2018年3月19日 星期一

overstep, play about, abate, unabated, aerial refueling tankers

Providing tastier food is a far cheaper option than providing extra legroom
But the trend to cut other frills has continued unabated

"Suppressing or playing down solidly reported news is wrong."
Did the media overstep by crowning Clinton the nominee?

"This decision by the administration is yet another example of the President going around Congress," Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, said, noting that Congress had been debating the name for years.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate, said Obama "overstepped his bounds."

The debate over sex differences between men and women did not abate in 2015. Here's one of our most popular science posts from recent years

Finding out why, in neurological terms, sex differences are true is far from simple
A new technique has drawn wiring diagrams of the brains of the two…

Miss O'Keeffe stormed up from Texas and upbraided Stieglitz for showing her work without her permission. His answer was to persuade her to move to New York, abandon her teaching and devote herself to painting. He presented one-woman shows of her work almost annually thereafter until 1946, the year of his death. He and Miss O'Keeffe had been married 21 years.

In newspaper articles she consistently upbraided those in authority who overstepped their limits.

Caroline Lucas: "We pride ourselves on our democracy, but when you see the way it actually works, I think it is worthy of contempt."

Caroline Lucas: 'I’m not in politics to play about'
As the only Green MP, Caroline Lucas has a lot to prove. The former party leader discusses Cameron’s failings, Miliband’s cowardice and whether she regrets standing down

Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz, presiding over the company's first shareholder meeting since her hiring, made it clear she didn't want to hear any questions about a possible partnership with Microsoft.

If the meeting was a sign of investors' mood, Bits writes, the storm of controversy swirling around the Internet company has largely abated.

More in Asia »
The National Security Agency
All too human

Opinion: Iran's mullahs have overstepped the mark

The protests in Iran over the presidential election show no sign of abating. There are reports that people have been killed and pro-reformists arrested. DW's Sybille Golte says the situation is almost out of control.

Opposition politicians have suggested that Japan has refueled American vessels that were involved, not in Afghanistan, but in Iraq. In addition, they have said that Japan’s air force — which has been transporting American troops between Kuwait and Baghdad — has clearly overstepped its stated mission of engaging in humanitarian activities.
---Japanese Premier, Losing Support, Resigns

Boeing plans to protest the Air Force's decision to award a $40 billion contract for aerial refueling tankers to a team comprised of Northrop and the parent company of rival Airbus.

aerial refueling tankers 空中加油機
下述的定義多忽略許多名詞 "陸海空"一體適用

tanker Show phonetics
noun [C]
a ship or vehicle which is built to carry liquid or gas:
an oil tankeroil tanker noun [C]
a ship which carries a large amount of oil

aerial (AIR) Show phonetics
in or from the air, especially from an aircraft:
Meanwhile, the massive aerial bombardment/bombing of military targets continued unabated.
aerial photographyrefuel Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
to put more fuel into an aircraft, ship, etc. so that it can continue its journey

refuelling Show phonetics
noun [U]vehicle (MACHINE) Show phonetics
noun [C] FORMAL
a machine usually with wheels and an engine, which is used for transporting people or goods on land, particularly on roads:
A truck driver died last night when his vehicle overturned.
Road vehicles include cars, buses and trucks.
Tractors are farm vehicles.
The number of thefts of motor vehicles rose by a third last year.

vehicular Show phonetics
adjective FORMAL
The cottage has no vehicular access but can be reached by a short walk across the moor.

upbraid Show phonetics
verb [T] FORMAL ━━ vt. 叱る, 非難する.
to forcefully or angrily tell someone they should not have done a particular thing and criticize them for having done it:

play about(or around)

1Behave in a casualfoolish, or irresponsible way:you shouldn’t play around with a child’s future
1.1 informal (Of a married person) have a love affair:
was her husband playing around?

Show phonetics
verb [T] -pp-
to go beyond what is considered acceptable or correct:
The bad language in that play overstepped the limits/boundaries of what ought to be allowed on television.
I think you're overstepping your authority.

A second case the court will hear later this year tests the reach of federal power to block a state policy social conservatives oppose: physician-assisted suicide. To stymie Oregon's voter-approved Death With Dignity Act, the Bush administration warned that doctors who prescribe drugs to terminally ill patients seeking to end their lives might face prosecution under the federal Controlled Substances Act. The Ninth Circuit in San Francisco ruled that would overstep federal authority, prompting the Bush administration's appeal to the Supreme Court. In a dissent this past term, Justice O'Connor backed the rights of states to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and her logic there parallels Oregon's position in the assisted-suicide case.


Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈstɛp/ 

VERB (overstepsoversteppingoverstepped)

Pass beyond or exceed (a limit or standard):you must not overstep your borrowing limithe has overstepped the bounds of acceptable discipline

v., a·bat·ed, a·bat·ing, a·bates.
To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen. See synonyms at decrease.
To deduct from an amount; subtract.
To put an end to.
To make void.v.intr.
To fall off in degree or intensity; subside.
Law. To become void.
[Middle English abaten, from Old French abattre, to beat down : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad–) + batre, to beat; see batter1.]