2016年5月10日 星期二

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ABC News
Bernie Sanders, who is campaigning coast to coast today, started his morning by taking a swing at Donald J. Trump at a rally in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Itzhak Perlman 

Sodium has long been labeled the blood-pressure bogeyman. But are we giving salt a fair shake?
A new study published in theAmerican Journal of Hypertension analyzed data from 8,670 French adults and found that salt consumption wasn’t associated with systolic blood pressure in either men or women after controlling for factors like age.
We believe that a 5 wood is short enough and while the 7 and 9 woods provide more forgiveness, we also want longer distance in our shots. Arghh, the physics of golf!

In the 1980's, huge improvements were made in golf club design and construction. Most of those improvements increased both forgiveness (the ability of the golf club to compensate for swing error — and the golf ball to go straighter) and distance (the ability of the golf club to hit harder — and the golf ball to go farther).

get (or give someone) a fair shake

North American INFORMAL Get (or give someone) just treatment or a fair chance:I do not believe he gave the industry a fair shake

《紐約時報》在10月7日,發表了一份備忘錄「Our Path Forward」,說明《紐約時報》未來5年的經營策略,並強調要在2020年讓數位收入雙倍成長,也就是從2014年的4憶美元,提高為8億美元。

swing state (also, battleground state) in United States presidential politics is a state in which no candidate has overwhelming support, meaning that any of the major candidates have a reasonable chance of winning the state's electoral college votes.

Wikipedia article "Swing state".

swing (SEAT)
swing (MUSIC)
swing (ARRANGE)

swing (MOVE SIDEWAYS) Show phonetics
verb swungswung
1 [I or T] to move easily and without interruption backwards and forwards or from one side to the other, especially from a fixed point, or to cause something or someone to do this:
He walked briskly along the path swinging his rolled-up umbrella.
The door swung open.

2 [I] to change:
His mood swings between elation and despair.

swing Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a swinging movement

2 an attempt to hit someone:
The drunk took a wild swing at Harry.

3 a change:
He experiences severe mood swings (= sudden changes from one extreme mood to another).
The Democrats only need a 5% swing (= need 5% of voters to change to supporting them) to win this election.


━━ vi. (swung) 揺れる, 振れる; 回転する; 体を左右に振って[軽やかに]歩く; 方向[状況]ががらりと変わる; ぶら下がる, ぶらんこに乗る; 【球技など】打つ, スイングする ((at)); 〔話〕 絞首刑に処せられる ((for)); スイングを[風に]演奏する; 強烈なリズムを持つ; 〔俗〕 (流行に遅れず)かっこよく生きる; 〔俗〕 乱交する.
━━ vt. 揺らす, 振る; つるす; 向きを変える; 振り回す; ぐるっとまわして…にする; 〔話〕 うまく処理する; 左右する; スイング風に演奏する.
 swing around [round] the circle 〔米〕 選挙区を(遊説して)飛び回る.
 swing it スイングを[風に]演奏する; うまく処理する.
━━ n. 動揺, 振動, 振幅; 律動, 拍子; ぶらんこ(に乗ること); 【野など】スイング; 軽快な歩み; 活動(範囲), 自由な行動; (仕事の)進展; 【商業】(大)変動; 〔米〕 (周遊[遊説])旅行; 【ジャズ】スイング.
 in full swing どんどん(進んで), まっ最中で.
 get in [into] the swing of 〔話〕 …に慣れてくる, 調子がでてくる.
 go with a swing 〔話〕 (音楽, 詩が)よいリズムを持っている; 調子よく[すらすらと]運ぶ.
 swings and roundabouts 〔英〕 元のもくあみ[差し引きゼロ](の状況).
━━ a. 【楽】スイング(風)の.
 swing・boat (向き合って乗る)大型ブランコ.
 swing bridge 旋開橋.
 swing door =swinging door.
 swing・er ━━ n. 〔俗〕 新しがり屋; 陽気で活発な人; スワッピングする人.
 swing・ing ━━ a. 揺れる; 軽快[活発]な; 流行の; (特に性の面で)自由な.
swing・ing・ly ad.
swinging door (前後に開く)自在戸, スウィングドア ((押せば開き, 手を離すと自然に閉じる)).
 swing・man 【バスケット】スイングマン ((ガードとフォワードの両ポジッションをこなせる選手)).
 swing music 【ジャズ】スイング.
 swing shift 〔米〕 (24時間制の)半夜勤 ((午後4時-12時)). 小夜班
 swing-wing ━━ a., n. 可変後退翼の(飛行機).

