2016年11月1日 星期二

motivate. ulterior, betokened the servitude, wheels within wheels

A series of tweets from a long-dormant F.B.I. Twitter account suggest an ulterior motive.

石永泰對大眾對「胸部襲警案」的反應極其氣憤。在他看來,就算判決有誤,當事人亦可上訴,但外間對暫委裁判官陳碧橋的質疑,卻明顯過火:「你要 attribute 一些 ulterior(別有用心)或者 corrupt 的 motive 比一個人,是好嚴重的事。基本上淨係講一個『法官係藍絲帶,佢刻意地為了取悅政權、收了好處,走去判某個判決』。
Reliance on the meaning of words and texts betokened the servitude to ulterior aims of advertisements or of comics.

Does the U.S. Need Troops in Australia?

In Room for Debate: Obama says the move will shore up alliances in Asia. China sees darker motives.

Kunduz airstrike inquiry begins in Berlin

An inquiry into last year's fatal airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan, has begun, with the ruling Christian Democratic Union saying they expect a tough debate and ulterior motives from the opposition.

The playlist fixation has a scientific basis: Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise can improve results, both in terms of being a motivator (people exercise longer and more vigorously to music) and as a distraction from negatives like fatigue. But are certain songs more effective than others?

motive (REASON)
noun [C]
a reason for doing something:
Why would she have killed him? She has no motive.
Does he have a motive for lying about where he was?
What is the motive behind (= the reason for) the bombing?
I think you should examine/question their motives in offering to lend you the money.
She denies that she has has an ulterior (= secret) motive for making the donation.

1 [T often passive] to cause someone to behave in a particular way:
Like so many people, he's motivated by greed.
He is genuinely motivated by a desire to help people.

2 [T] to make someone want to do something well:
[+ to infinitive] Teaching is all about motivating people to learn.

a racially-motivated murder
Our staff are hard-working and highly motivated (= enthusiastic).

1 [U] enthusiasm for doing something:
He's a bright enough student - he just lacks motivation.
There seems to be a lack of motivation among the staff.

2 [C] the need or reason for doing something:
What was the motivation for the attack?
The motivation behind the decision is the desire to improve our service to our customers.

adjective [before noun]
giving you motivation:
a motivational speaker 台灣稱為"勵志或激動"名嘴

motiveless Show phonetics
without a motive:
an apparently motiveless murder

motivator 激勵因素


━━ vt. 動機を与える, 学習意欲を高める, 動かす, そそのかす.
 mo・ti・va・tion ━━ n. 動機を与えること, 動機づけ; 意欲 ((to do)).
motivation [motivational] research 【商業】購買動機調査.

ul·te·ri·or (ŭl-tîr'ē-ər)
Lying beyond what is evident, revealed, or avowed, especially being concealed intentionally so as to deceive: an ulterior motive.
Lying beyond or outside the area of immediate interest.
Occurring later; subsequent.

[Latin, farther, comparative of *ulter, on the other side.]

ulteriorly ul·te'ri·or·ly adv.


音節ul・te・ri・or 発音記号/ʌltí(ə)riɚ‐riə/

wheels within wheels
hidden or unknown things that influence a particular situation, making it more complicated than it at first seems

1. 錯綜複雜的事情

Wheels within Wheels : Papers of the Duisburg Symposium on Pidgin and Creole Languages


━━ n. 輪, 車輪; (運命の)歯車; 〔話〕 自転車; 〔俗〕 (pl.) 自動車; (the ~) (自動車の)ハンドル, 舵輪; 糸車; (製陶用の)ろくろ; (ルーレットなどの)回転盤; (普通pl.) 原動[支配]力, 機構[関]; 回転;

〔俗〕 大(人)物 (big wheel).M20 big wheel UK noun [C] (US ferris wheel)
a large vertical wheel in an amusement park with seats which stay horizontal as the wheel turns round

wheels within wheels 込み入った事情, からくり.

  1. 四個輪子
  2. 我觀望那些活物時,看,靠近那些活物的四面,在地上各有一個輪子。
  3. 那些輪子及其構造的外表,光澤有如橄欖石,四輪都有同樣的形狀。四輪結構的樣式,好像輪子套在輪子中
  4. 輪子轉動時,可向四方旋轉,前行時不必轉轍。
  5. 輪輞高大,我看見四個輪輞都佈滿了眼睛。
  6. 活物行走時,輪子也在牠們旁邊轉動;活物由地面升起時,輪子也升起。
  7. 神力催迫活物往那裏去,牠們就往神力催迫的方向去;輪子也同時與牠們一起升起,因為活物的神力在輪子內。
  8. 活物行走,輪子也轉動;活物站住,輪子也停住;活物由地上升起,輪子也隨之升起,因為活物的神力在輪子內。


As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of a chrysolite; and the four had the same likeness, their construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel. - Ezekiel 1:16
The phrase "wheels within wheels" is of ancient origin and has generally come to mean something that is not easily understood; that there is more to the situation than may appear on the surface. The quotation above, from the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, is part of a mystifying biblical passage that has led many to believe he saw a UFO.
The phrase denotes complexity, that one must look past the superficial to see deeper into a problem or situation. I know that you know, that I know that you know, that I..... Like the Russian matryoshka dolls we open one only to find another, and inside that yet another, etc., etc.
The phrase can also have a more sinister connotation, that there are ulterior motives behind seemingly innocuous actions - all part of a larger and less obvious plan.

音節be・to・ken 発音記号/bɪtóʊk(ə)n‐tˈəʊ‐/音声を聞く
【動詞】 【他動詞】
Red skies in the morning betoken a storm. 朝焼けあらしの前ぶれだ.