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Who is regulating frantic trading in bitcoin? No one, it turns out.
While regulators don't oversee primary trading in bitcoin, the Commodity…

The Guardian

David Cameron’s father took detailed legal advice about the pros and cons of different tax havens before the fund he had helped set up was transferred to Ireland, the Guardian can reveal. The move to Ireland came in the same month as Cameron, by then prime minister, was railing against tax avoidance schemes, saying “some of these schemes we have seen are quite frankly morally wrong.”

Panama Papers show Ian Cameron apparently ‘jurisdiction shopping’ for…

The economic stimulus bill facing key votes in Congress would provide enough money to modernize more than 300 schools in the District, Maryland and Virginia and would boost unemployment benefits to more than half a million people in those jurisdictions hurt by the recession, according to White House...
(By Mary Beth Sheridan and Michael Laris, The Washington Post)

人造環境 Built Environment
《紐約時報》將下文的School of the Built Environment翻譯成”建築學院”(可能受到北京清華的說法之影響?) ,是錯誤的。因為我們到該校簡介,可以知道它的大學部包括四系: 建築工程,土木工程,營建管理暨評價,都市研究等。
We offer broad undergraduate education in four distinct, yet complementary disciplines: Architectural Engineering; Civil Engineering; Construction Management and Surveying; and Urban Studies.

Boston, February 26, 2009 – Emerging alternatives to the shareholder-centric model — at Grameen Danone Foods, the John Lewis Partnership, Novo Nordisk, and elsewhere — could help companies avoid ethical mishaps and contribute more to the world at large.

Suit to Halt Big Collider in Europe Is Dismissed

Published: September 29, 2008

A federal judge in Honolulu has dismissed a lawsuit trying to stop the running of a giant particle accelerator outside Geneva, dodging the issue of whether it could actually cause the end of the world.

The judge, Helen Gillmor, said in her ruling Friday that the court lacked jurisdiction over the Large Hadron Collider, which is located on the Swiss-French border and was built by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, with help from the United States and dozens of other countries.
When it is operating at full steam, the collider, which started circulating protons earlier this month before a series of mishaps shut it down for the winter, will accelerate protons to energies of seven trillion electron volts and slam them together in search of particles and forces not seen since the early moments of the Big Bang.
Last spring, Walter Wagner, a retired radiation safety officer who lives in Hawaii, and Luis Sancho, a science writer and professor in Barcelona, filed the lawsuit, claiming that the collider could produce a black hole that could eat the Earth or cause some other calamitous effect. Predictions of such outcomes have been refuted in safety studies.
This summer, for example, a report by a panel of physicists appointed by CERN concluded that the collider would not produce anything that billions of years of high-energy cosmic collisions had not produced.
Mr. Wagner and Mr. Sancho sued CERN, the United States Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Federal District Court in Hawaii. The Energy Department and the science foundation have contributed about $531 million of the collider’s estimated cost of $8 billion.
Judge Gillmor decided that the fraction paid by the United States was too small for the collider to constitute a “major federal action,” as defined by the National Environmental Policy Act, and so the court lacked jurisdiction on environmental grounds.
In an e-mail message, Mr. Sancho said, “The lawsuit was an unbelievable success in that it put the collider issue on the intellectual agenda.” Mr. Sancho also said that the most recent and thorough safety report would not have been done without their pressure. “The study was not perfect, but at least the safety factors on which CERN is relying are not quite as bad,” he said.
Judge Gillmor said the claim of planetary apocalypse was “a complex debate” of concern to more than just physicists. Noting that Congress had approved the money for the collider, she suggested that arguments about its effects would be more appropriately aired in a political arena than in a judicial one.
“Neither the language nor the history of NEPA,” she wrote, referring to the National Environmental Policy Act, “suggest that it was intended to give citizens a general opportunity to air their policy objections to proposed federal actions.”

His panoramas integrate broad swaths of natural terrain, urban architecture and symbols of culture, and Mr. Leong said architectural history courses at Berkeley had a great influence on how he sees the built environment...

He shot his panoramic image of Cairo from this ancient trash heap, now a park on a hill. He returned three times before the lighting conditions provided the tonal quality he sought. The best conditions for his preferred evenness of light occur either at noon, when the fewest shadows are cast, or when it is overcast. “When things fall into deep shadow, it is more difficult to capture a detail,” he said.

The Courier-Mail understands the draft policy bans free or discounted fast-food and alcoholic drinks at bars inside an officer’s jurisdiction.

jurisdiction Show phonetics
noun [U]
the authority of an official organization to make and deal with especially legal decisions:
The court has no jurisdiction in/over cases of this kind.
School admissions are not under/within our jurisdiction.

━━ n. 裁判[司法]権; 支配権, 権力, 管轄権[区域].


  • [dʒùərisdíkʃən]
1 裁判権;管轄権, (…への)権限, 支配権((over ...))
territorial jurisdiction
2 法域:司法権の及ぶ範囲.
3 管轄区域
That's not our jurisdiction

Some words seem to vibrate with the very spirit of the meaning they denote. “Panorama” is one of these; its very rhythm seems in harmony with the wide, mountain-top vistas, boundless horizons, and unblinkered breadth of vision for which it stands. That the word (which literally means ‘all-seeing’) should have entered the world’s lexicon around 1789, a year synonymous with the collapse of that notorious cultural enclosure, Paris’s prison-fortress the Bastille, seems entirely appropriate to panorama’s emancipating vibe. How ironic, then, to discover that the word was initially attached to an entirely confined experience: a cylindrical painting that imprisons its audience – an indoor visual contraption devised by the Irish artist Robert Barker. 

noun [C]
1 a view of a wide area:
From the hotel roof you can enjoy a panorama of the whole city.

2 a view, description or study of events or activities:
The investigation revealed a panorama of corruption and illegal dealings.

a wonderful panoramic view of the countryside


━━ n. パノラマ; 全景, 広々とした眺め; 全景画[写真]; 概観; (事件の)全容; つぎつぎに変る光景; (P-) パノラマ (((1)米国のテレビ討論番組.(2)英国の時事問題を扱うテレビ番組)).
 pan・o・ram・ic ━━ a.

overcast Show phonetics
cloudy and therefore not bright and sunny:
The sky/weather was overcast.
a depressing, overcast winter morning━━ vt. 雲でおおう; 暗くする; (生地の)へりをかがる.
━━  a. 曇った; 暗い ((with)); へりをかがった.
━━  n. 一面の雲; 曇天; 縁(ふち)かがり.

Spectrum | 30.09.2008 | 04:30

President George W. Bush and the "Blue Legacy"

US president George Bush has never been regarded as a friend of the environment. But he does seem to have a soft spot for the oceans.

In 2006 he established the North-western Hawaiian Islands National Monument, the world’s largest protected marine zone. Now in the twilight of his presidency, he intends to establish what has been rightly called a historic “Blue Legacy”. He has directed his staff to evaluate proposals to protect hundreds of thousands of square kilometres in the Pacific Ocean that are under US jurisdiction. On the table are areas around the Mariana Islands, the Rose Atoll, as well as the islands Kingman, Johnston, Jarvis, Howland und Baker. This initiative would catapult the US to the forefront of a new international trend in ocean conservation: the creation of marine parks. Madeleine Amberger has this report.

noun [C or U]
bad luck, or an unlucky event or accident:
The parade was very well organised and passed without mishap.
A series of mishaps led to the nuclear power plant blowing up.

soft spot

  1. A tender or sentimental feeling: has a soft spot for stray animals.
  2. A weak or vulnerable point: a soft spot in the nation's defense strategy.
  3. See fontanel.