Pronunciation: /swɪŋ
VERB (swingsswinging; past and past participle swung/swʌŋ/)
1Move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis:[NO OBJECT]: her long black skirt swung about her legsthe door swung shut behind him[WITH OBJECT]: a priest began swinging a censer(as adjective swinginglocal girls with their castanets and their swinging hips

1.1[NO OBJECT] INFORMAL Be executed by hanging:now he was going to swing for it

1.2[WITH OBJECT] Turn (a ship or aircraft) to all compass points in succession, in order to test compass error.

2[NO OBJECT, WITH ADVERBIAL OF DIRECTION] Move by grasping a support from below and leaping:we swung across like two trapeze artists(swing oneselfthe Irishman swung himself into the saddle

2.1Move quickly round to the opposite direction:Ronni had swung round to face him
2.2Move with a rhythmic swaying gait:the riflemen swung along smartly

3[WITH ADVERBIAL OF DIRECTION] Move or cause to move in a smooth, curving line:[WITH OBJECT]: she swung her legs to the side of the bed[NO OBJECT]: the cab swung into the car park
3.1[WITH OBJECT] Bring down (something held) with a curving movement, typically in order to hit an object:I swung the club and missed the ball
3.2[NO OBJECT] (swing at) Attempt to hit or punch, typically with a wide curving movement of the arm:he swung at me with the tyre wrench
3.3Deliver (a punch) with a wide curving movement of the arm:she swung a punch at him
3.4[WITH OBJECT] Cricket (Of a bowler) make a delivery of (a ball) deviate sideways from a regular course in the air.

3.5[NO OBJECT] Cricket (Of a delivery) deviate sideways from a regular course.

4Shift or cause to shift from one opinion, mood, or state of affairs to another:[NO OBJECT]: opinion swung in the Chancellor’s favour[WITH OBJECT]: the failure to seek peace could swing sentiment the other way

4.1[WITH OBJECT] Have a decisive influence on (something, especially a vote or election):an attempt to swing the vote in their favour

4.2[WITH OBJECT] INFORMAL Succeed in bringing about:what swung it was the £17,000 she offered the panel to let her win

5[NO OBJECT] Play music with a flowing but vigorous rhythm:the band swung on

5.1(Of music) be played with a flowing but vigorous rhythm.

6[NO OBJECT] INFORMAL (Of an event, place, or way of life) be lively, exciting, or fashionable.
7[NO OBJECT] INFORMAL Be promiscuous, especially by engaging in group sex or swapping sexual partners.


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1A seat suspended by ropes or chains, on which someone may sit and swing back and forth.

1.1A period of time spent swinging back and forth on a seat suspended by ropes or chains.

2An act of swinging:with the swing of her arm, the knife flashed through the air

2.1The manner in which a golf club or a bat is swung:the flaws in his swing weren’t evident when he was an amateur

2.2[MASS NOUN] The motion of swinging:this short cut gave her hair new movement and swing

2.3An attempted blow or punch:Neil took a swing at her
2.4[MASS NOUN] Cricket Sideways deviation of the ball from a regular path:[AS MODIFIER]: a swing bowler

3A discernible change in opinion, especially the amount by which votes or points scored change from one side to another:a five per cent swing to Labour

4[MASS NOUN] A style of jazz or dance music with a flowing but vigorous rhythm.

4.1The rhythmic feeling or drive of swing.
5North American A swift tour involving a number of stops, especially one undertaken as part of a political campaign.

6(In musical theatre) an understudy, typically one who covers multiple roles in the chorus of a particular production.


Old English swingan 'to beat, whip', also 'rush', geswing'a stroke with a weapon', of Germanic origin; related to German schwingen 'brandish'.


get (back) into the swing of things

INFORMAL Become accustomed to (or return to) an activity or routine.
go with a swing

British INFORMAL (Of a party or other event) be lively and enjoyable.
in full swing

At the height of activity:by nine-thirty the dance was in full swing
swing the lead

British INFORMAL Shirk one’s duty; malinger.
[with nautical allusion to the lump of lead suspended by a string, slowly lowered to ascertain the depth of water]
swings and roundabouts

British A situation in which different actions or options result in no eventual gain or loss.
[from the phrase to gain on the swings and lose on the roundabouts]
swing into action

Quickly begin acting or operating:fire and rescue vehicles swung into action



Swing space | Define Swing space at Dictionary.com


(mainly US & Canadian) a temporary working environment, used esp while renovations are being carried out. C

Dunster House students praise converted Inn at Harvard, their swing space during the House Renewal Project. | http://ow.ly/Bdle8
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