をはめた; 輪のある.
ring・er2 ━━ n.
ring finger (特に左手の)薬指.
ring・leader 張本人, 親玉.
ring・let ━━ n. 巻毛 (curl); 小輪.
ring・master (サーカスの)演技監督.
ring-necked ━━ a. (ヘビなどで)首輪状に環紋のある.
ring network 【コンピュータ】環状ネットワーク.
Ring of the Ni・be・lung
 【ゲルマン神話】(the ~) ニーベルングの指輪 ((小人のニーベルング族と天上の神々が世界支配の指輪をめぐって争う)).
ring-pull ━━ a., n. (缶が)リングプル式の, (缶ジュースなどのふたの)リング.
ring road 〔英〕 環状道路 (〈米〉beltway).
ring・side (the ~) リングサイド, 最前席.
ringside seat リングサイドの席; 近くてよく見える場所, 近くからよく見ること (ringside view).
ring-tailed ━━ a. 尾に環紋のある; 尾の先を巻いた.
ring・taw 円の外におはじきをはじき出すゲーム.
ring・way 〔英〕 (都市周辺の)環状道路.
ring・worm 【医】白癬(せん) ((たむし, 水虫など)).